Top 10 Analytics Companies in India

Top 10 Analytics Companies in India

‌‌In today's time, almost every organization across the world uses digitization and data analytics for making decisions and processes. Any major decision that requires in-depth research and data collection is done by digital platforms that analyze all such gathered data and help you make a beneficiary decision.

As digitalization is taking over the world, businesses are moving towards big data and data science that work on improving their efficiency through business analytics solutions. This has increased the demand for business analytics in the industry.

There are tons of business analytics companies in India that work on providing good reporting solutions at reasonable prices that are easy to use, implement, and organize. And the ease with which these business analytics functions operate makes them more popular in the industry.

And that's what we are discussing in this article: Top 10 Analytics companies in India. So, let's get started!

Accenture Analytics
Fractal Analytics
Tiger Analytics
Hyperlink InfoSystem
Mu Sigma Analytics
Cartesian Consulting
SIBIA Analytics
LatentView Analytics

How to Start Your Own Analytics Startup?

Accenture Analytics

Startup Name Accenture Analytics
Founded 1989
Founder Clarence DeLany
Headquarters Dublin, Ireland
Accenture Analytics - Top Analytics Company in India
Accenture Analytics - Top Analytics Company in India

Being a part of the tech giant Accenture, Accenture Analytics provides business analytics and business intelligence solutions. It is quite famous in the market because of its strong backing of artificial intelligence and machine learning.  

Here, you get the chance to learn and work on data-driven solutions from data analysts along with data sensors and third-party searches. Plus,  it's a great place to work where you get the chance to be a part of a network of more than 1800 data scientists and analysts and work in Accenture Labs and Innovations centres.

Some of the important services provided by the company include:

  • Provides AI Solutions for your business.
  • Helps accelerate cloud data adoption
  • Offers analytics, and natural language processing services.


Startup Name Gramener
Founded 2010
Founders Anand S, J. Ramachandran, Ganes Kesari, Mayank Kapur, Naveen Gattu, Ravinder Ireddy, Vengatesh C R
Headquarters Princeton, New Jersey, USA
Gramener - Top Analytics Company in India
Gramener - Top Analytics Company in India

‌‌Gramener is widely known as one of the most promising startups of the year 2013. Today, the company is counted among the top data analytics companies in India.

‌‌Gramener functions by turning the data into minimalized dashboards that will help in stimulating business problem-solving visually. The main design is inspired by cognitive research that makes it super easy for the system to detect important messages and notifications.

The best service that Gramener provides are:

  • Transforms data into concise dashboards, making your business problems and solutions appear obvious.
  • Its AI-driven anonymization solution helps you to submit CSR documents 86% faster than usual.
  • Helps optimise time spent on legal document review with its Smart AI solutions.

Fractal Analytics

Startup Name Fractal Analytics
Founded 2000
Founders Ramakrishna Reddy, Pranay Agrawal, Srikanth Velamakanni
Headquarters New York, United States
Fractal Analytics - Top Analytics Company in India
Fractal Analytics - Top Analytics Company in India

‌‌Fractal Analytics is a company that specializes in more than 40 niche services in different industries like healthcare, BFSI, hospitality, technology, and retail. It provides quick, smart, accurate, and innovative business analytics solutions and decisions.

Their top services include:

  • Text analytics,
  • Forecasting solutions,
  • Image and video analytics, and
  • Advanced artificial intelligence solution

‌‌Along with these, the company also serves in the supply chain, customer experience, and behavioural science.

Tiger Analytics

Startup Name Tiger Analytics
Founded 2011
Founders Mahesh Kumar
Headquarters Santa Clara, California, USA
Tiger Analytics - Top Analytics Company in India
Tiger Analytics - Top Analytics Company in India

‌‌The next in the line is Tiger Analytics, which has served over five hundred companies with its promising data science and engineering services. The company specializes in:

  • Marketing Analytics
  • Risk analytics
  • Operations and planning analytics
  • Customer analytics

Additionally, they also help to set up the KPI reporting and dashboard that comes in the need of alerting and following predefined performance indicators. With structures and an iterative approach, Tiger Analytics facilitates insight discovery that helps in discovering relevant interest patterns in the data with both tabular as well as visual analysis.

Plus, Tiger Analytics is counted among the best business analytics companies with their work environment and salary packages.

Startup Name Hyperlink InfoSystem
Founded 2011
Founders Harnil Oza
Headquarters Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India
Hyperlink InfoSystem - Top Analytics Company in India
Hyperlink InfoSystem - Top Analytics Company in India

Another popular name in data analytics is Hyperlink InfoSystem, which allows organizations to execute and conceptualize a well-rounded data program. The company has an incredible team of data scientists, developers, and analysts along with a great set of tools and infrastructure that provides organizations with promising business analytics solutions.

