Top 10 Indian Unicorn Startups and Their Revenue 2022

Top 10 Indian Unicorn Startups and Their Revenue 2022

The startup industry in India is growing faster than we could have imagined. They are now paving a new way for the future of India. Some popular startups that caught the eyes of everyone in the past few years are Zomato, BYJUs, Nykaa, and more. These are living proof of the evolution of startups in India.

These startups have been able to provide solutions to many of our problems. Along with this, they have been able to make huge progress for themselves as well. The startups in India are now generating a great amount of revenue and an increase in terms of their valuation.

The last two years have been full of ups and downs. The time has been mixed with old and new ideas. Many businesses could not cope well during the pandemic. On the other hand, many were able to reach their prime time. The Indian startup industry has grown in the past two years like never before. Startups like BYJU, Zomato, Nykaa, and more made India proud by entering the unicorn club.

Thanks to technology, continuous innovations, and passion for entrepreneurship, India is now the third-largest home for unicorn startups in the world with almost 100+ unicorn startups already established and many more are on the way to becoming unicorn startups.

Startups in India can secure a strong foot in India now due to new terms and policies installed by the government as well as the development faced by the Indian startup ecosystem. The startups in India have become the most potential eye-catchers for investors. With great funding at proper times, startups have been able to progress at a faster pace.

Here is the list of all Indian Unicorn Startup with their revenue, profit, and valuation:

