10 Ways To Convince Someone to Change Their Mind

Piyush Mishra Piyush Mishra
Mar 08, 2021 6 min read
10 Ways To Convince Someone to Change Their Mind

The power to Convince Someone to Change Their Mind helps you in developing the business and to solve interpersonal problems. These may be helpful in arguments and in getting clients for the business. Sometimes people may fall into the pit while Convince Someone to Change Their Mind. To avoid certain pitfalls, one has to maintain a few things which help to convince someone to change their mind in a better and long-lasting way.

Changing someone's mind is difficult, and one argument alone won't usually do the trick. But if you know how to make persuasive arguments and go about them the right way, you'll have a higher chance of successfully convincing someone. Studies have shown that more than 70% people get convinced by friends and family rather than unknown person. Following these steps you can increase your chances upto 90% of convincing someone.

How to Convince Someone to Change Their Mind

How to Convince Someone to Change Their Mind

Convince Someone To Change Their Mind
Convince Someone To Change Their Mind

Here are 10 ways to Convince Someone to Change Their Mind,

Earn Their Trust

The more familiar the other person is with your values and the alignment between your values and your actions, the more likely that person is to trust you. Start earning a track record of proven reliability. If the situation does not allow for the establishment of such trust because of time limits, cite examples of how you have done what you’ve said you’d do in the past.


By arguing with someone you actually can convince someone to change their mind. In the case of arguments, we face two types of people.

Good Arguments

In the case of good arguments, people need to consider how the person is arguing. In this, one can convince the person with their good words that will make the person listen to them with some interest.

Bad Arguments

The bad arguments don’t contain head or tail. People speak randomly what comes to their mouth. In these conditions, some patience is needed to convince the person. Basically while arguing with the person one needs a good manner of speech to attract and convince the person about the particular topic.

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Terms To Compare

Using terms while convincing a person is a major task. These terms are helpful while describing a situation or comparison of two places and their differences. The terms used to describe the condition or the situations will help in convincing the person more easily.


The word personal describes the issues with the family or self-issues. In these conditions, one should always make things close so that it will be helpful to explain the situation exactly without any external issues. Convincing the person personally makes the procedure easy in terms of better understanding. Personal convincing of the person also develops good skills.

Understanding Their Situation

In dealing with critical situations of convincing a person, one should understand the problem or the issue that he is explaining. Understanding of the situation helps in giving the idea of speech so that it can help to establish the delivery of the perfect speech to convince the person. People have to learn to recognize their beliefs and goals so that they can motivate them to be convinced to a certain point.

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The Way Of Speech/Words Used

People have to speak slowly so that the listener is convinced and the speech should be perfect without any vulgarities. Slow speech always helps the person for better communication. The speech should be loud and slow so people can follow. The words used in convincing should not hurt the person. The words should be interesting so that the person can act according to the situation.

Strategies To Convince Someone

In the case of convincing a person, some people can’t get the point that speakers are trying to convey to them. In these cases, one should develop some strategies to take the person to accept the situation, like explaining to them the balancing words for the particular situation or directing them towards the positive side of the talk by the literature used. These strategies help a person to convince easily by building confidence.

By Motivating Them

While convincing a person, speakers may not be confident about what they are convincing. In these conditions, motivation helps in giving the right terms for the person to be convinced in a motivating manner so that he can build confidence. Motivating through the words helps the person to convince easily.

Confident Speech

This is very important when trying to convince someone to change their mind Before speaking to a person one should have clarity and confidence in the speech they are going to deliver. Once the talk is given one can’t get it back whether right or wrong. To avoid such mistakes, people should be confident about the speech that they are going to deliver. Confidence should be developed within before going to convince others.

In The Direct Way Of Speech

Sometimes it’s difficult to convince the person directly and they are not able to relate to what it exactly means. In those situations, indirect examples help in explaining about the scenario of the problem and convince them easily. These not only define the ways to Convince Someone to Change Their Mind but also help to build self-confidence by motivating others.

To Convince Someone to Change Their Mind one needs to be convinced of the situation so that it helps in building more confidence for the person to move forward.

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How to get someone to change their behavior?

Ways to Help Someone Change:-

  1. Accept Imperfections.
  2. Modulate your Own Emotions.
  3. Change Yourself First.
  4. Be an Example.
  5. Avoid Criticism, etc.

How to change a person's mindset?

Strategies for Changing Mindsets:-

  1. Social modelling
  2. Signal credibility
  3. Social norms
  4. Avoid blame and focus on growth.
  5. Respect autonomy

How to change mindset and attitude?

  1. Grab those bad thoughts.
  2. Take time to notice your thoughts.
  3. Replace the bad thought with the truth.
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