Rohit Kapoor: The Newly Appointed CEO of Swiggy & Former CMO of OYO

Rohit Kapoor: The Newly Appointed CEO of Swiggy & Former CMO of OYO

The hospitality sectors without a doubt are a huge industry offering an amazing range of challenges and excellent roles if one is thinking to start a career in this sector. Thanks to the boom in the economy and a sizeable population with standard income, this industry is growing immediately.

Speaking about the sector, OYO, the Indian multinational hospitality chain that has services in hotels, homes, and living spaces is one such example.

Rohit Kapoor was the former CEO of the India & South Asia business across Hotels, LIFE & Workspaces at OYO. He is the man behind the success of OYO in expanding not only in India but also across international markets. He is the reason for driving the new real estate business for OYO by exploring new territories, strategic partnerships, and investment opportunities.

Currently, Rohit Kapoor is serving his notice period at OYO and is soon going to head the food delivery business, Swiggy. Rohit Kapoor worked at OYO for almost four years. As per sources, he is very likely to join Swiggy if there are no last-minute changes. This decision came into effect after former COO Vivek Sundar left Swiggy.

To learn about his life and bio, read through this article to know how he led OYO into the global market.

Rohit Kapoor - Biography

Name Rohit Kapoor
Nationality Indian
Education Indian School of Business
Position CEO of Food Delivery Business of Swiggy

Rohit Kapoor - Personal Life
Rohit Kapoor - Career
Rohit Kapoor - Journey So Far
Rohit Kapoor - Investments
Rohit Kapoor - Awards & Achievements
Rohit Kapoor - Unknown Facts

Rohit Kapoor - Early Life

Rohit Kapoor earned a PGD from the Indian School of Business, where he placed among the top five students in his class and won the Young Leader Award for having the greatest overall grade in 2006.

During his graduation time, Rohit has also been engaged in several activities and won achievements like the Torchbearer award for helping brand building for the school and winning the Merit List for core terms.

Before this, he also studied CFA institute (Charter, Investments, and Securities) from 2001 - 2004

The book "ISB Portraits" recently included Rohit Kapoor as one of ISB's most important graduates.

Besides being an academic scholar, Rohit loves to travel and has a passion for photography.

Rohit Kapoor - Career

Rohit Kapoor is a true leader who has about 20 years of experience in leading many companies. Rohit spent over ten years as a consultant with McKinsey & Company before joining OYO. He experienced a wide range of international marketplaces while working at McKinsey.

Additionally, Max One Distribution, Crossley Remedies, and Antara Senior Living all have Rohit on their boards.

Rohit Kapoor - Journey So Far

Rohit Kapoor is now all set to guide one of the leading food delivery enterprises, Swiggy. After serving the hospitality unicorn for 3.6 years, Kapoor announced his resignation.

He joined the Gurugram-based firm, OYO in December 2018 as the new real estate company's chief executive officer (CEO), and was promoted to that position a year later to become the Global Chief Marketing Officer of India and South Asia.

Reports suggest Rohit Kapoor will be in charge of expanding Swiggy's meal delivery services in his new position.

In addition, the startup's organisational structure has been altered. The reason for the change was that it started they were strong but subsequently lost market share to meal delivery rival, Zomato. Swiggy hasn't debuted on the stock market yet, but Zomato did so last year.

According to Rohit, the young people of today need more than simply sitting in a room of four walls. They want accommodations with higher levels of comfort and luxuries so they may enjoy life more and pursue their passions without worrying about regular daily-life problems.

This is what led him to create co-living spaces that will suit young people and students in today's times. These spaces will give them the freedom to do whatever while reducing the headaches associated with brokers, properties with few or no amenities, maintenance fees, housekeeping services, security deposits, and other such issues that cost them extra bucks.

Rohit Kapoor - Investments

Rohit Kapoor is the angel investor at OFB Tech Pvt. Ltd. [Ofbusiness]. It is a technology-driven financing platform for SMEs.

Rohit Kapoor - Awards & Achievements

The following are some of the awards Rohit Kapoor has won:

  • Merit List for core terms.
  • Came 4th out of 349 on the Dean's List.
  • Featured in the ISB Portraits for being one of the talented graduates.

Rohit Kapoor - Unknown Facts

Few interesting facts about Rohit Kapoor

  • He cycled from Manali to Leh in 2018.
  • He loves travelling and photography.
  • He loves designing.


Who is Rohit Kapoor?

Rohit Kapoor is currently CEO of Swiggy for its food delivery business and formerly was the Chief Marketing Officer of OYO.

What was the previous role of Rohit Kapoor?

Rohit Kapoor was the Chief Marketing Officer of OYO.

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