List of Successful Startups in Africa | Top 6 African Startups

List of Successful Startups in Africa | Top 6  African Startups
Top Startups in Africa

The era of the pandemic has changed the entire global market. Some businesses saw the depth of losses and others thrived to the sky.

Many startups had to shut down due to the problem around the pandemic. On the other hand, various startups emerged in the market and ruled over it.

In Africa, many startups dealt with the unfortunate effects of the pandemic. They not only survived but also flourished well.

Like any other, African startups also had a roller-coaster ride. Many had to make changes in their business models. Others’ however, turned out to be more successful than they could have ever imagined.

The Emerge of Tech Startups in Africa
Top Startups in Africa

  1. mPharma
  2. Eversend
  3. Ordera
  4. Amitruck
  5. Sokowatch
  6. Komaza

The Pandemic Era of African Startups

The Emerge of Tech Startups in Africa

The African marketplace has seen significant growth as more tech startups are emerging. These startups play an important role in various ways. They promote innovative thinking and its wide application on the continent.

These technology-based startups help Africa face various challenges. These include critical solutions for businesses and government, promoting e-health, e-education sector, and wide market access. The most important thing is that tech startups are helping Africa with its growth.

New startups and existing organizations are collaborating to increase their reach. This helps them create a bigger impact of innovation over the continent.

African economies have accelerated great progress with the emerge of various tech startups.

Top Startups in Africa

When it comes to startups, Africa also holds a great name in the market. Africa has various startups full of innovations, technologies, and critical solutions. The following are some of the top startups in Africa:


mPharma Logo | Top Startups in Africa
mPharma Logo | Top Startups in Africa

It is a healthcare startup founded in the year in 2013. Founders are Gregory Rockson, Daniel Shoukimas, and James Finucane. It offers solutions to pharmaceuticals and health insurance companies. The main motive is to enable the patients to afford their medications.

The startup has its headquarters in Ghana. mPharma has grown and expanded in various others places. Apart from Ghana, it has a strong presence in Kenya, Nigeria, Zambia, and more.

mPharma helps in managing the drug inventory prescriptions for both suppliers and pharmacies. With the increased need for medications and health insurance, the startup has seen great growth during the pandemic.


Eversend Logo | Top Startups in Africa
Eversend Logo | Top Startups in Africa

The multi-currency startup was founded in the year 2017. The founders are Stone Atwine, Ronald Kasendwa, and Emma Smith. This e-wallet startup offers financial services. For example- currency exchange, merchant payments, and more.

With the rise in technology, online investments have become a popular choice for people. The fintech startup, Eversend from Uganda deals in mobile payments, cryptocurrencies, financial exchanges, and more.

It gives access to various stocks to the people of Africa. Eversend is one of the best fintech startups in Africa. It is a startup to look out for in the coming years.


Ordera Logo | Top Startups in Africa
Ordera Logo | Top Startups in Africa

The pandemic gave a boost to the food delivery services. Ordera, the food delivery startup launched in the year 2019. The founders are Abeer Mostafa, Karim Abdel Qader, and Noha Bassiouny.

It is a platform that provides contactless drive-throughs and many pick-up options. The African startup enables the customers to order and pay in advance for a pick-up to ensure contactless delivery.


Amitruck Logo | Top Startups in Africa
Amitruck Logo | Top Startups in Africa

The rapid growth of e-commerce demands proper logistics support as well. So, here comes Amitruck, the trucking logistics startup. The African startup got launched in the year 2018. The founders are Mark Mwangi and Timothy Mwangi.

Kenya’s Amitruck came into existence intending to solve the disruptions caused by an uncertain network of road transport. It helps to create a direct link between the cargo owners and the carriers.

The startup began in Kenya and with great success, it plans to expand its services. The company’s P2P(Purchase-to-Pay) business model has enabled it to create a big name in the African logistics marketplace.


Sokowatch Logo | Top Startups in Africa
Sokowatch Logo | Top Startups in Africa

Another startup that is a great success in Africa is Sokowatch. It was founded in the year 2013 by Daniel Yu, David Jaress, and Josh Raine. It has its headquarters in Nairobi, Kenya. It is an e-commerce platform that enables a direct link for the merchants to the local and multinational suppliers.

In simple words, it helps the small shop to get connected with the digital economy. By doing so, the startup has revolutionized access to essential goods and services. It enables digital orders, payments, and logistics.

The startup is so popular that it has been referred to as the ‘Tajir of Africa’. This means trader of Africa.


Komaza Logo | Top Startups in Africa
Komaza Logo | Top Startups in Africa

Komaza is a tech-based startup that has revolutionized the wood industry in Africa. The company’s idea is to promote sustainable forestry. The startup based in Kenya was founded in the year 2006 by Tevis Howard.

The company has planted more than 6 million trees over the years with the bits of help of small farmers. This helps the small farmers to get empowered and the environment more breathable. Along with these good deeds, the company gets to enjoy profits.

With adequate funding and farmers' support, Komaza aims to plant over 1 billion trees by the year 2030.

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The Pandemic Era of African Startups

During the pandemic, like others, Africa also saw an advent of digitalization. Everything shifting from offline to online mode allowed tech startups to flourish.

In Africa, the pandemic gave a boost to the growth of tech startups. These startups helped the economy to deal with the existing problems. They also helped the economy to keep up with the pace of changing times.

Startups are emerging with the technologies of AI, blockchain, data analytics, and more. The pandemic made businesses realize the importance of technologies in various fields.

The African tech startups thus can create their market now. The technology has always been there but it flourished in its full sense during the pandemic.


The pandemic has been a time of revolution for startups. Many saw deep falls and others got to touch the sky. African marketplace saw a great amount of success of many startups.

Many startups in Africa are now capable of finding a solution to every problem. For finances, there is Eversend, Ordera for food services, Amitruck for logistics, mPharma for healthcare, and more. Thus, the startups in Africa have made great progress in their successful transformations.


How many fintech startups are there in Africa?

As of 2021, there are 576 fintech startups in Africa.

What are the best startups in the world?

Top startups in the world, valued at more than $10 Billion are:

  • Bytedance
  • Spacex
  • Stripe
  • Klarna
  • Faire

Which country has the highest no. of startups in Africa?

Nigeria has the highest number of startups in Africa.

Which is the best country in Africa to start a business?

Mauritius is the best country in Africa to start a business, followed by Rwanda and Morocco.

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