How to Improve Customer Experience for SaaS Businesses? (Best Strategies)

How to Improve Customer Experience for SaaS Businesses? (Best Strategies)

Interaction between a customer and a brand at different stages of the customer's journey impacts the customer's perception of the product and services. Positive interaction strengthens the connection and enriches the customer’s experience (CX) throughout all aspects of the product consumption journey, including browsing websites, enquiring about products, purchasing products, post-purchase communications, etc.  Hassle-free and convenient business transactions keep customers engaged and drive their loyalty to a brand.

The personalized experience of the product enhances the credibility of a brand and brings out the brand from a shop for a shop. Let us see how SaaS companies can enhance customer’s experience and drive revenue growth:

What is Customer Experience?
Why do SaaS companies need to Improve Customer Experience?
How to Improve Customer experience strategy for SaaS Business?

What is Customer Experience?

SaaS products and services work on subscription-based pricing and that can be altered anytime with the myriad number of SaaS products available in the digital market. Customer acquisition and customer engagement are their prime concerns and to get an edge in the market, they are dependent on customers’ responses about the SaaS products.

Effective customer experience strategy is well-crafted planning of business goals and organizing the itinerary to reach that goal. Online customers relationship play a crucial role in keeping customers engaged with the SaaS product and a brand, in a highly competitive SaaS market.

Advanced UX, easy interface, real-time chatbot conversations, engaging emails, customer feedback, review, YouTube videos, etc are various means to increase interaction between the brand and the customers. It also helps businesses to get data insights about the sensory and behavioural responses of different types of customers to further improve communication with the targeted customers.

Why do SaaS companies need to Improve Customer Experience?

SaaS businesses are undergoing many transformation phases due to the increased use of cloud computing, AI, advanced data management tools, remote working, agile infrastructure, on-demand resource availability, and many more local/global reasons. SaaS businesses run on subscription services so customer satisfaction at every consumption touchpoint delivers a stand-out result and ensures product-led growth.

Maintaining customer retention for a long time is extra pressure apart from increasing new customer in-flow for a brand.  The end user's experience is essential to maintaining a long-term relationship and improving business output.

Why Should You Improve Customer Experience
Why Should You Improve Customer Experience

How to Improve Customer experience strategy for SaaS Business?

Improve Customer Onboarding Experience

User onboarding is the beginning stage of a customer's interaction with a SaaS product. The customers should be well acquainted with the accessibility of website navigations, image representation, easy interface, purchasing convenience, and smooth check-out functions. Easy onboarding can include:

  • Free Sign-up and product trials to gain audiences’ trust for paving the way for long-term relationships.
  • Complete walkthrough, knowledge base, support, FAQs, and guidelines to provide comprehensive knowledge about the product and simplify the process.
  • Consistent customer support through support and knowledge base articles to help them to reach easy and quick solutions. Quick resolution of Help Desk queries enhances customer experiences and builds the product's credibility.

Increase UX Investment

Your website is the face of your business and the main communication channel for showcasing your product and crafting your digital customer journey. Slow-running websites, abrupt navigation, poor image quality, and complicated language are all major pain points for customers and cause frustrations at every stage of the customer's journey. Even a few seconds wait period for a website to upload causes 70% give up of visitors and the business loses its brand loyalty too.

Poor digital customer experience can lead you to lose traffic to competitors and it can ultimately impact the company's growth and revenue. 85% of buyers do online shopping because of the great customer experience they get through product pages.

Focus on Customer Feedback and Reviews

Unbiased and honest posts have more capability to drive traffic and then convert it into potential buyers. People adopt which is devoid of the banner and listen more to genuine comments. Customers’ feedback, reviews, surveys, and questionnaire are considered more trustworthy because they are coming directly from customers’ mouths.  

According to a market survey, 85% of people trust customer reviews before online purchasing. This way a brand engages customers and promotes its product more efficiently and authentically. Approximately 75% of brands agree that their customers are their brand promoters.

