Top 6 Popular D2C Food Startups in India

Muskaan Kapoor Muskaan Kapoor
Jan 10, 2022 6 min read
Top 6 Popular D2C Food Startups in India

The startups today are revolutionizing the entire world’s marketplace. The technology used by startups not only brings profit to the company but also eases up various activities for people.

Startups can be of various kinds. For example- lifestyle, food, small and large businesses, social, etc. One of the most popular and lucrative startups is a food startup. Food is something, the need of which will always remain in the market. So, taking advantage of this need is always a good idea for a startup.

Nowadays another concept is gaining great popularity. These are D2C (Direct to Consumer) startups. In this, the brands sell directly to the customers. Many food startups are now indulging in this model.

In India, we have now various food D2C startups. For example- Dotshot, NatureBox, Evo Foods etc.

What is D2C?
What is a D2C Food Startup?
Top D2C Food Startups in India
The Pandemic and the Rise of D2C Food Brands in the Industry

What is D2C?

D2C stands for Direct-to-Consumer. In simple words, D2C is a type of business model. So, a startup that follows this model is a D2C startup. There are various business models. These include B2B (Business to Business), B2C (Business to Consumer), C2C (Consumer To Consumer), C2B (Consumer to Business).

The D2C startups are gaining huge popularity in the present times. In this, a company or brand produces its product and also sells it itself. This creates a direct connection with the consumers. In short, it cuts the role of middlemen.

D2C model can work in almost every industry. The days when businesses were completely dependent on the distributors are gone. Now, the businesses depend on the producers as well. With various technologies and digitalization, the producers can also be their own distributors. Thus, a D2C model of business is super lucrative for startups. All this has helped the model to gain huge popularity in recent times.

What is a D2C Food Startup?

A food D2C startup produces products and sells them to consumers without middlemen. These startups don’t rely on other platforms for their distribution.

They establish their website or application for this purpose. Food D2C startups cut the role of middlemen or middle platforms. This enables a food brand to have a direct connection with the customers. Also, this makes for a lucrative model for a food startup.

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Top D2C Food Startups in India

The D2C food startups are becoming a trend these days. Keeping up with the trend, various D2C food startups have come up in India. These are:

Nature's Box

Nature's Box Homepage
Nature's Box Homepage

Nature's Box is a food-tech startup. The founders are Gautam Gupta, Dilpreet Singh, and Kenneth Chen. They started this with the D2C model. The company delivers natural snack foods to the customers on monthly basis.

With this startup, Gautam aimed to bring healthy changes in people’s life. Nature's Box is a great place for people to find themselves a healthy snack.

Nature's Box is a great example of a D2C food startup that has constantly evolved itself with the changing times. It started with the mere D2C model. Later it indulged in corporate subscriptions. Following the pandemic, it provided automated solutions for delivering personalized snack packs to corporate employees.


Dot Shot Homepage
Dot Shot Homepage

Dotshot is a startup that deals in anti-hangover drinks. Founded by Viraj Patel in the year 2016. Dotshot is a drink made with herbs with a zest of lemon.

Dotshot is the ultimate solution for people who take regular drinks. This prevents them from getting any hangover effects the next morning. These drinks are anti-ageing, anti-oxidant.

This is another startup that works with the D2C model. It is the producer as well as the distributor of its products.

The Whole Truth Foods

The Whole Truth Foods Homepage
The Whole Truth Foods Homepage

The Whole Truth startup came into existence in 2019. Shashank Mehta is the founder of the startup. The company produces protein bars. These bars are free from sugar, preservative, artificial flavoring, or colouring agents.

The main idea behind the startup was to promote healthy eating with easy-to-eat bars. This health food startup delivers its products directly to the customers.

In the future, the food-tech D2C startup plans to expand its food areas. They will be launching new food categories soon with ensured taste and quality.

True Elements

True Elements Homepage
True Elements Homepage

The food startup manufactures plant-based healthy food items. The startup was founded in the year 2014 by Puru Gupta and Sreejith Moolayil. The company works with a Direct-to-Consumer model.

The company offers a variety of breakfast cereals, grains, raw and roasted seeds, snacks, and others. Their products are made with hundred percent whole grains.

This D2C food startup has gained huge popularity for its variety of healthy and tasty snacks.

Evo Foods

Evo Foods Homepage
Evo Foods Homepage

This Indian food startup produces a vegan substitute for eggs. It was found by Kartik Dixit and Shraddha Bhansali in 2019.

The startup aims to give the optimum egg proteins through green proteins. They follow the D2C business model. More people now want to turn vegan. Evo Foods bring the egg proteins to the greens. This concept has gained the startup great popularity in the Indian market.

Gourmet Garden

Gourmet Garden Homepage
Gourmet Garden Homepage

This Indian food startup was founded in the year 2019. The founders are Arjun Balaji and Vishal Narayanaswamy. The startup offers fresh and pure fruits and vegetables. These are grown with great care without any contamination or chemicals.

Gourmet Garden is another startup that has a Direct-to-Consumer business model. One can get fresh fruits and vegetables delivered to their doorsteps. You can order them on their official website.

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The Pandemic and the Rise of D2C Food Brands in the Industry

The concept of D2C is not a new one. It has always existed in the market. But the pandemic gave a boost to the growth of D2C startups. Due to the pandemic, people were shifting online for their needs. Be it clothing, food, or other essentials.

During the pandemic, the markets got disrupted. The connection between wholesalers, distributors, and retailers could not function well. This made various brands realize the importance of making direct sales to consumers.

Many brands decided to keep the middlemen out and make direct sales to the consumers.


The entire marketplace got disrupted during the pandemic. Manufacturing companies kept on producing but the delivery issues remained. The connection and coordination between producers, middlemen, and consumers got shaken.

This is one of the main reasons that gave rise to the Direct-to-Consumer model. D2C model has now become super popular. More businesses have started to think about its inclusion in their business model.

The D2C model of startups removes the role of middlemen. This makes it perfect for both the brand and the customers. The customers get to have the products at a lower price. The brands on the other hand get to enjoy more profit.


What is a D2C food startup?

A D2C food startup is a startup that produces products and sells products directly to consumers without middlemen. These startups don’t rely on other platforms for their distribution.

What are some of the top food D2C startups in India?

Dot Shot, Evo Foods, The Whole Truth Foods, and Gourmet Garden are some of the top D2C food startups in India.

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