Top 15 Leading Language Learning Startups in India

Top 15 Leading Language Learning Startups in India

Language is a simple thing. Which helps us communicate our ideas, thoughts, opinions, emotions, and beliefs. A simple thing, language; that can make or break what we do. Be careful when you draft a message, as the sender encodes the message and the receiver decodes it.

Having a message that conveys exactly what you want is a dealbreaker. Something that may make your deal is Language. One of the factors that could lead to miscommunication is also: Language.

Some recent language learning startups in India are growing. People want to reconnect to their roots, want to be more fluent in a language, or simply understand one for their interest in it. Additionally, apps that help kids understand and learn English as a language with unique features are also on the rise.

1. Hello English - Learn English
2. Enguru - Live English Learning | Speaking | Reading‌‌
3. Entri-learning - App for Job Skills
4. OckyPocky‌‌ - English Kid Game
5. Chittoo - Learn English in Hindi
6. Step by The Hindu Group - App for Improving English
‌‌7. EngVarta - English Learning App
8. FluentLife - Learn English via Chat‌‌
9. Think and learn English - Best for Grade 1 - 8 ‌‌Students
10. Freadom - Ultimate English Reading App for Kids
11. Multibhashi‌‌ - Learn Languages Live
12. Gabha - Marathi Learning Educational App
13. BorKnow - Learn Bengali Alphabet
14. AppChant - Learn Gujarati Letter Writing
15. KidsLipi - Learn Hindi, Gujarati, Sanskrit

1. Hello English - Learn English

Hello English App
Hello English App

This tech startup from Jaipur, Culture Alley, which made Tiger Global Management, one of the influential investors based back in New York, invest in it. This strong startup also attracted engineers to join the team from IITs and colleges in Rajasthan. Initially, while developing the platform it was more focused only on teaching three languages: Spanish, Mandarin and English, via games and quizzes.

The app has personalized courses meeting the international common core standards, for kids by experts on creative writing, public speaking, reading appreciation, phonics, and more. It became the top free educational app and achieved success within eight months of its launch.

The app has the motive to help people land their dream jobs with the interview, impress their friends, and help with their exams. Improve your English. The co-founders of the app are Nishant Patni, Pranshu Patni, who was just a young couple back then, deciding to follow their dream.

The app has been awarded Google's Editor's Choice 2018, 2017; “Indias the best mobile app of 20177” by IAMAI and Google's Best Apps for 2016.

Top features of Hello English

  • Helping learners to speak, read and write in English with 12 Indian languages.
  • Curated lesson plans that are made according to the learner's personal goals and their command of English.
  • Helping learners practice their pronunciation, play language-based games, and compete in global ranks as they complete challenges. The app allows learners to interact while learning a language in a fun, creative and indulging way.
  • Enabling learners to use tools like chatbots, daily news, audio-video clips and e-books.
  • It has over 475 interactive lessons which are freely available on the app.

2. Enguru - Live English Learning | Speaking | Reading‌‌

Enguru App
Enguru App

The Founder and the CEO of Kings Learning English app are Arshan Vakil, with Udit Hinduja as the COO and the director based in Karnataka, Bangalore, India.

The Enguru-spoken English app has a 4.5-star rating on Play Store. It also has another app to learn English for kids. With Enguru you can learn English on the go.

Top Features of Enguru

  • Live group classes for both adults and kids.
  • Learn with Cambridge qualified teachers.
  • You have access to over a hundred books ranging across different genres, from the Penguin Readers Club.
  • You can learn through videos, have access to more than 600 lessons, and also compete with friends while learning.
  • You can customize what skills you want to focus on.

3. Entri-learning - App for Job Skills

Entri-Learning app
Entri-Learning app

This Indian startup language learning app is helping people to get a job. According to the founder and CEO, Mohammed Hisamuddin, people depend on videos that are available on the internet in English to upgrade their skills. But Entri is solving that problem for them and providing quality content to the learners which they grasp much easily for obvious reasons.

This Kochi-based start-up was founded in the year 2017 with the aim to prepare job aspirants, for government, or private jobs by providing them with a range of learning content in local languages.

The team behind the app is dedicated to improving and enhancing its features to make it a better learning app as per the users' feedback.

These Indian startups started with small ideas to make a difference in the everyday lives of the people. Eventually, the world realized and saw the potential in them, making them successful in the world of startups.

Top Features of Entri-learning

  • It is available in eight Indian languages.
  • Helping learners in preparing for exams and upskilling courses.
  • Learners can use videos for learning. Taking a test and having a feature that provides detailed test analysis so that they can assess their knowledge.
  • It also has daily quizzes and live tests. There are also groups to discuss doubts.
  • The premium subscription provides live coaching and mentoring.

