The Subsidiaries That Make Reliance Industries Successful

The Subsidiaries That Make Reliance Industries Successful

Reliance Industries Limited is an Indian multinational conglomerate company that is headquartered in Mumbai, India. Reliance owns businesses across India engaged in energy, petrochemicals, textiles, natural resources, retail, and telecommunications. Reliance is one of the most profitable and the largest publicly traded companies in India. The subsidiaries of Reliance Industries is what makes it successful.

It is also known to be the largest company in India as measured by revenue after recently surpassing the government-controlled Indian Oil Corporation. In the year 2020 Reliance Industries became the first Indian company to exceed US$150 billion in the market capitalization after its market capitalization hit  ₹11,43,667 crore on the BSE. It is ranked as 8thamong the top 250 Global Energy Companies by Platts as of 2016.

Reliance Company Highlights

Company Name Reliance Industries
Headquaters Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
Founded On 1973
Founded by Dhirubhai Ambani
Chairman Mukesh Ambani
Annual Revenue ₹6,59,205 crore
Products & Services Petroleum, Natural gas, Petrochemicals,Textiles,Retail, Telecommunications, Media, Television, Entertainment, Music, Banking, Software

The company is ranked 96th on the Fortune Global 500 list of the world's biggest corporations as of 2020. Reliance continues to be India's largest exporter as it accounts for 8% of India's total merchandise exports with a value of ₹1,47,755 crore and access to markets in 108 countries. 5% of the government of India’s total revenue comes from Reliance’s customs and exercise duty. It is also the highest income tax payer in the private sector in India.

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Reliance Shareholders
Various Operations of Reliance
Major Subsidiaries of Reliance Industries:

Reliance Subsidiaries - FAQs

Reliance Shareholders

The number of share of Reliance Industries are approximately 310 crores (3.1 billion) and plays a major role in the Reliance industries. The Ambani family only holds 46.32% of the total shares whereas the remaining 53.68% shares are held by public shareholders including FII and corporate bodies. The life Insurance Corporations of India is the largest non-promoter investor in the company with 7.98% shareholding.

Various Operations of Reliance

The companies petrochemical, refining, oil, and gas-related operations form the core of its business other divisions of the company include cloth, retail business, telecommunication, and special economic zone development. In July 2012 Reliance Industries informed that it was going to invest US$1 billion over the next few years in its new aerospace division which will design, develop, manufacture, equipment, and components including aircraft, engine, radars, avionic, and accessories for military and civilian aircraft, helicopters, and aerostats, etc.

Major Subsidiaries of Reliance Industries:

Reliance Group has 158 +  subsidiary companies and 7 associate companies. Here are some of the most popular Reliance Industries Subsidiaries:

Jio Platforms Limited

reliance subsidiaries list
Facts on Jio | Reliance Subsidiaries List

Jio is essentially a technology company that is a majority-owned subsidiary of reliance industries. It is one of the top reliance subsidiary companies lists. It was announced in October 2019 and has all digital initiatives and the telecommunication assets being housed under it. This new subsidiary holds all the digital business assets including Reliance Jio Infocomm Ltd.

Jio Infocomm in turn holds the Jio connectivity business which includes Mobile, broadband and enterprise, and also the other digital assets. Jio apps are the tech backbone and investment in other tech entities like Haptic, Hathaway, and Den networks among others. In April 2020, reliance announced a strategic investment of ₹43,574 crores by Facebook into the Jio Platform.

This investment translated into a 9.99% equity stake, on a fully diluted basis. Further in May 2020, reliance sold roughly 1.15% stake in Jio Platforms for ₹5,656 crores to the American private equity investor, Silver lake partner. Intel became the 12th company to invest in reliance Jio platform after it invested ₹1,894.50 crores. In July 2020 google announced that it will acquire a 7.7% stake in the Jio platform for ₹33,737 crores.

Reliance Industries Limited Success Story [Case Study]
Reliance Industries Limited (RIL) is an Indian organization headquartered inMumbai, India. Reliance has its entities across domains like vitality,petrochemicals, materials, common assets, retail, and broadcast communications.Reliance is one of the most prominent businesses in India, the biggest ”…

Reliance Retail

Reliance Group Subsidiaries
Retail Brands | Reliance Group Subsidiaries

Reliance Retail is the retail business wing of Reliance Industries. In March 2013, it had 1466 stores in India. It is the largest retailer in India as it includes many brands like Reliance Fresh, Reliance Footprint, Reliance Time Out, Reliance Wellness, Reliance Trends, Reliance Autozone, Reliance Mart, Reliance iStore.

Reliance Home kitchen, Reliance Home Kitchens, Reliance Market (cash n carry), and Reliance Jewels all come under the banner of Reliance Retail brand. Its annual income revenue for the financial year of 2019 was ₹1.62 billion.

