RedTrack Helps you Get More Returns on Ad Spends

RedTrack Helps you Get More Returns on Ad Spends

One of the main reasons for the growing popularity of online advertising is its measurable nature. Peter Drucker, known as the founder of modern management rightly said, “If you can’t measure it, you can’t improve it.” Ad-tracking is a mandate for any brand as it is impossible to make the most out of the advertising budget without appropriately measuring the performance of the Ads. RedTrack, a startup based in Vilnius, Lithuania is helping marketers and affiliates to measure the performance of the online ads so that businesses can get the best out of their ad campaigns. StartupTalky interviewed RedTrack CEO Vladyslav Zhovtenko, to understand more about the startup, which is soon planning to open its office in India.

Startup Name RedTrack
Headquarter Vilnius
Founders Vlad Zhovtenko, Stanislau Litvinau and Dmitry Zotov
Sector AdTech/MarTech
Founded 2018
Parent Organization RedTrack Technologies

About RedTrack
Ad Tracking and Analytics Industry
Founders of RedTrack and Team
How was RedTrack Started
RedTrack - Name and Logo
What is RedTrack
RedTrack - Revenue Model
RedTrack - Funding and Investors
RedTrack - User Acquisition
RedTrack - Startup Challenges
RedTrack - Competitors
RedTrack - Advisors and Mentors
RedTrack - Acquisitions
RedTrack - Awards and Recognitions
RedTrack - Growth

About RedTrack

RedTrack is a cloud-hosted ad tracking software that provides data analytics and campaign optimization solution. It helps marketers and affiliates to track the performance of ad campaigns they run online. The company is focusing on creating an exceptional user experience through product performance, support services, and pricing.

Short term we’ve created the solution for performance advertisers that covers their needs in impression, click, conversion, revenue tracking. Long term we are working towards expanding into a full-stack ad campaign measurement and optimization platform for digital advertising

Ad Tracking and Analytics Industry

Next five years the industry is going towards automation, when most repetitive and manual tasks will be handled by software/machines while humans will focus on creative, planning and strategizing.

Speaking about the ad tracking and analytics Industry, RedTrack CEO Vladyslav Zhovtenko said “We are in adtech / machine learning mix. We estimate that there are at least 5 million small and medium businesses  worldwide engaged in buying digital ads and based on the various data sources the market size will continue to grow 20% on average through 2025”

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RedTrack Founders and Team

RedTrack has 1 executive and two non-executive founders. Vladyslav Zhovtenko is the executive founder and CEO of RedTrack. Stanislau Litvinau and Dmitry Zotov are the non executive founders.

Vladyslav Zhovtenko - Co-founder - CEO - in digital marketing since 2000. Focus on technology/SaaS companies since 2004 and ad tech since 2012.

Stanislau Litvinau is the founder of several digital companies including and Affise, provides support to RedTrack business development.

Dmitry Zotov is a pioneer in high-load performance marketing system development, support RedTrack technology growth.

RedTrack is a team of 15 dedicated people. The current split between two offices and several remote locations helps the company to stay more open-minded and generate non-trivial ideas. The company has rough milestone planning with each team (product/marketing/sales/support) responsible for reaching its goals and coordinating with other departments.

How was RedTrack Started

The founders have been in digital advertising space for many years. They were working on some other tracking and management software for performance networks. While gaining traction with the initial products, they discovered that the large market of digital advertisers remains untapped which induced the founders to start RedTrack to meet the needs of digital advertisers.

“With a solid industry background, RedTrack development didn’t take us long and we validated the idea soon enough. We raised funding, launched the MVP, and in January 2018 start receiving a stable flow of engaged users. Constant communication with the market helped us to identify our primary target audience and development directions: prompt support, consistent service, hassle-free settings, and stable software work” Vladyslav explains

The name RedTrack is quite self-explanatory. ‘Track’ stands for the core functionality of the company’s product, i.e. ad tracking. ‘Red’ - is more about the passion that the team puts in the daily work.

With regard to the logo, it has a form of a circle. “Circle is the most perfect of creative forms, without beginning or end, without sides or corners. It represents unity and wholeness. The unity of feature-set and customer support, the wholeness of service we provide to the users. While the prominent part on the circle represents experiments we occasionally introduce to find better approaches to product and service” explains Vladyslav

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What is RedTrack

RedTrack allows affiliate marketers and media buyers to run profitable digital advertising campaigns through monitoring, automation and live-human support.
RedTrack has attractive features such as-

  1. It is a cloud-based tracker with multiple integrations. Users do not need to install any servers or do geo balancing. RedTrack supports 90+ templates for major Advertising and Affiliate Networks that helps users to set ad campaigns in minutes.
  2. RedTrack has an Intuitive and Clean Interface. Informative pop-ups and easy to read data tables make the platform user-friendly.
  3. It Offers Granular reporting with 30+ data points.
  4. RedTrack allows users to track any traffic, both web and mobile.
  5. The RedTrack software allows connecting an unlimited number of tracking domains.
  6. It allows multi-user access while defining the access level for each member and limiting access to financial data or particular Network or Source.
  7. Its Fraud/bot filtering feature allows users to analyze and prevent bot traffic at several levels.
  8. It allows four flexible postback settings.

