Top 10 Major Challenges Faced by SaaS Startups

Top 10 Major Challenges Faced by SaaS Startups

The advancement of technology has made handling business activities much easier than ever. Using advanced computer software, one can perform all kinds of operations and provide customers with the best possible experience.

SaaS startups are the companies that offer computer software as a service to other companies in the industry. These companies offer their clients web-based tools or applications that they may use to manage their company more automatically or to improve the efficiency of their own systems.

These companies are known to offer solutions that allow other companies to take advantage of the latest technology and software without worrying about installation or new updates. There are numerous SaaS businesses providing various kinds of software services.

In this article, you will get insights into the major challenges faced by SaaS startups and how to respond to these challenges and make your business run smoothly.

Major Challenges Faced by SaaS Startups

What is SaaS (Software as a Service)?

Major Challenges Faced by SaaS Startups

The growing need for software for the smooth functioning of business activities has provided a great opportunity for aspiring entrepreneurs towards this business idea. But before starting a company, you must be aware of the challenges and hardships faced by SaaS startups. The following are the major challenges faced by SaaS startups:

Biggest Challenges Managing Software as a Service Applications Worldwide 2021
Biggest Challenges Managing Software as a Service Applications Worldwide 2021

Lack of Knowledge and Experience

As an entrepreneur, it is essential to gather substantial knowledge and expertise before starting any business. This will allow you to tackle any challenge or hardship that you will come across in the beginning phase of your business.

If you are thinking of starting a SaaS startup then ensure that you have proper business knowledge and experience in that field. Many software service companies have shut down due to a lack of knowledge and expertise in handling problems.

Do your research properly and learn everything about the business model and how SaaS companies work. The best way is to work for companies that provide software as a service until you gain enough experience and knowledge.

Not Understanding Market Penetration

Many young entrepreneurs don’t have enough understanding of market penetration. This can be a major challenge for startups as they must find a means to reach more customers with their services. Selling software can be more challenging as they become outdated when technology advances.

Competing with the top companies who have an established brand and reputation in the market will be extremely difficult and will bring a lot of challenges. You must have the skills and offer better service to influence clients into using your software services.

Your products must be innovative and updated, and your services must address the problems faced by the clients. This will improve your brand reputation and make it easier to reach more customers. With the right marketing and promotional strategies, you can easily grow your business.

Lack of Network Access

Many startups face difficulty establishing a network in the market. It is extremely crucial for entrepreneurs to build connections with new clients and network access in the industry. This will take time but eventually, you will build a brand image once you have a large network of clients.

Lack of network access can impact your overall sales and growth of the business. Almost every company is running their business activities using the software. It will not be difficult to influence clients into using your product. You must go prepared with solutions that can solve their existing problems and make business operations easier for them.

Lack of Funding or External Capital

Lack of funding is a common challenge for several SaaS startups. An entrepreneur must always look for ways to get funds and external capital for the growth and expansion of their business. Lack of funds and capital can lead to the shutdown of your SaaS startup. You must always look for investors who are willing to invest by purchasing shares in your company

SaaS startups require money to develop software and hire developers who can provide required services. They also need funds to expand and scale their operations, and initial investment to get started. A business can’t grow or hire employees if it doesn’t have sufficient money or credit to do so.

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Technical Challenges

Technical challenges are the major challenges that most SaaS startups have to face especially when there is not enough technical expertise. SaaS startups must create software or applications keeping in mind the problems faced by their target audience.

An entrepreneur must ensure that his product can provide solutions to the problems prevailing in the market. This will help them to target more audiences, grow fast and build a brand name in the market. A SaaS startup must be prepared with software that features all the needs and capabilities of the clients. Also, it must provide complete security and be dependable enough to prevent any issues in the future.

Impact of Covid-19 on Software as a Service Spending Worldwide in 2020
Impact of Covid-19 on Software as a Service Spending Worldwide in 2020

A Wrong Business Model

Choosing an appropriate business model is essential for every SaaS startup to succeed. Often young entrepreneurs make this common mistake of selecting a business model that might not be feasible for their business.

Running a SaaS startup can be difficult as you are dealing with a product which is subject to change anytime, and you must keep up with the pace and come up with solutions that can address all problems of your customers and help them to run the business efficiently.

An appropriate business model suitable for a SaaS startup allows to identify the client base and help address all their problems with a single solution. It will help a startup to create, deliver and capture the value and form innovative strategies to tackle different problems.

Weak Management Team

A weak management team can be a major problem for SaaS startups. The management team is the backbone of any business, if they are not able to handle the daily operations of the business then it’s not possible for any company to succeed. So, in a SaaS startup, it is important to ensure that the management team consists of people with the knowledge and expertise to handle the daily affairs of the business.

Selling software as a service is not an easy task. An efficient management team can provide the right direction to the business by forming innovative strategies for the growth and success of the startup. This will prevent poor management practices and operational inefficiency within the company and avoid bad decision-making and poor execution of strategies.

Lack of the Latest Technology

It is extremely important for SaaS startups to adopt the latest technology in their business so they can compete with their competitors who are well established in the market. Adopting the latest technology is often a major challenge for SaaS startups if they are unable to provide timely updates.

Selling software as a service is entirely based on technology. They must make use of the latest technology to make their product better so that can address more problems of their clients. Using technology to ensure that your product provides better features and services is a part of the investment process that will reap high returns and will also help to compete with other competitors.

Selecting Inappropriate Marketing Strategies

Selecting the appropriate marketing strategies is extremely important for all SaaS startups. Marketing and sales strategies can be different based on several factors. Many entrepreneurs fail to execute appropriate marketing strategies which can lead to the failure of their business.

For SaaS companies, marketing and sales strategies must focus on their products and services. Highlighting the features of their software will help them to attract more clients and customers. Even if the startup has the best product to sell, it is more important to execute appropriate marketing strategies, so people are aware of the product.

If a SaaS startup is unable to work out effective marketing strategies then it should think of hiring a marketing agency in order to become successful in the industry.

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Selecting the Wrong Price

Product pricing can be tricky. A SaaS startup might want to consider a lot of factors before selecting the appropriate price. Many businesses often fail to make their way in the market as they fail to set the right price for their products and services.

For startups, it’s essential to set the price low enough to cover all the costs and keep a low-profit margin. Companies that are offering software as a service must keep their pricing flexible based on the needs and demands of their clients.

It’s important for SaaS startups to have an experienced research team who will do the necessary market research and help determine a budget that one can spend on developing software. Based on this one can select a price of the SaaS product that covers all the fixed and variable expenses and also gives the startup better positioning in the market.


SaaS startups face a number of challenges. These range from the technical and business aspects of launching a new company to maintaining a steady stream of customers, as well as overcoming obstacles that come up during the process of building your product or service.

This article illustrates some major challenges faced by SaaS startups which can lead to failure or shut down of their business. If you are looking forward to starting a SaaS startup then ensure that you are already prepared to face these challenges and have solutions to overcome these obstacles.


What are SaaS startups?

SaaS stands for Software as a Service. It is a model in which a company (cloud provider) sells software to users over the internet on the basis of a subscription.

Which is the best SaaS platform?

The best SaaS platforms are:

  • Google
  • Microsoft
  • Salesforce
  • Zoom
  • SAP

What are the top challenges facing the SaaS industry?

Top challenges facing the SaaS industry include:

  • Lack of Knowledge and Experience
  • Lack of latest technology
  • Lack of funding
  • Lack of network access
  • Weak management team

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