Tata Neu: A Super App That Is Not Less Than A Superhero

Damini Bhandary Damini Bhandary
Nov 25, 2021 5 min read
Tata Neu: A Super App That Is Not Less Than A Superhero

The world we live in is not an ordinary one anymore. It is a digital world and technology is ruling over it. There is hardly anyone, who is not digitally connected. Everything and everyone is online, if you are not then, you are losing a very big opportunity.

The development of technology has changed the world for the better and now almost every country is focusing on transforming itself into a digital one. Not surprisingly, India is also included in this list and focuses on reaching the goal.

Wouldnโ€™t it be nice to have all the facilities like payment and any kind of financial transaction in just a single app? Well, thanks to the digital world and its lifestyle, we may have one sooner than we have expected. There is hardly anyone, who doesnโ€™t know about Tata. One of the biggest Indian multinational companies, The Tata Group is not only making its presence felt in the country but in the entire world. The Tata group has decided to launch TataNeu, a super app.

In this article, we will talk about Tata Neu and how it might change the face of digital India. Before that, we must understand the concept of SuperApp. So, letโ€™s get started.

โ€œBeing Human in the digital world is about building a digital world for humans.โ€

-Andrew Keen

What to Expect From a Super App?
What is TataNeu?
How Tata Neu Works?
Future Plans For TataNeu

What to Expect From A Super App?

Well, to be specific, an app has to provide certain services that can guarantee its identity of a Super App. They must have some of these if not all to be one. So the features are:

Interactive Social Platform

A social platform where one can chat, share pictures and videos and interact with other people. A strong community can be built with this feature of the app.

E-Commerce Services

Online shopping has now become a norm in this digital age of the world. So having an online platform where one can shop or even sell their preferred items is a great feature in this app. Having an E-Commerce platform is necessary to make this a Super App.


Another important thing in our life is to get to one place from another. So, it is nice to have a service that provides a bike or a car ride. This feature would increase the vitality of a super app.

Food Delivery

A food delivery app is probably one of the most important apps in a humanโ€™s life especially if they live alone. So having a meal delivery option included in a super app is definitely a great feature.

Bill Payment

Having an app that solves your problem of being late for paying your electricity, water or any other kind of bill surely does feel like a savior. If this feature gets included in this Super App, there is nothing better than that.

Financial Services

It is probably one of the most important features that are essential in a Super App. Any kind of transaction can be made with the help of this feature of a Super App.

Health And Insurance Service

Having an app that can provide you with both healthcare and insurance-related service is a nice option in a Super App as well.

What is Tata Neu?

As mentioned before, because of technology, it is possible to have a super app. A super app is an application that provides various services that are necessary for a human to use. It includes services of a variety of apps in a single one and that erase your worry about your phone storage.

To be specific, with the help of this app one can just chat, get their financial transactions done, shop, and even book a ride. To make the country digitally strong Tata group has recently launched a Super App called Tata Neu for both Android and iOS.

Right now, it is on beta version and only a Tata Group employee got the opportunity to use the Tata Super App. So, basically is going through and Tata Neu is said to make its presence known in early 2022 that is next year.

How Tata Neu Works?

Tata Neu Super App
Tata Neu Super App

So, Tata Neu has features that provide financial services, bill payment services, E-Commerce services that include grocery, fashion, beauty, electronics, and other elements for shopping. Plus you can also book hotels and tickets for movies.

Whenever you click on one of these features, the app will redirect you to the cross-linked apps of Tata. If you tap on grocery then youโ€™ll be led to BigBasket. You can pay all your bills through this app and can also send money to anyone.

Future Plans For Tata Neu

As of now, Tata Sons Ltd is planning to invest the minimum sum of $2 billion. As per reports, it is also planning to raise $5 billion by selling the stakes for the digital venture to external investors. This app is now open for only its employees and if everything goes well, it is expected to be launched next year with features including, financial services, grocery, healthcare, fashion, lifestyle, overโ€“theโ€“top services, bill payments, and education.

Facebook-Jio deal to Turn WhatsApp into Super App like WeChat in China
After investing $5.7 Bn in Reliance Jio, the Facebook-Jio deal will transform Indiaโ€™s most popular app WhatsApp into Indiaโ€™s First Super App.


With the presence of Super App, the way we do everything, from payments to shopping will change. One app that can provide so many different features will make our work convenient and of course not to forget will save our phone storage.

In a world, that is almost completely digital now, Super Apps are definitely the future. Tata Group introducing an app like, TataNeu in the market will bring a revolutionary change in the technology industry in India. Just a matter of time, and we might see the beginning of a new era in front of our eyes.


What is Tata Neu?

Tata group has recently launched a Super App called Tata Neu where one can get the services of a variety of apps in a single one.

How much Tata is planning to invest in Tata Neu?

Tata Sons and Ltd. are expected to invest over $2 billion in Tata Neu.

When will Tata launch its Super app?

As of now, Tata Neu is only available for its employees. It is expected to launch for the public in early 2022.

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