Reliance Life Science

This company works around medical, plant, and industrial biotechnology opportunities. It specializes in the manufacturing, branding, and marketing of Reliance Industries products in Biopharmaceuticals, clinical research services, regenerative medicine, molecular medicine, novel therapeutics, biofuels, plant biotechnology, and industrial biotechnology sectors of the medical business industry. Reliance Institute of life science (RILS) was established by Dhirubhai Ambani Foundation as it is an institution offering higher education in various fields of life science and related technologies.

Reliance Logistics

It is a single-window company selling transportation, distribution, warehousing, logistics, and supply chain-related products. Reliance Logistics is an asset-based company with its own fleet and infrastructure. It provides logistics services to Reliance group subsidiaries and outsiders. Merged content from Reliance Logistics to here.

List of Companies Acquired by Reliance Brands & Jio
Reliance Industries Ltd (RIL) has made several acquisitions in the past threeyears to boost product offerings of its subsidiaries - Reliance Jio Infocomm Ltdand Reliance Retail Ltd, among others. RIL has put in $566 million in media andeducation, $194 million in retail, $1.2 billion in telecom an…

Reliance Clinical Research Services (RCRS)

It is a contract research organization (CRO) and a wholly-owned subsidiary of Reliance Life Science, specializes in the clinical research services industry. Its clients are primarily pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and medical device companies.

Reliance Solar

The solar energy subsidiary of Reliance was established to produce and retail solar energy systems primarily to remote and rural areas. It offers a range of products based on solar energy, solar lantern, home lighting systems, street lighting systems, water purification systems, refrigeration systems, and solar air conditioners.

Network 18

Reliance Subsidiary Companies
Reliance Subsidiary Companies

In the mass media company, it has interests in television, digital platforms, publication, mobile apps, and films. It also operates two joint ventures namely Viacom 18 and History TV18 with Viacom and A+E Network respectively. It also has acquired ETV Network and since renamed its channels under the Colors TV brand.


This is a subsidiary for cord blood banking service which is owned by Reliance Life science. It was established in 2002 and has been inspected and accredited by AABB and also has been accorded a license by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) Government of India.

Reliance Jio Infocomm Limited

Previously known as Infotel Broadband, is a broadband service provider which gained 4G licenses for operating across India.

How Mukesh Ambani’s JioMart is set to revolutionize e-commerce sector with JioMart
When it comes to the Indian business environment, one simply can’t ignore Mr.Mukesh Ambani, the biggest player, the owner of Reliance Industries, and thewealthiest businessman of India. He has footprints in some of the most importantsectors of the Indian economy like refining, oil & gas, petroche…

Reliance Industrial Infrastructure Limited

It is an associate company of Reliance Industries. It holds 45.43% of the total shares of Reliance Industries. It mainly engages in the business of setting up and operating industrial infrastructure. The company is also engaged in related activities involving leasing and providing services connected with computer software and data processing.

The company set up a 200-millimeter diameter twin pipeline system that connects the Bharat petroleum refinery at Mahul, Maharashtra. The infrastructure company constructed a 71,000-kilolitre petrochemical product storage and distribution terminal at the Jawaharlal Nehru Port Trust (JNPT) Area in Maharashtra.

Reliance Eros Productions LLP

Has a joint venture with Eros International to produce film content in India.


It is a well-known 4G enabled Volte device brand from Reliance Retail. It is one of a Jio reliance subsidiaries, the consumer electronics arm of Reliance Industries Limited.

How To Become A Jio Mart Retailer In India
Jio has become a prominent market in today’s India. It is growing up on a dailybasis and are trying to explore different ventures. Well, it is the best time tobecome a part of such an outgrowing organization. RIL (Reliance India Limited) has come up with a new venture and have entered thee-comm…

Reliance Subsidiaries - FAQs

How many subsidiaries does Reliance have or how many subsidiaries of reliance?

Reliance Group has six listed companies.

Is Jio a subsidiary of Reliance?

Jio Platforms Ltd is an Indian technology company and a subsidiary of Reliance Industries Limited. Established in 2019, the company owns India's largest mobile network operator Jio and other digital businesses of Reliance.

What companies does reliance own?

Reliance Subsidiaries or subsidiary companies of reliance:  

  • Reliance Communications Limited.
  • Reliance Infrastructure Limited.
  • Reliance Entertainment.
  • Reliance Power.
  • Kokilaben Dhirubhai Ambani Hospital.

Is reliance a multinational company?

Reliance Industries Limited (RIL) is an Indian multinational conglomerate company headquartered in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India. Reliance owns businesses across India engaged in energy, petrochemicals, textiles, natural resources, retail, and telecommunications.

How many branches of reliance company?

Reliance Retail is the retail business wing of Reliance Industries. In March 2013, it had 1466 stores in India. It is the largest retailer in India.

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