The best service that Hyperlink InfoSystem provides are:

  • Transformation of complicated data into well-organized reports, dashboards and visualization with the help of big data analytic services.
  • Helps in gaining more insights into the organizations.

Mu Sigma Analytics

Startup Name Mu Sigma
Founded 2004
Founders Dhiraj Rajaram
Headquarters Chicago, Illinois
Mu Sigma Analytics - Top Analytics Company in India
Mu Sigma Analytics - Top Analytics Company in India

Being one of the most prominent business analytics and data science companies, Mu Sigma Analytics provides businesses with accurate data analytics solutions and enhances their decision-making strategy. They specialize in providing:

  • Marketing analytics,
  • Optimization and risk analytics,
  • Demand analytics, and
  • Network planning

Moreover, Mu Sigma Analytics uses the software of 'Art of Program Solving' that helps in boosting SaaS performance. The company is remarkable with its services that help organizations to scale data analytics solutions, mapping and operationalisation.


Startup Name Absolutdata
Founded 2001
Founders Anil Kaul, Suhale Kapoor
Headquarters Almeda, California, USA
Absolutdata - Top Analytics Company in India
Absolutdata - Top Analytics Company in India

With the direction to revolutionize the conventional analytical system and bring in an innovative technology-based solution of diagnostic methodology, advanced analytics, merging technology, and complex data.

Some of the top services provided by Absolutdata are:

  • Top-level class analytics services for both customers as well as marketing analytics.
  • Predicting marketing initiatives and deciding what will result in a competitive advantage for their customers.
  • Helps in the services of customer acquisition analytics, customer engagement strategies and lifetime value modelling of customers.

Cartesian Consulting

Startup Name Cartesian Consulting
Founded 2009
Founders Sandeep Mittal
Headquarters Mumbai, India
Cartesian Consulting - Top Analytics Company in India
Cartesian Consulting - Top Analytics Company in India

Cartesian Consulting is counted among the most prominent business analytics companies in India that provide remarkable results. It has one of the most advanced built labs that focus on promising data analytics and solutions with the help of artificial intelligence and machine learning.

The top services that Cartesian Consulting provides are:

  • Customer analytics,
  • Pricing and Margin optimization,
  • Digital analytics,
  • Mix modelling, and
  • Marketing Analytics

‌‌The company is famous for offering an incredible combination of marketing and analytical consideration.

SIBIA Analytics

Startup Name SIBIA Analytics
Founded 2014
Founders Angshuman Bhattacharya, Krishna V Iyer
Headquarters Kolkata, West Bengal, India
SIBIA Analytics - Top Analytics Company in India
SIBIA Analytics - Top Analytics Company in India

‌‌SIBIA Analytics is famous for using cutting-edge technology and state-of-art predictive models for providing visionary analytics solutions. The company provides various services:

  • Analytics insights generation,
  • Expert analytics service and advisory,
  • Predictive dashboards,
  • Real-time data management and analysis, and
  • Web-hosted analytics reports

‌‌Being an analytics service and consulting company, SIBIA Analytics provides analytics-driven marketing investment consultancy, social media marketing consultancy, and many more.

LatentView Analytics

Startup Name LatentView Analytics
Founded 2006
Founders Venkat Viswanathan
Headquarters Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India
Latent View - Top Analytics Company in India
Latent View - Top Analytics Company in India

Being the winner of Analytics Solution Provider of the year 2015, Latent View was established in 2006 in New Jersey San Jose.

It has a distinguished partnership with educational institutions such as Chennai Mathematical Institute and IIT Madras for conducting advanced levels of research programs in data analytics and mathematical modeling.

The top services offered by Latent View are:

  • Business Analytics
  • Consulting Services
  • Data Engineering
  • Digital Solutions


In conclusion, we can say that today there is a high demand for data analytics solutions and decision-enabling processes for businesses. Because of this, data analytic companies are growing on a broad scale. These help in solving all the business analytics problems with the help of big data gathered from the company, along with the decision-making process of companies to enhance their growth. These above-mentioned companies are counted among the top data analytics companies on a global scale.


What is Analytics?

The systematic analysis of data or statistics is called Analytics.

Why do companies need analytics?

In a data-driven world, Companies need analytics to address customer needs and study data to predict future trends.

What are some of the top-rated analytics companies in India?

Accenture Analytics, Tiger Analytics, Absolutdata, Mu Sigma Analytics, etc.

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