Reasons why Shifts saw a surge of 5300% in their share value?

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May 21, 2021 5 min read
Reasons why Shifts saw a surge of 5300% in their share value?

SHIFT which is a software testing company that is based in Japan has seen an increase in its stock price of around 5,300%. The CEO of the company has shared the secret behind the surge in the stock price of the company. Let’s look at the reason for this bull run in the stock price of the company.

History of Shift
Business Model of Shift
Rise in Shift's Shares
The Strategy of Shift behind the surge of Stock price
View Points about Shift

History of Shift

Shift was established in the year 2005 by Tange. He was grown up in an ordinary family in the Southwest Japan and started the company after completing his master's in mechanical engineering and spending more than 5 years in working for a consulting firm.

Before entering the software testing business in 2009, Shift was involved in advising companies on how to improve their profits. Tange had conveyed that he would want to change the perception towards the job of software engineering from considering it as a second-rated job by increasing their pay.

For example, for a service that would be charged in the market for 3 million yen would be charged 2.5 million yen by the company. This strategy helped them win more clients and the engineers who would get paid around 400,000 yen for their work would be paid 700,000 yen by Shift. This was possible by cutting down the middlemen.

Yusuke Santo who is a software developer of a company acquired by Shift has said that his salary had jumped more than 70% post the acquisition. He said that Shift was a huge turning point in his career. Shift has acquired more than 14 firms from the year 2015 with an increase in their number of permanent engineers from 228 to 3,308.

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Business Model of Shift

Tange has conveyed that his business model is an attempt to remove the inefficiencies in the software industry of Japan. The subcontractors take cuts from the top industry and later pass on the work to the lower companies which reduces the pay of the engineers.

He also said that it is a step to taking a break from the Mergers and Acquisition strategy of buying a business in order to reduce the cost. He conveyed that he is on a mission to rescue the young employees and would want to create a fair working environment through the Mergers and Acquisitions.

Rise in Shift's Shares

The shares of Shift Inc. have seen a rise of more than 5,300 % since the day it went public in the year 2014. The company is considered to have shown the second-best performance in the benchmark of the Tokyo stock index.

The market capitalization of the company has seen an increase to around USD 2.3 billion, where Tange holds 33 % of the stock which has a valuation of about USD 745 million.

The market size of IT Industry in Japan
The market size of IT Industry in Japan

The Strategy of Shift behind the surge of Stock price

The CEO of the company Masaru Tange has shared the strategy where he says that increasing the pay of his engineers is the secret behind the surge in the stock price of his company. He conveyed that he acquired smaller firms and increased the pay of the workers. This is the ultimate strategy that boosted the share price of the company.

The company would acquire other businesses that are at the bottom of the supply chain industry and increased the salary of their engineers. He communicated that he is able to do so and charge competitive prices from the company’s clients by cutting down the company’s that act as a middleman in the outsourcing process.

He added that having more workers in your company leads to an increase in the number of sales.

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View Points about Shift

According to Go Saito who is an analyst has conveyed that increasing the number of engineers leads to an increase in the revenue as the company will be able to do more business. The sales of the company can be derived by multiplying the number of engineers and the unit price for engineers.

He also conveyed that the company has a highly qualified human resource as they have created a framework of skill developed engineers. In the year August 2020 the revenue of the company had increased to 28.7 billion yen compared to 208 million yen 3 years back.

The company forecasts an increase in its revenue this fiscal year to 45 billion yen and is expecting to reach 100 billion yen by the end of 2025. The CEO of the company has said that the company is the best in its field in Japan.


Who is the founder of Shift?

the Founder of Shift is Masaru Tange who founded the company in 2005.

What does Shift Inc. do?

Shift is a software testing company, headquartered in Tokyo.

What is the revenue of Shift?

The revenue of Shift was ¥28,712,177 thousand in 2020.


The shares of Shift haven’t fallen much and the most recent was during the month of October where the company had seen a fall of around 22% as investors had sold high-technology stocks. Even after the fall in shares, the company is estimated to be trading more than 80 times the estimated earnings.

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