Customers' feedbacks and ratings identify valuable insights about product quality, shortcomings, encountered issues, expectations, satisfaction, recommendations, and customers' perception of the product.

In a fiercely competitive market of SaaS businesses, lead generation and customer acquisition are substantial parts of product growth. The constant customer engagement leads to secure and long-term relationships, which eventually turned into customer loyalty.

Get the opinion of customers through feedback, survey forms, emails, chats, and social media, and ask them to respond quickly. Positive feedbacks and recommendations promote your product through word-of-mouth marketing free of cost.

Average people are more trustworthy because they are promoting your brand for the value they got in return and not for the marketing.

Cross-Departmental Collaboration

Effective customer experience strategy is the well-crafted planning of business goals and organizing the itinerary to reach that goal. Your business goal and marketing goal should be aligned and the marketing goal should work as a complementary to achieve the business goal. Less coordination between different teams hinders smooth business functioning and frustrates your customers due to time lagging in response to the request.

Customer experience should be intelligent, personalized, relevant, and insightful across customers, marketing, communication, sales, and service teams. Develop a smooth business transition to bridge the gaps between customers and multiple departments to create better customer experiences.

Track and Measure Customer's Experiences

Subscription-based product is highly volatile in nature and can be replaced anytime with alternates. Current customer trends, purchasing behaviours, expectations, and demands, are needed to be tracked and examined to focus on target customers.

Map your customers' journey; research customers' profiles, and collect data from social media about their choices, interests, gender, age group, and preferences to track the latest trends. Identify whom you are talking with? Create a persona of your audience and then target them selectively.

Introduce chatbots to get personalized with customers and to address accurately what they are looking for. Determine the common stage where you can connect with your customers. Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pinterest might be the best channels for connecting with target audiences for SaaS-based products.

Personalized email marketing collects insights such as niche interest, buying intent, and behavioural patterns and helps in anticipating the future needs of the customers.

Some SaaS companies personalized their websites for new or existing customers. Big data analytics and machine learning bring out the customers’ insights and their predictive behaviours which help to segment customers based on their preferences and needs. Delivering individualized content and targeted emails strengthens the relationship between businesses and consumers. It enriches customer experiences and increases brand credibility in a volatile SaaS market.

Make a Mobile-friendly Interface

Make your interface mobile-friendly as 90 out of 100 customers access web pages, social media, and emails on mobile. Customers can get weekend offers, festive offers, and timely coupon notifications anytime, anywhere with the portable mobile device.

According to a recent survey, 82% of users are primarily engaged with smartphones, while 63% of users use computers. Effective customer experience is to meet customers where they are and mobile device is accessible almost everywhere.

Incorporating the Latest Tools and Technologies

Using the right tools and technologies is an integral part of an enhanced digital customer experience. Live chat, FAQ page, Chatbot, and Helpdesk enable customer support to automate resolution quickly and enhance customer experience. Big Data analytics, AI, and Machine Learning techniques collect valuable insights and create a customer-centric user experience for individual users.

Promote Omni Channel marketing

With constantly changing consumer habits, it is crucial for the business to connect with customers through multiple channels. However, maintaining consistency all along and seamless communication at various media channels (omnichannel support) is quite a tedious job.

70% of consumers expect the same representative or same product copy in every channel. A mobile app, social media, chat, email, and web page are all part of omnichannel marketing. Create an omnichannel support strategy by optimizing user engagement across web, mobile, social media, and live chats.

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A perfect customer-centric strategy comprises a well-thought-out plan to increase positive customer experiences at all stages of the customer's journey and measures the customer's perception of the company, product, and brand.

To create an excellent SaaS customer experience, nurture your relationship with your customers by understanding their behaviours and expectation and provide a comprehensive customer experience platform from onboarding to feedback collection.

An average user can be turned into a brand ambassador from his role as a fan or a contributor.


What is the SaaS customer experience?

SaaS customer experience is keeping your customer engaged with your SaaS product.

What are customer experience strategies?

Customer experience strategies are a strategy that you plan to provide the customer throughout the customer journey by providing the best experience at every stage.

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