List of Startups Funded by Sourav Ganguly

List of Startups Funded by Sourav Ganguly

Ever since Narendra Modi the Prime minister of India made an official announcement about "Make in India" it became a movement to enrich the startup economy of India. Since then it has received a good deal of support from people and companies not only from the nation but also from all around the world. Large corporations also lent their helping hands to enrich this journey. All these efforts resulted in the improvement of startup culture in India.

Celebrities have been an active part of this investment program. This has not only increased investments in startups but also has provided encouragement to do the same. Common people idolize celebrities in almost every aspect of life. Hence watching their favourite stars invest in startups would definitely enable them to invest in startups too.

The "Dada" (elder brother) of Bengal did not fall back on the trend either. Sourav Ganguly is the former captain of the cricket team of India. He is a cricket administrator and president of BCCI now. He is also a cricket commentator.

Sourav Ganguly established himself as a leading batsman of the Indian cricket team. For his prolific offside effects, he was called the "God of the offside". He was also termed as the "Maharaja of Indian cricket". He is remembered controversially too from his iconic shirt wave on The Lord's balcony. It was a historic moment as a reply to the arrogance of England's cricketers.

However, Sourav Ganguly has always been very experimental and unique in attitude.



Flickstree Website
Flickstree Website

At the very beginning of the year 2018, the news of Dada investing in startups was known. He invested in an entertainment company called Flickstree. Flickstree is a tech infotainment institution founded in the year 2014 by Saurabh Singh, Rahul Jain and Nagendra Sangra. It began in the year 2017 in India.

Flickstree is basically an Al enabled video publishing network enabling users to attain more engagement and traffic in their videos. It is a personalized video magazine. It curates free to watch videos for its subscribers. It has a collection of videos from apps like Facebook, YouTube and so on. The greatest benefit of this platform is that people can find videos they desire to see gathered from every source and app at once. It saves both energy and time.

Users are provided with categories like comedy, documentary, drama to watch and choose their video from.

According to Sourav Ganguly digital entertainment is gradually engrossing the crowd. Both cricket and entertainment according to him are good scopes to invest in. India is gradually building a hunger for both. Hence he saw an opportunity to invest in this tech entertainment factory.

Flickstree is also backed by FBStart, a Facebook program. It has been sponsored by multiple companies. Aditya Group, Venture Catalysts and Moksh Sports Ventures are the companies that primarily invested here.

Users can subscribe to a single magazine of videos as of 2018. Dada says he would want the creators to facilitate the users with a multiple video magazine facility.

The makers of this startup want their business to roll out abroad in countries like Australia and Indonesia.

Hence we can say the first try in the sphere of investment in startups was a win-win for Dada.

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By the end of 2020, there was a talk of Sourav Ganguly investing money in Classplus. Though the amount pumped is undisclosed. Classplus is an Ed-Tech company helping teachers and students connect better. It helps teachers create material, teach, take tests and much more. Hence Sourav Ganguly in every way has invested in good spaces. Recently we have also seen him in ClassPlus's advertisements.

We are looking up to him for investing in sport based spaces really soon.


What is the net worth of Sourav Ganguly?

The net worth of Sourav Ganguly is around $50 Million (Rs.365 Crores).

What is the age of Sourav Ganguly?

Sourav Ganguly was born on 8 July 1972 and is 49 years old.

When did Sourav Ganguly retired from cricket?

Sourav Ganguly retired from international cricket in 2008.

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