Slurrp Farm: How Slurrp Farm is Changing the Way World Eats

Slurrp Farm: How Slurrp Farm is Changing the Way World Eats
Slurrp Farm - How Slurrp Farm is Changing the Way World Eats

In the ever-evolving landscape of the food industry, there's a growing recognition that the current food system is in need of transformative change. Concerns about nutrition, sustainability, and ingredient diversity have taken center stage.

Global innovators are looking for novel ways to restore good, nutrient-dense foods into diets, particularly those of youngsters. This change is the result of a shared realization that a redesigned food system is critical for the health of the world, not just for the welfare of the next generation but also for farmers and their livelihoods.

Companies like Slurrp Farm have become leaders in this regard, taking on these issues head-on and changing the conversation about children's nutrition by focusing on sustainable and varied ingredients. Slurrp Farm, which was founded with the intention of fixing a broken food system, is a shining example of transformation in the larger food sector.

Find out more about Slurrp Farm startup story, founders and team, business model, revenue model, growth, competitors, and more.

Slurrp Farm - Company Highlights

Headquarters Gurgaon, Haryana, India
Sector FMCG, Food and Beverage Services
Founder Shauravi Malik, Meghana Narayan, Umang Bhattacharyya
Founded 2016

Slurrp Farm - About
Slurrp Farm - Industry
Slurrp Farm - Founders and Team
Slurrp Farm - Startup Story
Slurrp Farm - Mission and Vision
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Slurrp Farm - Business Model
Slurrp Farm - Revenue Model
Slurrp Farm - Challenges Faced
Slurrp Farm - Funding and Investors
Slurrp Farm - Growth
Slurrp Farm - Products and Services
Slurrp Farm - Target Market Size
Slurrp Farm - Advertisements and Social Media Campaigns
Slurrp Farm - Awards and Achievements
Slurrp Farm - Competitors
Slurrp Farm - Future Plans

Slurrp Farm - About

Slurrp Farm is a passionate advocate for the use of a diverse range of superfoods, incorporating nutrient-dense ingredients such as Ragi, Jowar, Foxtail Millet, Lentils, Oats, Amaranth, Nuts, real Butter, real Fruits, and Vegetables, as well as natural sweeteners like Jaggery and Honey in their products Slurrp Farm is unique because of its mindful ingredient selection and dedication to sustainability. For example, millets are important because they use a lot less water than rice and can grow with little to no pesticides or fertilizers, which is in line with organic farming methods.

Slurrp Farm, a division of Wholsum Foods, goes beyond producing nutritious millet-based solutions for young children and their parents. This innovative strategy helps to create a resilient and sustainable community by empowering small farmers and placing a high priority on nutrition.

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Slurrp Farm - Industry

The Indian Fast-Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) industry experienced significant development, according to a report by Maximize industry Research, and was valued at US $179.94 billion in 2022. Forecasts show an impressive rise, with US $1007.45 billion predicted to be reached by 2029. This is an impressive Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 27.9% over the course of the forecast period.

Numerous variables, such as the growing number of young people, changing lifestyles, and increased consumer brand awareness, are responsible for this remarkable growth. These dynamic factors have contributed to the FMCG sector's continued success in India, demonstrating the sector's resiliency and potential for long-term growth in the years to come.

Slurrp Farm - Founders and Team

Shauravi Malik, Meghana Narayan, Umang Bhattacharyya are the co-founders of Slurrp Farm.

Shauravi Malik and Meghana Narayan - Co-Founders of Slurrp Farm (Left to Right )
Shauravi Malik and Meghana Narayan Co-Founders of Slurrp Farm (Left to Right )

Shauravi Malik

Shauravi Malik, the co-founder of Slurrp Farm, brings a wealth of experience from her roles in the Consumer, Healthcare, and Retail Advisory team at J.P. Morgan. She was previously employed by Sir Richard Branson's Virgin Group in London as an investment manager. Shauravi received her bachelor's degree in economics from St. Stephen's College, DU, and her master's degree from Cambridge University. Her broad experience and astute strategic observations greatly enhance Slurrp Farm creative approach in the food sector.

Meghana Narayan

Meghana Narayan, co-founder of Slurrp Farm, previously served as an Associate Principal at McKinsey & Company, leading the public health practice. Meghana combines a variety of skills into the creative vision of Slurrp Farm. She holds an MBA from Harvard Business School, a BA in Computation from Oxford University as a Rhodes Scholar, and a BE in Computer Science Engineering from Bangalore University.

In addition to her stellar career trajectory, she spent ten years as a pivotal component of the Indian National Swimming Team, which competed in the Asian Games. Meghana's diverse background makes a substantial contribution to Slurrp Farm all-encompassing strategy in the food sector.

