Growth Of Shopping Apps Installs During Pandemic

Growth Of Shopping Apps Installs During Pandemic

The State of Growth of  Shopping App Marketing 2020 reports that a mobile marketing analytics and attribution platform, notes that India witnessed about a 250% increase in non-organic growth of shopping apps install during the strict lockdown period running from March. It shows that generally people prefer to go to the shopping stores but the scenario is change where all the Indians prefer to shop on an online platform. According to AppsFlyer, among non-gaming apps, the biggest winners were News apps (+189%), Health & Fitness (+107%), Music (+93%), and Shopping (+30%). There is a +178% ad spend on growth of shopping apps on iOS.

Touch-Free Shopping

Before this pandemic, a big part of shopping was in hands-on experience, Eating samples at the grocery store and swiping a credit card on a long-desired purchase.

Also in this lockdown period, people are more give attention to computerized applications. Also it has been showing that there is a hike in application installations in India during the COVID-19. And the people became more preference for digital. Malls were  in difficult situations as due to strict lockdown people spent more time in online shopping.

In the holiday season, there is more use growth of shopping apps as compared to other days. Also in 2020 all the work becomes digitalized. And in 2020 all the business saw a shift in business. The app-shopping activity is skyrocketed in this Covid-19 pandemic duration. Also, we can predict that in the upcoming holiday season in 2020 there will be more shopping activity. A study found that users are more excited about shopping from apps, completing registration in shopping apps within 16 minutes of downloading a shopping app.

How Has Technology Changed Shopping
With the release of Covid-19 rules and regulations worldwide, many consumers and buyers are concerned about the safety of store visits. These are some examples of technology providers offering great solutions to improve social distance and improve buyer safety during this Covid-19.

In October there will be running a big sale like Flipkart gives Big Billion sale and Amazon gives Great Indian festival. During these sales, these shopping apps offer a great discount on the products and people will also do in app-shopping activity across India. Also Going forward marketers prepare for the festive season. As the most exciting IPL is also running therefore more shopping activity will be performing. In India majority of B2C e-Commerce retailers draw customers of by providing many advantages like heavy discounts, free delivery, buy one get one free, and exchange offers. Many times online shoppers face difficulty in product delivery timelines and customer service that's why they give more attention on this part.

India is a fast becoming mobile-first economy and the most important is the awesome infrastructure and very fast performance in the apps also with great responsibility which increases more users on these apps day by day.

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More Shopping

Experts in this field predict that the need for brands and marketers provides a super strategy and provides smooth functions to engage more customers. The Data shows that in the last holiday season saws more consumers in APAC preferring more traditional shopping apps, buying gifts and goods from familiar e-commerce apps, rather than from going to marketplace exchanges. APAC also showed that there is a 40% growth in app-sessions of all shopping apps, which clearly show an accelerating mobile-first economy.

Online Shopping
Online Shopping

In app-sessions growth in shopping tells that there is more interest in APAC consumers, using them more often to buy products or to window-shop. This B2C spike in India e-Commerce sites is due to existing online shoppers stocking up on essentials given the coronavirus outbreak and the lockdown imposed by the Government.

Some Key Points of Growth of Shopping Apps

If we look at the positions of India for the initial half of 2020, India is in the third position after the USA and Brazil for the non-organic application installations, and if we consider organic application installations India is in the second position after the USA.

  • There was a 580% spike in retargeting transformations or repeat clients on shopping applications in India after the nation had started opening up.
  • Also, it is shown that there is an 85% higher number of purchasing clients on shopping applications in India during the period May-June as compared to March-April. This is due to the strict lockdown in India till May.
  • But what is more interesting is the increase in Average Revenue Per User (ARPU), with an increase of 104% seen in fashion apps between March and May 2020.
  • The most amazing part of this lockdown period is there are 2.7 billion gaming applications downloads in India, which is highest in the world.
  • As per reports, there is a recovery of internet shopping was huge by style items. As online shopping picked up in the pandemic period there is a 104% jump in revenue per user for fashion e-commerce applications in India from March to May in 2020.
  • There are 36% e-Commerce app installs when the lockdown was eased in April and July 2020.
  • The region also saw a 55% surge in Android revenue and a 40% increase in revenue for iOS during April 2020.

"As India is gearing up to embrace the much-awaited IPL season, marketers would also need to focus on messaging that delivers a sense of empathy and rekindles the holiday and festival spirit during troubled times," said Sanjay Trisal, country manager, AppsFlyer India.

The nice recovery in shopping applications in India indicates that there is a larger trend in industries that are trying to recovering their business as the country opens-up slowly and reconciles with the new normal within the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Average Monthly Hours Spent
Average Monthly Hours Spent

As from the above graphs, it is visible that there is a huge increase in spent time on apps. The average user is spending approximately 4 hours and 20 minutes per day on their smartphones.

There is one interesting news i.e. one food Startup company Zomato claimed that the industry was rebounding after a prolonged lull, with Delhi and Mumbai made a 95% recovery of their pre-COVID levels of business, while other metro cities like Kolkata and Chennai were at 80%.

Amazon – one of the leading e-commerce players in the country, and the world, has announced on its site that the customers are relying on them like never before in their social distancing and self-quarantine efforts.

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