Startup Name Industry Founding Year Revenue Profit in 2021 Current Valuation
PhysicsWallah Edtech 2016 $28 Million -$0.877 Million $1.1 Billion
LeadSquared SaaS- CRM 2011 $19.3 Million -$1 Million $1 BIllion
ElasticRun E-commerce Logistics 2015 $381.3 Million -$12 Million $1.5 Billion
LEAD School Edtech 2012 $80 Million -$15 Million $1.1 Billion
Purplle E-commerce Personal Care 2012 $180 Million -$6 Million $1.1 Billion
DealShare E-commerce 2018 $193.3 Million -$8 Million $1.7 Billion
Xpressbees E-commerce Logistics 2015 $190 Million -$8 Million $1.2 Billion
Open Fintech 2017 $.5 Million -$8 Million $1 BIllion
Games24x7 Gaming 2006 $115.6 Million $13 Million $2.5 Billion
Amagi Media, Advertising 2008 $43.9 Million $2 Million $1 BIllion
Fractal Analytics SaaS- Analytics 2000 $250 Million NA $1 BIllion
Darwinbox SaaS- HR 2015 $1.6 Million NA $1.07 BIllion
Livspace E-commerce Interior Design 2014 $8 Million NA $1.2 Billion
Uniphore SaaS- Conversational Automation 2008 $88.1 Million NA $2.5 Billion
Hasura SaaS- Programming Tools 2017 $18.5 Million NA $1 BIllion
Yubi (CredAvenue) Fintech 2017 $15.3 Million NA $1.3 Billion
CommerceIQ E-commerce Management Platform 2012 $115 Million NA $1 BIllion
Oxyzo Fintech 2016 $31.3 Million NA $1 BIllion
OneCard Fintech 2018 $8.3 Million NA $1.4 Billion
Moglix B2B E-commerce 2015 $100 Million -$10 Million $2.6 Billion
NoBroker PropTech 2014 $6.3 Million -$12 Million $1 BIllion
MobiKwik Fintech 2009 $52.5 Million -$13 Million $1 BIllion
Spinny Automotive 2015 $10.9 Million -$13 Million $1.75 Billion
MPL ESports 2018 $65.6 Million -$16 Million $2.3 Billion
Acko Insurtech 2016 $98.8 Million -$16 Million $1.1 Billion
ShareChat Social Media 2015 $50 Million -$183 Million $5 Billion
Eruditus Edtech 2010 $131 Million -$242 Million $3.2 Billion
upGrad Edtech 2015 $69.2 Million -$26 Million $2.25 Billion
Apna Marketplace- Employment 2019 $2.25 Million -$3 Million $1.1 Billion
Urban Company Home Services 2014 $43.7 Million -$31 Million $2.1 Billion
BharatPe Fintech Payments 2018 $100 Million -$34 Million $2.85 Billion
CarDekho E-commerce Automotives 2007 $88.4 Million -$42 Million $1.2 Billion
Licious E-commerce Meat Products 2015 $68.2 Million -$46 Million $1.3 Billion
Zetwerk Marketplace- Consumer goods 2018 $496 Million -$5 Million $2.5 Billion
Meesho E-commerce 2015 $46.6 Million -$62 Million $4.9 Billion
Blinkit (ex-Grofers) E-commerce- Groceries 2013 $23.6 Million -$69 Million $0.568 Billion
Pristyn Care Healthtech 2018 $20 Million -$7 Million $1.4 Billion
Vedantu Edtech 2011 $9.3 Million -$75 Million $1 BIllion
Upstox Fintech 2010 $845.7 Million -$8 Million $3.4 Billion
Slice Fintech 2016 $3.5 Million -$8.9 Million $1.4 Billion
CRED Financial Technology 2018 $39.3 Million -$80 Million $6.4 Billion
CureFit Healthcare 2016 $21.6 Million -$83 Million $1.5 Billion
Mamaearth E-commerce Personal Care 2016 $94.3 Million $24 Million $1.07 Billion
Infra.Market B2B E-commerce 2016 $623.6 Million $3 Million $2.5 Billion
Five Star Business Finance Financial Services 1984 $573 Million $44 Million $1.4 Billion
OfBusiness Building Materials 2015 $726 Million $6 Million $5 Billion
CoinSwitch Kuber Cryptocurrencies 2017 $7.1 Million $8 Million $1.9 Billion
CoinDCX Cryptocurrency Exchange 2018 $.5 Million NA $2.15 Billion
BlackBuck Logistics 2015 $86.6 Million NA $1.02 Billion
Droom Marketplace- Automotives 2014 $13.6 Million NA $1.2 Billion
PharmEasy Online Pharmacy 2015 $646 Million NA $5.6 Billion
MyGlamm Personal Care Marketplace 2015 $100 Million NA $1.2 Billion
Digit Insurance Insurance 2016 $500 Million NA $4 Billion
Innovaccer Healthcare 2014 $50 Million NA $3.2 Billion
Groww Fintech 2017 $.6 Million NA $3 Billion
Gupshup Software 2004 $150 Million NA $1.4 Billion
Chargebee Financial Services 2011 $115 Million NA $3.5 Billion
Zeta Fintech 2015 $152 Million NA $1.5 Billion
BrowserStack Cloud Infrastructure and Software 2011 $204 Million NA $4 Billion
Mohalla Tech (Moj) Software 2015 $7.7 Million NA $5 Billion
Matic Network / Polygon Blockchain 2018 $4.2 Million NA $10 Billion
MindTickle Saas- Enterprise Software 2011 $40 Million NA $1.2 Billion
Rebel Foods E-commerce Food Delivery 2011 $90 Million NA $1.4 Billion
Mensa Financial Services 2021 $150 Million NA $1.2 Billion
GlobalBees E-commerce Retail 2021 $12 Million NA $1.1 Billion
Dailyhunt Social News 2007 $77 Million -$101 Million $5 Billion
Unacademy Edtech 2015 $59.6 Million -$192 Million $3.4 Billion
Cars24 B2C E-commerce 2015 $1 Billion -$28 Million $3.3 Billion
Glance, Inmobi Mobile Technology 2019 $200 Million -$9 Million $1.8 Billion
RazorPay Fintech 2014 $148 Million $0.875 Million $7.5 Billion
Zerodha Stockbroker 2010 $272 Million $140 Million $2 Billion
PhonePe Fintech Payments 2015 $72 Million $217 Million $5.5 Billion
FirstCry E-commerce 2010 $21.5 Million $26 Million $2 Billion
Nykaa E-commerce 2012 $163 Million $7 Million $8.3 Billion
Pine Labs Fintech 1998 $200 Million NA $5 Billion
Highradius Fintech 2006 $250 Million NA $3.1 Billion
Verse Innovation Content Technology 2007 $96.5 Million NA $5 Billion
Zenoti Saas- Spa and Salon Services 2010 $41 Million NA $1.5 Billion
Postman Saas- API Development and Testing 2014 $102 Million NA $5.6 Billion
Delhivery E-commerce Logistics Services 2011 $179 Million -$14 Million $4 Billion
Icertis Saas- Contract Management 2009 $240 Million -$2 Million $5 Billion
Ola Electric Automotive 2017 $50 Million -$24 Million $5 Billion
Druva Saas- Data Management 2008 $100 Million -$4 Million $2 Billion
BigBasket E-commerce- Groceries 2011 $170.7 Million -$51 Million $2.7 Billion
Rivigo Logistics 2014 $37 Million -$67 Million $1.09 Billion
Lenskart E-commerce- Eyewear 2010 $150 Million $3 Million $4.3 Billion
Dream11 Fantasy Sports 2008 $270 Million $41 Million $8 Billion
CitiusTech Healthcare Technology 2005 $350 Million NA $2.4 Billion
Freshworks SaaS - CRM 2010 $497 million -$188 Million $3.5 Billion
Udaan E-commerce 2016 $120 Million -$310 Million $3.1 Billion
OYO Rooms Hospitality 2013 $145.9 Million -$495 Million $9 Billion
Paytm Mall E-commerce 2017 $28.2 Million -$62 Million $0.013 Billion
Swiggy Foodtech 2014 $212 Million $203 Million $10.7 Billion
BYJU'S Edtech 2011 $242 Million $6 Million $22 Billion
Policybazaar Insurance company 2008 $54 Million NA $2.4 Billion
Billdesk Fintech 2000 $210 Million NA $4.7 Billion
ReNew Power Renewable Energy 2011 $38.12 Billion NA $8 Billion
OLA Transportation 2010 $9.8 Billion -$105 Million $7.3 Billion
Zomato Foodtech 2008 $410 Million -$153 Million $5.4 Billion
Paytm E-commerce Finance 2010 $280 Million -$214 Million $16 Billion
Mu Sigma SaaS- Analytics 2004 $150 Million NA $1.5 Billion
Flipkart E-commerce 2007 $10.6 Billion -$307 Million $37.6 Billion
InMobi Adtech 2007 $394 Million -$9 Million $1 Billion
MakeMyTrip Online Travel 2000 $88.6 Million -$56 Million $2.52 Billion