Umang Bhattacharyya

Umang Bhattacharyya Co-Founder of Slurrp Farm
Umang Bhattacharyya Co-Founder of Slurrp Farm

Umang Bhattacharyya, the Brand Director and co-founder, is the creative force behind Slurrp Farm, contributing over 15 years of expertise in photography, graphic design, and video art. Projects for international clients like ITC, IDEO (USA and Singapore), UNDP, and NGOs like Childline are just a few of his impressive past accomplishments.

Umang has received his training at the Srishti School of Art, Design, and Technology, where he was instrumental in creating the unique identity and marketing language of Slurrp Farm. In addition to his artistic ability, Umang is a fantastic cook. He makes sure that the brand's key values, preserving a good impact on the environment and children, remain at the center of its expansion.

The company size of Slurrp Farm is 11–50 employees.

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Slurrp Farm - Startup Story

The story of Slurrp Farm began when co-founders Shauravi and Meghana, initially connected at a Diwali party in London, found themselves bound by a common concern as parents. The two made the decision to fill the void in the Indian children's food market after realizing how few wholesome options were available for their own kids. They saw a massive void in the market due to the obvious lack of variety in ready-to-eat food, particularly those that were high in trans fats and sugar.

Slurrp Farm was established in 2016 with the goal of offering better meals options and snacks. The brand, which had begun as an experiment in their personal kitchens, grew to 600 stores in across 8 cities in India, UAE and Singapore as of 2021.

They traveled across different regions of India, interacted with raw material cooperatives, scientists, food technologists, organic farmers, and others while getting hands-on learning experiences. With perseverance and a dedication to quality, Slurrp Farm has grown into a well-known kids' food brand that serves patrons and exemplifies the strength of inventiveness and entrepreneurial dedication.

Slurrp Farm - Mission and Vision

Mission - Slurrp Farm mission is to feed 5 million children by 2025.

Vison - The Vision of Slurrp Farm aim's to give healthy, natural, millet-based food options for young children and their parents.

Slurrp Farm Logo
Slurrp Farm Logo

Slurrp Farm - Business Model

Slurrp Farm operates as a Direct-to-Consumer (D2C) brand with a strong internet presence, utilizing a diverse business model. Customers can easily explore and buy the brand's products by visiting its official website, which offers a user-friendly platform. Adopting the e-commerce trend, Slurrp Farm places itself strategically on multiple online marketplaces to guarantee greater accessibility and reach for its customers.

Slurp Farm expands its distribution channels by utilizing the conventional Fast-Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) retail network in addition to its online presence. This hybrid strategy acknowledges the importance of the traditional brick-and-mortar retail landscape while simultaneously catering to the expanding trend of internet buying.

Slurrp Farm - Revenue Model

Some of the prominent ways Slurrp Farm makes revenue are:

Product Sales: The main way that Slurrp Farm makes money is by selling its nutritious snacks and mealtime items directly to consumers online, through e-commerce sites like Amazon, BigBasket, and FirstCry, and in conventional FMCG stores.

Offline Retail Channels: Slurrp Farm increases revenue through traditional FMCG retail sales in addition to its online presence, catering to customers who prefer in-store purchasing.

Campaign and Advertising: Slurrp Farm works with marketing channels to promote items and reach a larger audience. Through these efforts, the company makes extra money.

Slurrp Farm - Challenges Faced

Like many companies, Slurrp Farm encountered a significant challenge shared across businesses of varying sizes—the unpredictability of logistics and disruptions at the outset. The group handled issues with raw materials, packaging, and credit while navigating the challenges of controlling second and third-order impacts.

One of the paramount challenges for the Slurrp Farm team was ensuring that the delicious flavors crafted in a home kitchen translated seamlessly to the products on the shelf when reaching consumers' hands, all without compromising on the brand's commitment to natural and wholesome ingredients. To preserve the flavor and caliber of their products in the face of unforeseen circumstances and interruptions in the logistics chain, this called for exacting attention to detail and creative solutions.

Slurrp Farm ability to bounce back from setbacks is a result of its proactive strategy to reducing them, which reflects the team's commitment to provide its patrons with a consistently enjoyable gastronomic experience.

Slurrp Farm - Funding and Investors

Slurrp Farm has raised $17.2 million in funding over five rounds.

Here are the funding details:

Date Stage Amount Investors
January 8, 2024 Series C $7.2 million -
April 19, 2022 Venture Round - Anushka Sharma
February 22, 2022 Series B $7 million Investment Corporation of Dubai
December 23, 2020 Series A $2 million Fireside Ventures
June 1, 2018 Seed Round $1 million Rakesh Kapoor, Sanjeev Bikhchandani, Aditya Ghosh, Yasemin Lamy and others

Slurrp Farm - Growth

Slurrp Farm has experienced substantial growth throughout its journey, marked by several notable highlights below:

  • Slurrp Farm has a product portfolio of over 25 products as of January 2024.
  • It has 2,000 stores as of July 2023.
  • Slurrp Farm parent Wholsum Foods witnessed a 2X growth in revenue to Rs 40 crore in FY23 as compared to Rs 19.15 crore in FY22.
  • In just over four years, what started as an experiment in own home kitchens has now turned into a loved kids food brand, available at 600 stores across 8 cities in India, UAE and Singapore as of 2021.
  • It has a 40% repeat rate on sites like Big Basket and Amazon as per news report of January 2021.
  • Slurrp Farm products are available on all online marketplaces in India, and through Amazon in several countries.

