Classplus Startup Story: An All-In-One Teaching App

Classplus Startup Story: An All-In-One Teaching App

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In the current era, a student needs tutoring for almost every subject. Sometimes they even find it difficult to manage various tuitions while on other occasions they struggle to get desired learnings from tutoring. This leads to unhappy students, switching tutors, which ultimately leads to wasting the students' time and hampering their performance.

To overcome these challenges, Classplus was founded in 2018 to cater to all the learning needs of the students. Classplus is a coaching management program that helps to digitize coaching class operations. Classplus also provides personalized multimedia educational content for the students and helps in lifting the performance of the students across the country.

With the latest funding round, Classplus is valued at over $600 Million. Check out this StartupTalky article that covers all you want to know about Classplus Success Story, Classplus funding, Founder of Classplus app, its Business and Revenue Model, Acquisitions, Growth, Competitors and more.

Classplus - Company Highlights

Startup Name Classplus
Headquarters Noida, India
Founders Mukul Rustagi, Vatsal Rustagi, Bikash Dash, Nikhil Goel and Bhaswat Agarwal
Founded 2018
Industry Edtech
Total Funding $129.5 Million (April 2022)
Valuation $600+ Million (April 2022)

Classplus - About
Classplus - Founders
Classplus - Startup Story
Classplus - Tagline And Logo
Classplus - Business Model and Revenue Model
Classplus - Funding And Investors
Classplus - Growth
Classplus - Acquisitions
Classplus - Competitors
Classplus - Future Plans

Classplus - About

Classplus is a mobile-first SaaS platform that enables coaching institutions, tuition centers and private tutors to bring their businesses online and streamline their content distribution, payments, communication, and online assessments via the all-in-one teaching app. Classplus is providing the best management software and mobile application service for coaching institutes, tuition centers, and private tutors. The teaching and learning approaches have been reformed with the innovative features and technologies that Classplus brings in, thereby empowering the educationalists to become future-ready.

How to take your offline coaching to online mode?

Classplus - How the App Works?

The Classplus mobile application brings tutors, students, and parents on a single platform that results in better communication and measurement of the growth and performance of a student. Now, if you are wondering about the Class plus app and the Classplus web login, then you need to know that:

  • One can log in via three modes - as a tutor, student, or parent.
  • Once logged in as a tutor, they can start their live classes, add students, share notices and also assign tests on the platform.
  • Objective questions are automatically corrected. Feedback can be given in the form of reports.
  • Analytics is shared with the parents and the tutors.
  • For subjective questions, students are supposed to click a picture of the answer written or the diagram.
How to use Classplus Lite?

Classplus app login

Class Plus app login is made really secure and offers a two-way authentication process for the users, which helps them take online tests accurately and with utmost transparency. The users have to enter the Org Code in the web Classplus app log-in page along with their mobile number and then make the Classplus app login securely.    

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Classplus - Founders

Mukul Rustagi, Vatsal Rustagi, Bikash Dash, Nikhil Goel and Bhaswat Agarwal are the founders of Classplus.

Bhaswat Agarwal (left) and Mukul Rustagi (right) - Classplus Founders
Bhaswat Agarwal (left) and Mukul Rustagi (right) - Classplus Founders

Mukul Rustagi

Mukul Rustagi is the co-founder & CEO of Classplus. He has pursued his Bachelor's Degree from the Indian Institute of Technology, Roorkee, after which he served as the Design Engineer Summer Internship at ISA - Intelligent Sensing Anywhere, Equity Research Analyst at ARC Financial Services Private Limited and Derivatives Analyst at Futures First.

Bhaswat Agarwal

Bhaswat Agarwal is presently the co-founder of Classplus. He pursued his B.E. in Electronics and Communication from Netaji Subhas Institute of Technology. Currently, he is looking after the operations and products of Classplus. He was previously the Technology Strategist at Microsoft.

Vatsal Rustagi

Vatsal Rustagi was one of the co-founders of Classplus. He pursued his Bachelor's Degree from Delhi College of Engineering. Presently, he is the co-founder of FactoryPlus. Rustagi managed the Industrial Switchgear Sales at Havells India Ltd before founding Classplus. He served as the Business Head - Large fleets at LocoNav Inc. after exiting Classplus in March 2018. Rustagi eventually served as the Head - Credit Cards at Happay - Expense Management Solution for Businesses and has eventually started with FactoryPlus, after founding the company in June 2021.

Bikash Dash

Bikash Dash was also one of the co-founders of Classplus. He pursued his B.Tech in Computer Science from the College of Engineering (CEB), Bhubaneswar. Dash is also one of the co-founders of FactoryPlus now after leaving Classplus in April 2018. Dash was previously the Co-founder and CTO of Classplus.

Nikhil Goel

Nikhil Goel was another co-founder of Classplus. He pursued his Bachelor's degree in Electronics and Communication Engineering from Netaji Subhas Institute of Technology. Presently, he is CEO of GOKADA. Goel has previous experience as the Co-founder of DropCalorie. Goel, after leaving Classplus, became the General Manager of Online Ordering at Zomato, and then the Head of New Verticals at SafeBoda, and finally joined as the Vice President Operations at GOKADA.  

