Top 9 Gym Franchises in India of 2022

Top 9 Gym Franchises in India of 2022

Today, everyone has become conscious about their health and fitness. People are spending more money and time on fitness training, supplements, and gyms. The largest population of today's Indians is youth and they are obsessing over fitness and health.

For this generation and the upcoming generation, looks and body matter a lot. Earlier, people don't pay this much attention to your looks or fitness. They preferred simple living but, now, things have changed and the youth is shifting towards the fitness and wellness world.

They tend to look good and feel good. For these, they buy supplements, follow different diets, healthy eating and most importantly join gyms. Gyms have become a trend and to become healthy, people prefer to join a gym. Spokespersons, actors, models, and business persons are often seen in the gym as their first-morning task.

If you are looking to buy any franchise, you must prefer a gym franchise. A gym franchise is the most effective business move, especially in India. The enthusiasm and devotion of people towards gyms have become a real goal for this generation. Also, gym voting rights have been revoked and increased in number.

Today, in India, several tops notch gym franchises are available. Through this article, let's get started with your tour of India's top-notch Gym Franchise.

Profitable Franchise to apply for:

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Biggies Burger Apply Here Burger Chain
Chicago Pizza Apply Here Pizza Chain
Let's Transform Salon Apply Here Beauty & Wellness
Meatwale Apply Here Food & Services
Frozen Bottle Apply Here Beverages & Cafe
Moti Mahal Apply Here Restaurant
Pepperfry Apply Here Furniture

Body Building India
Talwalkars Gym
Fitness First
Fitness One/Pink
Gold's Gym
Sports Fit
Chisel Gym Franchise
Fitness Fusion- The Pilates Studio

Body Building India

Name Body Building India
Founded in 2015
Franchise Units 10-20
Investment INR 15-17 Lakh
Apply to Body Building's Franchise Click Here

Body Building India is generally known as BBI. It is a prominent Delhi-based company owned by BBI Fitness Services Pvt Ltd. BBI looks after your health and fitness with the latest methodologies such as training methods, events based on bodybuilding, free nutrition and supplements to its customers, and basic essential education on fitness.

BBI franchise is a very promising gym in India. To buy its franchise you need to require 1500-30000 sq ft of space or land. It demands up to 15-17 lakh capacity of investment in the startup. But, once done it becomes absolutely worth it.

Talwalkars Gym

Name Talwalkars Gym
Founded in 1932
Franchise Units 20+
Investment INR 1-2 Crore
Apply to Talwalkers Gym's Franchise Click Here

Talwalkars Gym is widely known as the largest fitness gym across India. Its franchises are established in 22 cities in this country. Talwalkars Gym requires the minimum land usage and space i.e., 2,500 sq ft.

It was initiated in the year 2003 and since then, it has developed a lot. Besides buying Talwalkars Gym's franchise, you need to invest up to 1 crore to 2 crore rupees and gain ownership.

Fitness First

Name Fitness First
Founded in 1993
Franchise Units Less than 10
Investment INR 5-10 Crore
Apply to Fitness First's Franchise Click Here

The International brand associated with fitness house includes more than 377 fitness first clubs across the world. It is still moving towards the development and establishment in other countries as well.

Fitness First brand looks after your health and wellness. It promotes and ascertains a fitness philosophy that works coordinately with state of art club design. Therefore, you focus majorly on your fitness both physical and mental, over anything. The investment required for this franchise is INR 5 to 10 cr.

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Fitness One/Pink

Name Fitness One/Pink
Founded in 2004
Franchise Units 30+
Investment INR 35 Lakhs
Apply to Fitness One/Pink's Franchise Click Here

Fitness one/pink have initiated a major revolution in the southern part of India and established a call to script India's Fitness Revolution. It has begun its journey towards other different regions.

Its franchise would lead it towards the expansion of its Revolutions. Pink in its brand promotes women. The investment in this brand is absolutely fulfilling and could bring great outcomes. The investment required is Rs. 35 Lakh and space required is sufficient to accommodate 600-1000 active members.