1. Nykaa
2. Swiggy
3. Zomato
5. Paytm
6. OYO
7. Udaan
8. Digit Insurance
9. PharmEasy
10. Dream11

1. Nykaa

Revenue: INR 3,773 crores FY 2022

Nykaa's CEO and Founder Falguni Sanjay Nayar- StartupTalky
Nykaa's CEO and Founder Falguni Sanjay Nayar- StartupTalky

It is an Indian e-commerce platform launched in the year 2012 by Falguni Nayar. The company sells its products through three channels- website, app, and offline stores. It offers a wide variety of beauty, wellness, and fashion products.

Nayar made her company the first Indian unicorn startup led by a woman in 2020. The Firm Nykaa has revenue of INR 2,440 crores, in 2021. It has also announced revenue of INR 3,773 crores FY 2022.

This year in Q2 FY23, Nykaa’s net profit has reached 344% Y-o-Y to Rs. 5.2 crore. The company has also reported a 39% increase in its revenue which is Rs.1230 cr.

2. Swiggy

Revenue: INR 2,547 Crores in FY2021

Swiggy's CEO Sriharsha Majety- StartupTalky
Swiggy's CEO Sriharsha Majety- StartupTalky

It is an online food ordering and delivery platform based in India. The Swiggy startup was started in the year 2014. The platform’s services are active in more than five hundred Indian cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Jaipur, etc.

The platform has taken a tech approach to handle logistics and provide solutions to customer demands. Swiggy generated revenue of Rs. 2,547 cr in FY21. This number was a 23% drop from their previous financial year 2020.

3. Zomato

Revenue: INR 4192.4 crore in FY2022

Zomato - a food delivery startup
Zomato - A food delivery startup

It is an online food ordering and delivery company founded in the year 2008. From menus to reviews the platform provides you with all the information about its partnered restaurants and gets your delicious food delivered to your doorstep.

It was the first Indian startup to make its debut in the stock market. The Zomato Unicorn is considered one of the most successful startups in India with a revenue of INR 4192.4 crores, in Financial Year 2022. It has also announced its gross order value of INR 5,500 crores in Q3 FY 2022.

The above graph shows India's Unicorn surge with its aggregate valuation.
The above graph shows India's Unicorn surge with its aggregate valuation.


Revenue: INR 3,039.45 Crores in FY 2022

BYJU'S - The ed-tech startup
BYJU'S - The ed-tech startup

It is a global ed-tech startup founded in India in the year 2011. The platform is known to provide adaptive, engaging, and effective learning solutions to its students around the world. Online coaching has the school’s curriculum as well as training for exams like JEE, IAS, GRE, etc.

This education startup earned the status of the 13th largest unicorn in the world as per CB insights in December 2021. The startup BYJU's had revenue of INR 3039.4 crores as of FY 2022.