RedTrack offers many more cool features and added with excellent customer support and competitive pricing, it is one of the best products for ad tracking and analytics.

RedTrack was started with a focus on affiliate media-buyers and started to work on making their tracking less attention/resources intensive. As later it expanded the product it entered the “traditional” digital advertising customers with its measurement and monitoring products that help cut costs up to 10 times compared with existing solutions.

“ I would say that the current vision is different from the initial plan. However, it is less pivot more an evolution based on user demand” Vladyslav said.

RedTrack - Revenue Model

RedTrack is a SaaS solution which offers monthly/yearly subscription plans. The product generates recurring, re-seller, and referral revenue with an emphasis on first.

Emphasizing on RedTrack’s revenue model  Vladyslav said, “We see that volume defines cost more than features. So, customer monthly fees are largely defined by the sheer volume of trackable events. Our most popular package is the “PRO plan” at USD 79/month. But for those companies who need to track and manage their teams of publishers, we created a separate pricing plan which starts at USD 179/month with Publisher Panel option included. As we know, it’s the most affordable solution on the market”

RedTrack - Funding and Investors

RedTrack has received an angel round from a group of investors that helped it to build MVP and validate the product with the market. The company is now looking into the next round to support its growth and development plans.

RedTrack - User Acquisition

In the beginning, the company allowed to try RedTrack for free and asked for feedback. Then the most important phase came: establishing a trusting relationship with potential partners and a wide audience. RedTrack achieved this through excellent customer support.

RedTrack has been providing excellent support that motivated its clients to come back and share their experience with others.  This approach is recognized both by industry influencers and partners, which let the company acquire a good mix of direct and referral traffic.

“People who come to RedTrack website have heard about it and have a positive opinion about it, not just follow paid advertisements for fun” confirms Vladyslav.

As far RedTrack’s marketing strategy is concerned, there were three main directions that helped the company to grow: building relationships with partners, valuable content creation, and experiments. In regards to the experiments – RedTrack was the first one to run webinars with its partners. These webinars showed people how to run ad campaigns. These experiments proved beneficial for RedTrack and its partners and thus the company established itself as a customer-oriented tracker with excellent customer support.

It is clear to us that the more the company grows, the harder it gets to save the integrity and live up to the promise of providing excellent service with hassle-free settings and constant product improvement. So far, we manage to do it. We’re focusing on providing real value to our clients with education and useful content and steadfast attention to their pain and needs.

RedTrack - Startup Challenges

So far the most challenging part was to discover the right product development pace.

As the CEO puts in, “It took us some time to properly plan and direct our product development. Mistakes we made, created a huge gap between features developed in the back-end and features actually usable through UI. We lost some pace, learned our lessons, and now we catch up and shift towards steady and predictable product growth”

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RedTrack - Competitors

RedTrack considers Voluum and as its major competitors.

While it is Voluum that proved SaaS for AdTracking as a model and keeps offering great products.

RedTrack - Advisors and Mentors

“We have a number of great people mentoring our start-up with some of them being the pioneers of ad tech as an industry. They are amazing minds and modest people so unless you are our next potential investor - they prefer not to boast” said Vladyslav on asked about the advisors behind RedTrack.

RedTrack - Acquisitions

RedTrack has not acquired any startup to date. But the company has some acquisition goals and may acquire startups that are likely to help RedTrack with the development of complementary technologies and user base extension.

RedTrack - Awards & Recognitions

RedTrack strives to offer the best quality service to its users and this effort has been recognized by the industry. A month ago RedTrack was awarded the Best Support Award by Software Suggest. Besides RedTrack continues to receive recognition from its users which are of the best value and a source of motivation for the team.

RedTrack team at affiliate summit at Moscow

RedTrack - Growth

Currently, RedTrack has two offices in Vilnius and Minsk, and consider India to become its next location as the customer base is growing significantly here. Some of RedTrack’s performance metrics are-

  • Its customer base has grown by 300% in the last six months
  • The MRR grew more than 300%  by the last six month
  • RedTrack has been officially recognized as software with the best customer support by SoftwareSuggest.
RedTrack`s beliefs that features can be copied, while service and attitude - not. So for us providing great customer support is as essential as providing great product. Feedback from our users shows us that we’re on the right path.

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