Use of Technology Can Script the Roadmap for Availability and Accessibility of Safe Water

Use of Technology Can Script the Roadmap for Availability and Accessibility of Safe Water
DR. PARAG AGARWAL, Founder & CEO, JanaJal
The article is contributed by DR. PARAG AGARWAL, Founder & CEO, JanaJal.

Access to safe water for all is a fundamental human right and the water sector in conjunction with local administrative bodies are striving to achieve this goal. However, the sector is encountering numerous challenges such as continued unregulated industrial discharge into water bodies besides contaminating ground water tables, lack of adequate sewage treatment plants, etc. In addition to these, there is considerable variation in the quality of raw water across different parts of the same District that does not permit use of any single uniform solution to treat water and make it available to people. In the endeavour to deliver safe water to all, use of cutting-edge technology-based solutions in an agnostic manner can be incredibly beneficial for the sector. Such an approach can transform the water sector through increased optimization and driving efficiency in their performance.

India is currently witnessing the world’s largest initiative in the form of Jal Jeevan Mission that aims to make safe water available to 1.3 Billion people by 2024. Millions of people have already benefitted from this initiative through pipelines being built to deliver water to homes. Though the progress is slow, it has been most commendable. However, dependence on pipelines can never cater to 100% of the people and provide comprehensive coverage as desired by the administration whether in urban, semi-urban or rural areas.

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The Government of India has already approved innovative water treatment and safe water distribution technologies that can help bridge this gap. The Jal Jeevan Mission is a two-pronged initiative; Nal se Jal and Har Ghar Jal. While Nal se Jal is piped water to households, Har Ghar Jal allows for the adoption of these innovative technologies that deliver water to the doorstep of households through IOT technology controlled last mile delivery solutions. Clean fuel-powered three-wheelers using CNG or Lithium-ion batteries that are completely IOT monitored and supervised for GPS location, quality of water, and quantity of water have the power to not only make safe water a reality in the lives of people but also help create jobs, social entrepreneurship opportunities, skill development, women empowerment and above all, better health and wellness for people. The uberisation of water is here to stay and perhaps the only way to deliver safe water to 1.3 Billion people in India.

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Only suitable use of technology has the potential to mitigate the issue and facilitate the purpose of the sector to guarantee the availability and accessibility of clean water for all.

The world has adequate water, but very little of it is portable and fit for consumption. After all, the availability of water can only be stretched through maximizing management and minimizing wastage. A better future can be ensured with the immediate use of such innovative technologies.

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