Classplus - Startup Story

Mukul Rustagi and Bhaswat Agarwal both used to study at the same IITJEE coaching center in New Delhi back in 2007 which went shut for 10 months before the exam date. The reason being the owners of the coaching institute finds it tedious to keep track of the performance and attendance of their growing numbers of students, they knew it was time to embrace technology.

That's when Rustagi and Agarwal realized the need to build and scale B2B products in EdTech to solve the potential problem of educators and students. Speaking of this, Rustagi went to IIT-Roorkee and Agarwal went to Netaji Subhas Institute of Technology in Delhi for their graduation. Later in 2015, they teamed up to work together and launched Classplus in 2018.

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The tagline of Classplus is "Aapki Coaching, Aapki App" which is dedicated to all the coaching institutes, tuition centers and private tutors to bring their businesses online thus empowering them to become India's top educators with their own app.

Classplus Logo
Classplus Logo

Classplus Business Model and Revenue Model

Business Model of Classplus

Classplus operates on a B2B business model as it helps the educators to bring their offline businesses to online mode. With online comes the freedom to reach any part of the country as communication becomes bi-directional. It offers educators to take multiple live classes & teach unlimited students across the country without worrying about storage and video quality.

Not only that, educators can share their notes, post their pre-recorded lectures, collect fees, track their student's performance and growth, and much more. This gives them an edge to improve their online teaching experience.

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Revenue Model of Classplus

Classplus has a subscription-based revenue model. The platform charges subscription fees for its software suite, which handles class communication, payments, assessments, online learning programs, and attendance, thereby reducing the time spent on management activities and focusing more on classroom teaching, which ranges from INR 15,000 - INR 50,000 on a per annum basis depending on the service required. One wishing to join Classplus can book a free demo to see how Classplus can help boost the business.

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Classplus - Funding And Investors

Classplus has raised over $129.5 mn in funding. The last funding round raised by Classplus came in June 2021 via a Series C round where it raised $65 mn. The B2B edtech startup then looked to raise $80 mn, as per reports dated March 11, 2022, and was in the late-stage talks regarding the same. The company had already signed the term sheet and announced that after the funding round, it will be valued at around $500 mn, which will be a 2X jump in its valuation. This funding round ultimately came forth on March 29, 2022, and was a $70 million Series D round of funding led by Tiger Global, and Alpha Wave. Owl Ventures will also be participating in the same ongoing Series D round, as per the reports dated April 27, 2022, and will be investing somewhere between $5-7 million, revealed sources.        

Classplus funding details are as follows -

Date Transaction Name Money Raised Lead Investor
March 29, 2022 Series D $70 Million Tiger Global Management, Alpha Wave Ventures
June 23, 2021 Series C $65 Million Tiger Global Management, GSV Ventures, AWI, Blume Ventures, RTP Global and Blume Ventures
June 15, 2021 - $30 Million GSV Ventures Fund
September 2020 Series A $10 Million Falcon Edge Capital, Alpha Wave Incubation, RTP Global, Blume Ventures
May 4, 2020 Series A $9 Million RTP Global
February 11, 2020 Venture Round $2.5 Million Blume Ventures and Sequoia Capital India
October 10, 2019 Venture Round - Surge
May 9, 2019 Venture Round $1.6 Million Times Internet, GREE Ventures & others
February 5, 2019 Seed Round $420,000 -
November 1, 2018 Seed Round $500,000 -
September 14, 2017 Angel Round - Rising Stars

Classplus - Growth

Today, Classplus boasts of having digitised 1 Lakh+ educators serving 20 million+ students in over 1,500 cities across the world and earned over INR 500 crore. During the pandemic, online learning platforms witnessed a huge rise whereby teaching is undertaken remotely and on digital platforms. Taking this as an opportunity, the company also launched Classplus Lite, a free mobile app for tutors with a small student base, which has over 500,000 users now. More than 80% of the Classplus userbase is from tier 2 and tier 3 cities.

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Classplus - Acquisitions

Classplus has acquired 1 company to date that goes by the name Merak Software Solutions.

Company Acquired Date of Acquisition Amount
Merak Software Solutions June 17, 2020 -

Classplus - Competitors

Classplus's top competitors are:

Classplus - Future Plans

Classplus is planning to improve its technology and expand more product offerings. It is enabling tutors to set up their businesses online and bridge the gap between the students and tutors. It has witnessed a number of downloads and the team is heading towards earning more in numerous ways and fields.


What is Classplus?

Classplus is a mobile-first SaaS platform. It enables private coaching institutions and their tutors to streamline their content distribution, payments, communication, and online assessments through the app.

What is Classplus Business Model?

Classplus has a subscription-based business model. The platform charges subscription fees for its software suite & other services, which range from INR 15,000 - INR 50,000 on a per annum basis depending on the service required.

Who are the founders of Classplus?

Mukul Rustagi, Vatsal Rustagi, Bikash Dash, Nikhil Goel and Bhaswat Agarwal are the founders of Classplus.

How is Classplus login?

Classplus login is extremely secure and safeguarded with two-way authentication.  

Who are the competitors of Classplus?

Classplus's top competitors are Ethena, LearnIn, Aanaab and BabySparks.

How do Classplus works?

Classplus empowers the tutors and institutions of today to manage their own classrooms via a mobile app. They can simple:  

  • Download the Classplus Lite app from Playstore
  • Invite and connect with students
  • Start Teaching

Is Classplus free?

Classplus Lite is a free app for teachers to teach and engage with their students.

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