Swiggy's Strategic Merger: Instamart and InsanelyGood Align Ahead of IPO Launch

Swiggy's Strategic Merger: Instamart and InsanelyGood Align Ahead of IPO Launch
Swiggy's Strategic Merger: Instamart and InsanelyGood Align Ahead of IPO Launch

Swiggy, a trailblazer in food delivery and quick commerce, has strategically merged InsanelyGood with its Instamart grocery delivery service, marking a significant move before its anticipated Initial Public Offer (IPO).

The merger aims to increase investor confidence by improving efficiency and combining Swiggy's food and grocery delivery services. This is particularly important in cities like Bangalore, where there's high demand for fast service and fresh groceries delivered to doorsteps.

“InsanelyGood focuses on high quality assortment of groceries and has seen a tremendous amount of consumer love. Given the great traction, we plan on scaling this up to the entirety of Bangalore and will do this as a separate entry point on Swiggy Instamart,” said Swiggy Instamart Spokesperson in a statement.

Launched in August 2020, Swiggy Instamart is recognized as India's leading quick commerce grocery service.

Currently, Swiggy Instamart operates in over 25 Indian cities, using advanced technology and a specialized delivery fleet to promptly deliver groceries and household essentials to customers' doorsteps within minutes.

Swiggy's integration of InsanelyGood into Instamart is part of its broader strategy to streamline operations and solidify its position in the rapidly expanding online grocery market.

With consumers increasingly favoring online ordering, especially for quick delivery of essential groceries, this move enhances Swiggy's competitive edge in meeting evolving demands in the eCommerce and instant commerce sectors.

As per Statista, the Indian online food delivery market was USD 7.4 billion in 2023. The delivery market is expected to grow and reach USD 24 billion in 2026.

The projected revenue for the online food delivery market in India is estimated to reach USD 43.78 billion by 2024, with an anticipated annual growth rate (CAGR 2024-2028) of 16.95%. This trajectory is poised to elevate the market volume to USD 81.91 billion by 2028.

As Swiggy gears up for its IPO, this consolidation highlights its ambition to lead the quick-service sector and reflects its agility in responding to evolving market trends. 

In addition to Swiggy's transformative offers such as the instant grocery delivery app Instamart, dining out experience with Swiggy app Dineout, and same-day package delivery Genie, it also allows sellers to build their storefronts, and upload product catalogs at Minis.

The food delivery firm consistently works and introduces smaller yet highly impactful features to enhance user convenience. 

Features like voice search, the generative Artificial Intelligence (AI) feature, live activity on orders, smart push notifications, speech recognition, what to eat, personalized home page, and direct reply notification are some of the consistent upgrades Swiggy is doing to enrich customer experience.

These features are designed to streamline the entire experience of ordering food and other services through the Swiggy platform, catering to the diverse needs and preferences of its users.

“We understand that ordering food is not a transaction but an expression of one’s emotions, and a way to alleviate one’s mood,” Swiggy CEO of Food Marketplace Rohit Kapoor has said. “Many times people simply do not want to go through the process of browsing through multiple options and pondering over them. Wouldn’t it be nice to instead have sharp recommendations attuned to how they feel and what they crave? That’s exactly what we are trying to do with WhatToEat. It is for customers for whom food is a feeling or an emotion, and not merely a dish or a restaurant.”

This paves the way for assessing the impact of these strategic decisions on Swiggy's growth path, demonstrating its capacity to adjust to shifting consumer preferences towards local retailers, effortless ordering, and online grocery shopping.

Swiggy's Growth Trajectory

The Role of Instamart and InsanelyGood in Swiggy's IPO

Challenges and Opportunities Ahead

Swiggy's Growth Trajectory

Revenue and Profitability

  • Swiggy experienced a substantial surge in operating revenue, soaring over 40% to Rs 8,264.4 crore in the 2022-23 fiscal year, up from Rs 5,704.9 crore in the year 2021-22, indicating a robust growth trajectory after it scaled up its quick commerce vertical.
  • The food delivery segment of Swiggy achieved profitability in 2023, with a strategic focus on sustainable growth, and further improvements are expected this year.
  • A fund overseen by US-based asset manager Baron Capital Group has upped the fair value of Swiggy, the food-delivery platform, to USD 12.1 billion. This represents a 13% surge from Swiggy's prior valuation of USD 10.7 billion, noted during its last fundraising round in 2022.
  • Invesco has raised the valuation of Swiggy, the food and grocery delivery platform, by around 9% to USD 8.5 billion according to its filings with the US Securities and Exchange Commission as of October 31.

Investment and Expansion

  • Swiggy has received substantial funds worth USD 3.6 billion from 40 investors, including prominent names like Samsung Ventures, Tencent Holding, Wellington Management, Accel Northwest Venture Partners, and SAIF Partners, indicating robust investor confidence.
  • The company has been actively exploring the application of AI through initiatives such as Swiggy’s neural search. It would enable users to search using conversational and open-ended queries and receive recommendations tailored to their specific needs.
  • Swiggy's foray into diverse sectors including grocery, clothing, and other essential items, coupled with the launch of Swiggy Mall offering home and kitchen items, electronics, and toys, demonstrates its forward-looking approach to expansion and diversification.
  • Swiggy's valuation has doubled to USD 10.7 billion, underscoring its strong market position and growth prospects.

