What’s Making The E-Commerce & Food Giants In India To Shift To Electric Fleets?

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Clean, Green, and Cost-Effective Businesses – What’s Making the E-commerce & Food Giants in India Shift to Electric Fleets?

This article has been contributed by Pritesh Mahajan, Founder, Revamp Moto. The landscape of India's business world is changing, and it's changing rapidly. In recent years, sustainability has emerged as a central theme in global business discussions. The urgency to combat climate change and reduce greenhouse gas emissions has pushed

By Subham Agrawal
Havas Media


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Havas Media report reveals how technology is shaping e-commerce and consumer experience in India. Increased smartphone usage and internet connectivity are providing comfort and accessibility to shoppers across the country. Havas Media Report Consumer Insights Challenges and Concerns Leadership Insights Havas Media Report The recent report- ‘Shaping Consumer Experiences: How

By Sayantan Mondal, Apoorva Bajj