6 Steps to Create a Successful Podcast

6 Steps to Create a Successful Podcast
How to Create a Successful Podcast

People like to explore the virtual world to find the best life hacks and pieces of advice from influencers, so when they want to learn new things or entertain themselves, they usually turn to the Internet. In the last few years, we witnessed a boom with a new format of informative content: podcasts.

Podcasts started as a concept of on-demand radio shows, found in multiple episodes and available to download. Nowadays, podcast hosts choose to either create audio-visual type of content on YouTube or tell their story in an audio format on blog websites and related pages.

If you find this concept as a new way of expressing your thoughts and ideas, here you have 6 steps to create a successful podcast:

  1. Choose Your Topic
  2. Podcast Equipment
  3. Audio and Music
  4. The Editing Process
  5. Guests
  6. Social Media Promotion

Choose Your Topic

Choosing a main topic is not easy, as you might have plenty of themes you’re interested in. Some hosts prefer to invite a special guest to every episode and talk freely about life, while others debate important topics with specialists. Choose your podcast topic depending on the audience you want to reach, and the platform you want to be used. You can find inspiration online, but try to be unique; you want to bring in something new and exciting to gain followers.

Here are some examples of topics you can approach for your new project, but don’t forget, do it your way!

  • Economy and finance: it doesn’t matter if you are an old-school cash person or a crypto enthusiast, saving and making money are subjects that come to mind easily and everyone loves to know more about finance.
  • Science and theories: yes, people can find plenty of information with a search on Google, but the most relaxing way to explore existential ideas is by listening to others. Isn’t it thrilling to know that we are all made of energy and we’re connected with each other, or… are we?
  • Host and guest conversation: inviting a guest to your podcast is an opportunity for your listeners to learn more about the topic you are discussing, sharing facts and interesting ideas that can be inspiring for your audience, impatiently waiting for your next episode.

Podcast Equipment

The Internet is a judgy place to be; not delivering high-quality material is a dangerous game. Before you start your new gig, these are some essential pieces of equipment you need in order to match the public’s requirements. First of all, you need a recording device; a great phone camera is a good option for a beginner, but try to invest in:

  • Professional video cameras will undoubtedly increase the quality of your video.
  • Microphone: is a MUST for a podcast. Every word spoken by your guests should be heard perfectly, to deliver a clear message to your audience.
  • Headphones: are helpful for the editing process to ensure you deliver high-quality content that captivates your public’s attention.
  • An editing program: be ready to buy a premium version because great ones aren’t free. It’s essential to create a qualitative video and sound, add special effects and music, create a personal intro, and cut out the awkward silent moments.

Audio and Music

Besides the visual part that has to be pleasant for the audience, background music is the perfect finishing touch for your content. Everyone loves music, and the sounds have a powerful impact on one’s brain; blending the narrator’s voice with a great background playlist is the perfect mix in order to deliver a pleasing experience.

Music is also used for the intro and outro parts, your intro has to be the introduction to your channel, your business card. Choose the perfect podcast music that matches the subject you’re discussing, edit like a pro, and write your name on it. Make sure you use only royalty-free music, like the tunes from the Melody Loops library. The outro is the goodbye you say to your listeners; make it simple; they have to know that you’ll be back soon with another episode.

The Editing Process

It might sound scary to edit like a pro, but you can find tutorials for everything on the Internet, and step-by-step articles to learn how to create the perfect podcast.

Don’t exaggerate with special effects; no one wants a bang every 2 minutes, so keep the background sound natural and clean. Of course, you can add some funny sounds when the content allows, but first, let’s learn the basics:

  • Delete background noises: if you don’t have a professional studio for recording, your neighbours can be heard renovating their apartment or the dog across the street barking, which might be disturbing for your followers. Luckily, editing apps enable you to remove or lessen background noise.
  • Delete material: deleting the unwanted material is a crucial step for a qualitative episode; we are not robots, sometimes we don’t find the exact words for the context, and we end up with “uhm…” Your audience wants to listen to professionally crafted content, so cut all moments that don’t make sense and remove the awkward moments of silence.


Consider inviting special guests to your podcasts and let them tell their stories; it could be inspiring for your audience. Choose people who have different points of view on the subjects you are discussing, ask interesting questions, and most importantly, guide the conversation to provide your listeners with information that serves them. Also, contact specialists in your subject field in order to present your listeners with a professional perspective; when someone talks passionately about something, it becomes 100% exciting for your audience as well. If your budget allows, contact public figures that have a large following on social media; as that’s a way to boost your channel.

Social Media Promotion

Social media is the best tool you have to promote your channel. Make an account for your podcast to stay in touch with your listeners. Ask your friends to share your posts on their social media pages to help you reach a wider public 

Market your podcast by promoting your social media pages with paid social media ads. People are curious about everything new and will most likely listen to your episodes to find out what you have to say.

Final Thoughts

It’s not easy to enter the top 3 best podcasts, but with dedication and patience, it’s not impossible.

Now that you learned the basics of creating a podcast, write down your ideas, see which one fits you better, and let your voice be heard.

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