Innovative Marketing strategies of Signal | How Signal emerged as a Successful secure messaging app?

Innovative Marketing strategies of Signal | How Signal emerged as a Successful secure messaging app?

Would you be willing to use a messenger app for free that provides you with different features, all that you need? With a simple minimalistic user-friendly design. Allowing you to connect with your friends, text them with Bitmoji, GIFs, a wide range of filters to choose from, emojis, stickers, fulfilling your wants to have a business account. The answer is obviously a yes, an all-in-one flexible app that does it all. But all the while having zero respect for your privacy, no etiquettes are followed, selling and collecting your personal data to target ads.

One application that emerged as a successful secure messaging app is Signal which applied distinctive marketing strategies to compete against the tech giants.

Use Signal: Elon Musk
Few Things to Know about Signal
Comparison between Signal and other different apps
How has the Signals messenger app integrated distinct marketing strategies?

How is the Digital Tech World working in this era?

Artificial intelligence has worked wonders, but there lies a negative side to it, and you cannot ignore it anymore. The products, services we use for free are working against, what we think, and the tech world needs to dismantle the patterns that it has created.

Tools that were designed to work for us are now controlling us, leading to a destructive future with Artificial Intelligence that constantly bombards you with all the information that is not needed by you at the moment.

The Social Dilemma

The Netflix documentary that was released back in 2020 has given us insights into the horrific truth about the way social media platforms and algorithms work. One of the bone-chilling quotes by Hövermann is:

“If you’re not paying for the product, then you are the product” — Daniel Hövermann”

Now that people are more wide-awake, they prefer Ethics and Privacy over everything.

Use Signal: Elon Musk

The breakthrough was Elon Musk chimed in the conversation, suggesting the messenger app on Twitter. Musk's tweet consisted of two words: Use Signal.

Elon Musk Tweet about Signal
Elon Musk Tweet about Signal

And the app Signal boomed. People started downloading it; the Signal Advance Inc. stock rates went up as many confused it for the company which owns the Signal Messenger. A clarification came from Signal Advance Inc. later itself that it is not the company that owns Signal Messenger.

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Few Things to Know about Signal

A quick look into the secure messaging app Signal which keeps all of your conversations private.

  • The messenger app was launched in 2014 by Signal Messenger LLC and Signal foundation.
  • You can manage group chats, texts, photos, videos, and voice messages via the messaging app.
  • The app is famous among journalists, officials, and people who love being private.
  • It's available on Android, iOS, and desktop.
  • The end-to-end encryption feature does not allow even the company to read your messages. As the local backups can be enabled or turned off by default.

Comparison between Signal and other different apps

When Mark Zuckerberg's vision of integrating these three Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp was happening. Comparisons started between Telegram and the Signal messenger app. Which one is better, with what features, when the question floated around other social media apps and started trending on Twitter.

The New Privacy Policy of WhatsApp

Not sure about the new Privacy policy about WhatsApp that came along with its update. Leaving its users with no option but to accept the new Privacy policy over which loomed questions and doubts also led to popularity of Signal.

How has the Signal messenger app integrated distinct marketing strategies?

Referral Traffic

Signal simply gave a solution to people who were looking for an alternative compared to other messenger apps with one promise. End of a data breach, complete privacy, and following the etiquette of ethics. Giving us a reason to share the app, making it go viral-coefficient.


Signal recently collaborated with other pages on Instagram, @plasticthing to shed light on its message while also reaching a wider range of audiences on the page of @plasticthing.

Plasticthing collaboration with Signal
Plasticthing collaboration with Signal

Word of mouth

People talked on Twitter when WhatsApp was about to update its privacy policy. Sending it into a frenzy, the audience not only started comparing the features of WhatsApp to the Signal Messenger app, but also its other rivals. They engaged us and created a dialog among the people.

Influencer Marketing

Though it was not intentional to get Elon Musk to influence people, asking them to use the app. The app was successful in having its conversational rates go up. People who saw the tweet by Musk built a trust factor among the people.

Those who saw the tweet did go to the play store (for android users), searched the app under the influence, and downloaded it. Switching from the competitors' apps to Signal. They took advantage of the situation by marketing it.

Social media Marketing and Digital Marketing

An IGTV video of Taraji. P. Henson responded with the main key message:

"We know nothing”

Trying to interact with the audience on a more personal basis and establish that relativity factor.

In their posts describing how different apps works. Harvesting our personal data and targeting ads accordingly. Asking us to make the better choice that we do have the freedom to choose, break free from the apps that constantly keep us under surveillance. Not to endure the problem because it lays underneath invisible. Harvesting data and monetizing it.

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Signal, is yet gaining popularity and competing directly with the tech giant apps, with people being more aware of problems arising related to their privacy. Signal has been effectively using the marketing mix strategies, nailing the question of:

“What does it mean to successfully market?

Connecting with the audience at the right place and time.


Who is the founder of Signal?

Signal was founded by Moxie Marlinspike and Brian Acton in 2018.

How does Signal make money?

Signal being a non-profit organization makes money through donations.

What is Signal?

Signal is a free and open-source application founded by WhatsApp co-founder Brian Acton. It provides users with privacy in messaging. It is an instant encrypted messaging app through which a user can send photos, videos, voice notes, etc.

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