Gold's Gym

Name Gold's Gym
Founded in 1965
Franchise Units 150+
Investment INR 2.5 - 4 Crore
Apply to Gold's Gym Franchise Click Here

The very famous and premier fitness centre across the world established its headquarters in Dallas, United States. It is quite famous among regular city dwellers. The franchise of Gold's Gym comes with great opportunities and experience for up to 30 years of building its name in the market and world.

When it comes to fitness, Gold's Gym comes first in people's mind. Its franchise cost is high but it's named in the market and among the people is very prominent and essential. Golds Gym requires 5000 - 7000 sq. ft. of space and the investment required is 2.5 - 4 Crore.

Sports Fit

Name Sports Fit
Founded in 2012
Franchise Units NA
Investment INR 50 Lakh - 1.25 Crore
Apply to Sports Fit's Franchise Click Here

Sports Fit is known for its passionate devotion of people towards culture and religious base, living a sedentary lifestyle. This brand offers plenty of services to its customers including a meal-diet plan and several other customized fitness solutions. It is established and initiated in Delhi and involved with Mahendra Singh Dhoni, the cricket icon.

Its franchise would be a great success for you. It requires around 3000-8000 sq ft of space or land. And requires investment up to 50 lakh to 1.25 crore rupees.

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Chisel Gym Franchise

Name Chisel Gym
Founded in 2014
Franchise Units 60
Investment INR 1 - 3.5 Crore
Apply to Chisel Gym's Franchise Click Here

Chisel Gym Franchise is a very prominent brand that looks after your health, fitness and wellness. It is owned by Chisel Fitness LLP and established in Bangalore, India. When it comes to their franchise, they seek the right location to picture out their architecture, design and more. It is based on the Virat Kohli backed fitness startup and searching for the right company to offer their franchise.

To buy its Chisel Gym Franchise, you need to invest up to 1 crore to 3.5 crore rupees, based on their chosen level. It offers a partnership in business model and charges up to 25 to 35 lakhs rupees.

Fitness Fusion- The Pilates Studio

Name Fitness Fusion- The Pilates Studio
Founded in 2000
Franchise Units NA
Investment INR 10-20 Lakhs
Apply to Fitness Fusion- The Pilates Studio's Franchise Click Here

Fitness Fusion was founded by the fitness expert, Dr Namita Agarwal and the company's headquarters is established in New Delhi, India. It works for the well-being and fitness of all age groups. Fitness Fusion offers the complete training program for your comprehensive fitness that includes a dance hall, reception, meditation room, and fitness studio.

Fitness Fusion requires the basic investment of 10 to 20 lakh rupees which is an absolutely low-cost and profitable deal. For buying its franchise, you need to have up to 500-800 sq ft of space or land.

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Name Vivafit
Founded in 2002
Franchise Units 10+
Investment INR 25-50 Lakhs
Apply to Vivafit's Franchise Click Here

The very distinguished brand that seeks the opportunity to love the living fit. Vivafit offers complete wellness, health and fitness to women only. It is a low-cost business franchise and a great opportunity for women.

It is a European-based fitness gym that assures for best weight loss results along with the proper nutrition to today's women. It is a great deal and looks after their customers total wellness and health. Its franchise demands very little initiative and great results. The Area required for this Gym franchise is 1500 - 2000 Sq. Ft. and an investment of INR 25 - 50 Lakhs.


Fitness of body, as well as mind, is very essential among today's generation. There is no loss in being fit and healthy. Franchises are the best way to encourage this. Gym franchises are extremely beneficial and incredible business, today. When you invest in the betterment of the people, you get great results. Promoting health and fitness is a step into this. Therefore, we presented you with the top gym franchises in India. Now, get started with your fitness initiative.


How much does a gym franchise cost in India?

According to market analysis, a gym opening cost in India can range from anywhere between 5 lakh to 10 lakh rupees.

Why do gyms fail?

Most of the Gyms fail due to lack of proper implementation of sales and marketing strategies.

How much do Gold's Gym owners make?

The average Gold's Gym Salary for Manager Owners is $123,230 per year.

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