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4. OckyPocky‌‌ - English Kid Game

OckyPocky App
OckyPocky App

Founded in the year 2015 and based in Haryana, India. The founder is Amit Agarwal. The app is designed for kids which helps them to enhance their reading skills, confidently speak the language, recognize the sounds with audiovisual cues helps boost comprehension and gain a better understanding of visuals. Last but not least gives their vocabulary a boost.

The app is supported by Google Cloud, AWS, Gray Matters Capital, Microsoft Azure, SucSEED, ah ventures and more. It has been featured on Google Play with a review of 4.7-star ratings on Google reviews and it is kids safe. It has also bagged many awards and some rewards include:

  • Business Excellence Conclave 2021
  • Education Excellence Conclave
  • GMC Calibrator - jury winner

Top Features of OckyPocky‌‌

  • Has fun reading activities.
  • Get instant feedback on pronunciation.
  • Boosts creative development and sharpen their abilities.
  • Enriches cognitive development.
  • Engages kids to learn with gaming and contests.

5. Chittoo - Learn English in Hindi

Chittoo App
Chittoo App

This app helps you learn a language in a smart way. With the advancement of technology, Chitoo helps you learn English in Hindi combined with the power of Artificial intelligence (AI) The app is based in Bangalore, India, with its founder being Gaurav Dobhal, started in the year

There is really no need to actually download the app and it makes learning English as easy as chatting with a friend where you can learn how to have conversations revolving around topics based on your everyday life.

Top Features of Chittoo

  • It has AI-based chatbots powered by Facebook Messenger to have personalized conversations.
  • It gives you hints to the answers.
  • Has a unique algorithm to detect and correct your mistakes.
  • You can save space on your mobile.
  • The lesson plans provided are absolutely free.

The app is currently available for Hindi speakers, but according to updates, other languages might be added soon.

6. Step by The Hindu Group - App for Improving English

The standardized test of English proficiency (STEP) is an English certification exam for both Indian students and job-seekers. Improve Your English from The Hindu Group (THG) has over one million users. Their programmes help you improve your listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills in English. ‌‌

Top Features of Step by The Hindu

  1. Learn from the experts with interactive video lessons.
  2. Mini-games designed for different English skills.
  3. Have fun while learning.
  4. Don't just learn, but also track your progress and take tests that are reliable.
  5. Offers specially designed premium courses for different types of audiences.

The app also provides you with free daily content to learn from.

‌‌7. EngVarta - English Learning App

EngVarta App
EngVarta App

This one-on-one English practice app helps you to learn from your mistakes. It encourages you to learn English in a friendly environment and also allows you to listen to your own recordings, revise and learn from your own mistakes.

Top Features of EngVarta

  • Connect with live English experts over a phone call helps you practice anytime, at your own pace, comfortably and conveniently.
  • The freedom of having an anonymous identity gives you the freedom to speak without the fear of making mistakes.
  • Improve your spoken English by practising with a live English trainer.

EngVarta also gives free video lessons and practice tips from the experts.

8. FluentLife - Learn English via Chat‌‌

FluentLife App
FluentLife App

The app is a product of uFaber Edutech. The co-founders of the app are Anirudh Swarnkar and Rohit Jain developed it with the aim to armour you up with advanced communication skills so that you can speak your mind, fluently without being judged. And help you battle jargon and slang. They hold the promise to transform you in three months.

The app plays around with technology, there are many kinds of bots that help you get fluent in English with personality bots, grammar bots to get instant feedback.

Top Features of FluentLife

  • Supports you with a virtual friends' circle.
  • Helps you learn with interactive chats.
  • They learn about your profile and giving you a demo class is also a part of their four-step process before starting your journey.
  • They have masterclasses, AI personalities and provide you with a personal trainer.
  • Improves Contextual Vocabulary.

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9. Think and learn English - Best for Grade 1 - 8 ‌‌Students

Think and Learn App
Think and Learn App

This premium app that caters to children from grave 1-8 is from the massive e-learning platform giant BYJUS itself and has really cute animations to appeal, catch the attention of the children and make learning. The app is from Think and Learn by BYJUS Pvt. Ltd.

Top Features of Think and learn English

It has immersive activities to engage kids like having conversations, games, and a library based on different chapters with interactive animation-based videos.

  • Kids can get feedback on their pronunciation which helps improve it.
  • It has a contextual dictionary to help you instantly understand the meanings
  • And reading comprehensions integrated with activities.
  • They have a character named Kurios the cat, to cater to the children.
  • Reports that give assessing five primary skills.
  • Giving adaptive based tests to the children to determine the learning path that is best suited for them.

The interface is simple which makes learning fun and exciting for the children to master the English language.

10. Freadom - Ultimate English Reading App for Kids

Freadom App
Freadom App

fREADom is a Delhi-based app by Stones2Milestones, a comprehensive learning platform for children to learn to read in English under the age of 3-12. By cultivating the discipline to learn through daily habits. Children get content personalized for them and a reading log to help keep track of things. Having fun features like badges and points to keep the kids engaged and motivated.