5. Paytm

Revenue: INR 4,846 crores in FY 2022

Paytm - The Financial service providing startup
Paytm - The Financial service providing startup

It is an Indian multinational technology startup that provides a digital ecosystem for consumers and merchants. Paytm was founded in the year 2010. The company offers payment services, commerce and cloud services, and financial services.

It enables users to make quick and safe UPI payments, book movie tickets, EMI payments, and more. This top Indian startup has a revenue of INR 3,187.6 crores for FY21. It has also generated revenue of INR 4846 crores in FY2022.

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Here’s a list of top 15 highest-valued startups in the world. Bytedance is the most valuable startup in the world with a valuation of $280 Bn.

6. OYO

Revenue: INR 4,157 Crores in FY2021

OYO - A full-stack technology providing a global platform startup
OYO - A full-stack technology providing a global platform startup

It is an Indian multinational online travel agency for homes and hotels. It was founded in the year 2012. The OYO platform offers hotel rooms at affordable rates all across South Asia. It also offers services like complimentary breakfast services, holiday packages, rewards, etc.

The platform has made travel experiences for people easy and reasonable. It has a revenue of INR 4,157 crores, in 2021.

7. Udaan

Revenue: INR 8450 Crores in FY 2022

Udaan - A trade processing startup
Udaan - A trade processing startup

It is a network-centric B2B e-commerce platform founded in the year 2016 in India. The startup helps traders, manufacturers, and wholesalers to connect directly in one place. Udaan startup also facilitates secure payments and smooth logistics.

Udaan has been successful in solving the problems of trade for businesses across India. It has a revenue of INR 5,919 Crores in FY 21. However, in FY22 Udaan has shown Rs.8450 cr in revenue with a loss reaching Rs.3030 cr which is 22.1% more compared to the FY21 loss of Rs. 2482.

8. Digit Insurance

Revenue: INR 5,268 Crores in FY 2022

Digit Insurance - An insurance providing startup
Digit Insurance - An insurance-providing startup

It is an operator of an insurance brokerage firm founded in the year 2016 in India. The Digit Insurance company offers insurance for commercial and non-commercial vehicles, property, and travel.

Digit Insurance is one of the leading insurance companies in the nation enabling clients to make informed decisions and get themselves insured. It has a revenue of INR 5268 crores in FY22.

9. PharmEasy

Revenue: INR 4363 Crores in FY21

Pharmeasy - The online drug/medicine delivery startup
Pharmeasy - The online drug/medicine delivery startup

PharmEasy is an Indian e-pharmacy startup, founded in the year 2015. PharmEasy sells medicine and healthcare products, along with that it also connects local clinics to medical stores for health equipment supply.

In order to expand business PharmEasy has started connecting doctors to patients online and jumped into Lab testing operations now. Though PharmEasy total revenue has increased 48% to Rs 6,461.1 crore in FY22 from Rs 4,363.2 crore in FY21.

But it’s a loss that has been widening. The company has now started to take steps to make it profitable in the coming years despite having fierce challenges from its competitors.

10. Dream11

Revenue: INR 2,554.4 Crores for FY2021

Dream11 - A fantasy sport startup
Dream11 - A fantasy sport startup

It is a fantasy sports platform based in India, founded in the year 2008. Dream11 startup enables users to play fantasy sports like cricket, kabaddi, hockey, basketball, and football.

This has been the first Indian gaming company to become a unicorn. The gaming startup has revenue of INR 2554.4 crores for the Financial Year 2021.


The startups in India have seen massive growth in the past decade. Many startups were able to attain the status of unicorn in recent times making India the third-largest hub for unicorn startups in the world.

India has always been famous for its successful talent in technology, medical fields, and more. Now, the nation is shining bright with its batch of growing startup industry.


What is a Unicorn company in India?

A unicorn company stands for the term for any privately owned company having a value of more than $1 billion.

Which city has the most startups in India?

At present times, the city of Bengaluru claims the position of the Indian city having the most number of startups in India.

Is BYJUS profitable?

No, the ed-tech platform BYJUS is highly appreciated for the introduction of a new concept in the world of education. It is counted among the most profitable unicorn in India.

Are Indian unicorns profitable?

India contains more than 100 unicorns on its record. However, not every unicorn is counted as a profitable company. It is estimated that out of 100 only 18 unicorns are profitable.

Which is the biggest startup in India?

India is home to many valuable startups. Some of the biggest startups in India are Urban Company, Paytm, Classplus, Razorpay, etc.

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