Slurrp Farm - Products and Services

Slurrp Farm products focus on Healthy, tasty, and convenient breakfast and mealtime options for young children and families. It doesn't make niche products.

Slurrp Farm uses better quality ingredients – for eg. Millets cost more per kilo than Rice and Wheat. The product cost is 25% above the comparable product.

Slurrp Farm Products

Slurrp Farm range of products includes:

  • Single Grain cereals: Organic Sprouted Ragi Powder, Organic Oats Powder, Organic Brown Rice Powder
  • Multigrain cereals: Sathu Maavu, Khichdi Mix, Millet Oat Porridge (Daliya/Suji substitute), Organic Ragi, Almond and Banana Cereal, Organic Ragi
  • Rice Cereal: Strawberry; Organic Ragi & Rice Cereal: Banana (No Sugar); Organic Ragi & Rice Cereal: Mango
  • Millet Pancakes and Waffle Mixes: Banana and Chocolate Chip Pancake, Chocolate Ragi Pancakes, Blueberry Pancakes, Classic Pancakes
  • Millet Dosa: Beetroot Oats Dosa, Spinach Dosa with Lentils, and Foxtail Millet
  • Superfoods: Jaggery powder, Chia seeds, Nut powder. Its fun star-shaped munchies and puffs made with Supergrains like Ragi and Jowar are flavored and yummy savory and sweet snacking options for little tummies. Mighty Munch: Tangy Tomato, and Mighty Puff: Choco Ragi
  • The Bake range includes: Vanilla Cake Mix, Coffee Cake Mix, Chocolate Cake Mix, Chocolate Brownie Mix

Slurrp Farm - Target Market Size

Slurrp Farm buyers are everyday parents who are looking for hassle-free, healthy, and nutritious food products for their children. They are concerned about the health and make a specific choice to choose Slurrp Farm over other products in this category that have vast quantities of harmful ingredients, such as refined flours, trans-fat, excessive salt and sugar, colors, and preservatives. Slurrp Farm is offering convenience, ease, and peace of mind. Life today is busy and complicated.

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Slurrp Farm - Advertisements and Social Media Campaigns

Slurrp Farm Campaign

In the engaging digital campaign, 'Yes Ka Time Aa Gaya', featuring investor and brand ambassador Anushka Sharma, Slurrp Farm spotlights the relentless battles mothers face in providing the best nutrition for their children.The three-part documentary explores the difficulties moms face in the face of a plethora of options and viewpoints around the food that their children should be eating.

Rap serves as a unique visual element in the campaign, which effectively breaks through the clutter to highlight Slurrp Farm core promise of providing enticingly delicious and nutritious food. The message resonates with mothers, assuring them that with Slurrp Farm, there's no need for guilt when indulging their children in delicious and nutritious meals.

Slurrp Farm - Awards and Achievements

Slurrp Farm is proud of the external recognition it has gained through the awards-

  • It won in the Amazon Global Selling Propel Start-up Accelerator program in 2021
  • SheThePeople - Digital Women Awards 2020
  • Times She UnLTD. Awards - Women Entrepreneur Awards 2019 | Food
  • Gurgaon Moms- Mom Achievers Summit 201
  • Kid Stop Press - One Cool Thing - Now In India | KSP Award 2016
  • The DSSC- Power Packers 2017
  • Women Economic Forum - Exceptional Women of Excellence DSSC-Power
  • Harvard Business School Venture Competition: Asia and Middle East Winner 2017
  • Mens XP Award

Slurrp Farm - Competitors

In the broader space of children’s food, there are several players in India and internationally. Slurrp Farm aspires to be a company like Ella’s Kitchen or Organix. They have an entire range and gamut of products for children. It doesn't compete with any of them, but that is the team's aspiration.

"In India, the shelf for children is still being created. We always joke that the large format retail stores have an entire shelf for dog food, but no dedicated shelves for children’s food" added the team

This category specialization has happened in the personal care space, with brands like Mamaearth and Moms Co catering to the segment of products for children and their parents. In the Indian FMCG food context, there isn’t one player focused on children. There are several players in the categories Slurrp Farm is in: Soulfull, Betty Crocker, Pilsbury, MTR, and Nestle.

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Slurrp Farm - Future Plans

The company is set on an ambitious path for the future, aiming to achieve Rs 500 crore in revenue within the next couple of years. Additionally, it plans to expand its market presence significantly, targeting a presence in 40,000 stores—a 20-fold increase from the current 2,000 stores as per news report of January 8, 2024. This strategic vision highlights the company's determination to scale operations and solidify its position as a major player in the industry.

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