Swiggy's Generative AI Journey: A Peek Into the Future

The Role of Instamart and InsanelyGood in Swiggy's IPO

Strategic Merger and Expansion

Swiggy's merger of InsanelyGood with Instamart is aimed at improving operational efficiency within its quick-commerce vertical.

This strategic move aligns with Swiggy's goal of expanding top-notch grocery delivery services in Bangalore by leveraging Instamart's infrastructure and customer base.

Operational Synergies

The integration of InsanelyGood into the Swiggy app, coupled with the commitment to swift fulfillment, underscores Swiggy's dedication to delivering a seamless user experience and ensuring customer satisfaction. Moreover, the merger is anticipated to streamline costs and enrich the value proposition for both customers and investors.

Financial and Market Impact

The merger underscores Swiggy's commitment to dominate the quick-commerce space while preparing for a successful IPO. Instamart's robust growth in gross merchandise value (GMV) indicates promising prospects for further expansion and market dominance.

In the financial year 2022-23, Swiggy clocked a gross merchandise value exceeding USD 2.6 billion in India, marking a growth compared to the previous year. 

Prosus, the largest institutional investor in Swiggy, reported that in the initial half of the financial year 2023-24, Swiggy's primary food delivery segment experienced a 17% growth, achieving a gross merchandise value of USD 1.43 billion.

Gross Merchandise Value of Swiggy From Financial Year 2019 to 2023
Gross Merchandise Value of Swiggy From Financial Year 2019 to 2023

Founded in 2014, Bangalore-headquartered Swiggy operates across 500 cities in India.

Challenges and Opportunities Ahead

Workforce Reductions

Swiggy has undertaken cost-saving measures, including workforce reductions, amid challenging macroeconomic conditions. However, aggressive financial management has helped in reducing monthly cash burn, reflecting a prudent approach.

As per media reports, Swiggy may reduce approximately 400 positions, constituting nearly 7% of its workforce. This move is aimed at enhancing the food tech giant’s financial standing in preparation for an upcoming IPO later this year.

Financial Losses

Despite revenue growth, Swiggy reported a net loss in the fiscal year 2022-23, highlighting the financial challenges. Nevertheless, the company is focused on strategic partnerships and market expansions, innovation, technology upgradation, and democratization to increase its valuation pre-IPO and sustain its competitive position.

In its FY23 financial report, Swiggy announced that its food delivery division achieved profitability, attributed to its implementation of cost-efficient strategies.

“One of the major moves Swiggy might make is to partner and expand its food delivery team per geographic location. The less delivery time will help Swiggy to lower the food delivery charges that increase its sales,” an article ‘Swiggy’s Future Plans To Increase The Sale Ahead Of Its IPO’ by Stockify Fintech on professional networking site LinkedIn said.

Swiggy—Delivering happiness at your doorstep!
Swiggy is a food delivery application. It allows the users to access their application from Android, IOS, and website, to order food from nearby restaurants. Read about Swiggy founders,funding and business model.

Conclusion: Navigating Towards IPO Success

Swiggy's strategic merger of InsanelyGood with Instamart signifies a pivotal moment in its journey towards IPO. 

The company's commitment to adaptability, innovation, and market dominance sets a precedent for success in the competitive landscape of digital commerce. 

Challenges notwithstanding, Swiggy's clear vision for growth and sustainability positions it favorably for its upcoming IPO, promising a transformative impact on the quick-commerce and food delivery sectors.

As per reports, the company aims to raise approximately USD 1 billion (Rs 8,300 crore) through its IPO scheduled for this year. Swiggy plans to file its draft red herring prospectus with the Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) for its upcoming initial public offering (IPO) within the next few weeks.


What is Swiggy Instamart and how does it differ from InsanelyGood?

Swiggy Instamart is a quick-commerce grocery service launched in 2020, offering fast grocery delivery in over 25 cities in India. InsanelyGood, on the other hand, was a separate grocery delivery service that Swiggy merged with Instamart to enhance its offerings.

How does the merger of InsanelyGood with Instamart impact Swiggy's overall strategy and market positioning?

The merger streamlines Swiggy's operations and strengthens its position in the quick-commerce and grocery delivery sectors, enhancing efficiency and market reach.

What are the key factors driving Swiggy's decision to streamline operations and enhance efficiency ahead of its IPO?

Swiggy aims to showcase robust financials and sustainable growth strategies to attract investors and maximize value for shareholders.

What financial milestones and performance indicators should investors consider when evaluating Swiggy's potential for growth and profitability?

Investors should assess Swiggy's revenue growth, profitability margins, gross merchandise value (GMV), customer acquisition, and retention metrics to gauge its growth potential and financial health.

What role does Swiggy's IPO play in shaping the future of the food delivery and quick-commerce sectors in India?

Swiggy's IPO will serve as a milestone event, signaling the maturation and potential consolidation of the food delivery and quick-commerce sectors in India, attracting investor interest, and driving further innovation and competition.

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