They have partners like Harper Collins, Penguin Random House, BookBox, BaalGatha, and more. Stones2Milestones also has MultiStory learning under its acquisitions. ‌‌

Top Features of Freadom

  • Helps children gain confidence to learn and read English.
  • Has audiobooks and stories in the form of videos.
  • Gives information about facts and happy news for children.
  • It is child-friendly.
  • It helps you find age-appropriate content.
  • Provides a growth report to help track the progress of the child.
  • It has reading challenges and more cost-effective tuition.

11. Multibhashi‌‌ - Learn Languages Live

Multibhashi App
Multibhashi App

Not only does it give you the option to learn English as a language, but also other international languages. Like French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Korean and more. This app has a 4.3-star rating on Play Store and originated from Jaipur, India. The CEO and founder of the platform are Anuradha Agarwal. The platform has a base of more than 15 lakh learners.

Top Features of Multibhashi

  • The bot trainer helps you to take learning at your own pace.
  • The app also has many Indian languages that encourage people to go local.
  • Live online classes that help you learn better.
  • You can choose the way you want to learn one-to-one or one-to-many.
  • Live to quiz and doubt solving sessions are a plus. The platform keeps learning fun and intuitive.

12. Gabha - Marathi Learning Educational App

Gabha App
Gabha App

Thinking about learning Marathi? Here is another platform to give you a shot at learning the Marathi language. Marathi Learning-Educational App - Gabha/ Marathi has a rating of 4.9-star in Play Store.

Top Features of Gabha

  • It suits all segments Marathi speakers, non-Marathi speakers as well as kids.
  • Useful while learning or teaching Marathi as a language.
  • It is an informative learning app that will take you back to the basics, learning various aspects like alphabets, compound words, names of fruits, flowers, colours and more.
  • You can evaluate your progress with worksheets.
  • Has videos, visuals, and audio to make the learning engaging for you.

13. BorKnow - Learn Bengali Alphabet

BorKnow App
BorKnow App

The app BorKnow Learn Bengali Alphabet by Mass Software Solutions Pvt. Ltd has been developed in Kolkata, India. It has been specially created for preschoolers to learn Bangla vowels and consonants.

Top Features of BorKnow

  • Makes learning of the Bengali Alphabets easy with animations, graphics, and audio.
  • Has animations and colourful pictures to get the kids interested.
  • Makes the reading process smooth by providing exact pronunciation.
  • Has engaging and creative ways to get children into learning Bengali

14. AppChant - Learn Gujarati Letter Writing

AppChant App
AppChant App

AppChant is a software startup for mobile platforms. The company is headquartered in Bangalore, India, and its other language learning apps include many other languages like Tibetan, Russian, Arabic, Tamil, Malayalam, and so many more. The developer of the respected app is from Karnataka.

Top Features of AppChant

  • You can write the Gujarati alphabet with tracing path guides with step-by-step line segments giving directions for writing.
  • Animations and colours are included to make learning fun.
  • Flashcards that help both beginning and intermediate learners and all those who are keen on learning a new language.
  • The app is also for kids who are newbies at learning the language.
  • It is an educational app that includes learning the alphabet, phonics, native Gujarati and more.

If you wish to explore the other language learning apps, search for Appchant on the Google Play Store.

15. KidsLipi - Learn Hindi, Gujarati, Sanskrit

KidsLipi App
KidsLipi App

The founder of KidsLipi Inc. is Samir Patel. This language learning startup has developed the platform with the aim of helping kids learn Indian languages.

KidsLipi specifically designed for kids has a minimalist design following an easy to navigate user interface. Added kid-friendly games with more than twenty activities to make the process enjoyable for them.

Top Features of KidsLipi

  • It has essential and additional categories to learn from the above-mentioned languages.
  • Enables learning in a fun, effective and easy way.
  • You can track your activities, progress.
  • The app allows the teaching process for both the teachers and the parents.
  • Teachers have the advantage of creating custom quizzes, activities, and games.

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You can find many apps that will do the job of helping you learn languages, but not like the ones that will take you back to your native languages from your own country and like your own people. We all share the same culture, values, traditions, and demographics and no one will understand the struggles/problems that you will encounter while learning a new language. So, if you are wanting to go back to your roots, help teach your kids, or are simply curious to learn and understand a new language. Give any of these apps a shot.


What is a language learning startup?

Language learning apps are apps that help people learn different languages.

What are some of the top language learning startups in India?

Hello English, Enguru, Chittoo, Freadom, and Gabha are some of the top language learning startups in India.

Are language learning apps profitable?

Yes, language learning apps are profitable as many people want to learn new languages. As of 2020, the revenue of language learning apps is $6.18 billion.

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