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Ultimate workplaces in Bengaluru to work in.

Okay, we are well aware of the IT connection with the southern city Bengaluru which showvase ultimate workplaces in Bengaluru. Every big multinational company has their office located in the prime location of the Bengaluru. But apart from establishing one cubical based office, this companion took the needs of their employees into consideration and established the coolest workplace. The offices in the Bengaluru are designed to lure employees into the office and trap them in the alluring design of it. Well, on serious note in Bengaluru some very well built and equipped offices are present. So, if you are hunting for a new job in the IT city, then don’t forget to apply in these stunning offices to get ultimate experience at workplaces in Bengaluru.

Cisco Systems

Well, the Cisco Systems has one of the largest offices in India after the US. This office is ranked seventh in the office as the office of Cisco Systems is loaded with the every freaking utility. The office is located in the SEZ of Cessna Business Park, Sarjapur-Marthahalli Outer Ring Road on 31 acres, the 2.18 million square feet Cisco Smart Campus in Bengaluru houses eight glass-and-concrete buildings showcasing a digitally connected and sustainable environment with an employee strength of 8,500-odd techies. In the building, you can find the cafeteria, state-of-the art gym, table tennis and billiards room, wellness center, a dedicated multi-level car park, world class child care center, informal congregation spaces, and facilities for both indoor and outdoor sports. You will surely get an extraordinary experience for this workplaces in Bengaluru.

Flipkart main office

Flipkart has numerous offices inside the Bengaluru, but the real piece of art is the main head office of the Flipkart, where Binny and Sachin themselves works with the 80% of Flipkart employees. From the outside building is made up of glass with the new Flipkart logo on the top. Inside the office, you will be welcomed with the images of great achievers, such as Steve Jobs, Albert Einstein, John Lennon and Steven. Some hallways of office are designed as a runaway and some as an Olympic logo. The office is designed basically on the young and colorful theme. In the office, Furthermore, Flipkart doesn’t forget to give tribute to the online bookseller business of Flipkart with the stunning book shaped roof.

Oracle Financial Services Software

The office of the software company Oracle is very well architect with the magnificent view. The office is located at C.V Raman Nagar in Bagmane Tech Park, Bangalore, the building has a peculiar design with superb infrastructure which distinguishes it from the other buildings. The view from this building is unbelievable and hard to phrase in the words. I personally envy the techies working in this cool building.


Well, if you want to mix the traditional Indian culture with the modern twisted culture than the cocktail that creates will resemble the GyanMatrix office. The office has a boring dull outdoor building but inside will blow your mind. The interior of the building is designed on the Indian theme with the twist of the modern age. Where the true dynamic picture of modern India can be felt.


Being the largest retail store chain Tesco has a very classy office in the Bengaluru. The office is located in Whitefield, Bengaluru where the company has just revamped their 15-acre campus into a modern, global and a fun workplace. The workplace is designed with modern look and easy interactive manner for bosses to easily communicate with their employees. The office has a nice cafeteria, library, gaming area etc. So, the overall office of Tesco is super stunning and pretty.

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