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Startup Success Story - TruckSuvidha

Trucks play a very important role in the Indian transportation sector. Studies have shown that over 65% of India’s cargo is being carried on trucks. With exploding domestic consumption rates in the country, improvement and extension of highways and warehousing facilities, truck transportation is gaining more momentum. However, the matter of concern here is that the truck transportation industry is still very unorganized and fragmented, due to which all the players of the industry, i.e the shipper, transporter, broker and fleet owners face problems. TruckSuvidha, a logistics startup based in Yamuna Nagar (Haryana) is instilling order to this unorganized sector by bringing together all the players of the truck transportation industry, for the mutual benefit of all.

Startup Name TruckSuvidha
HeadQuarter Yamuna Nagar(Haryana)
Founders Amit Punaini & Ishu Bansal
Sector Logistics and Transportation
Founded 2014
Parent Organization Sarvodaya Infotech Pvt. Ltd.

About TruckSuvidha
Founders of TruckSuvidha and Team
How was TruckSuvidha Started
TruckSuvidha - Name, Tagline, and Logo
What is TruckSuvidha
TruckSuvidha - Business Model and How it works
TruckSuvidha - Revenue Model
TruckSuvidha - Funding and Investors
TruckSuvidha - User Acquisition
TruckSuvidha - Startup Challenges
TruckSuvidha - Competitors
TruckSuvidha - Growth

About TruckSuvidha

TruckSuvidha connects shipper, transporters, truck drivers, fleet owners, customers and all other entities related to truck transportation. Thus it makes transporting goods easy for shippers or transporters and likewise makes it easy for truck drivers or fleet owners to find load.

Founded in 2014, this startup envisions to bring all the players of the road transportation-related industry under one umbrella so that each one of them can provide better service to its customers.

Our long term vision is building a strong platform for them where they can easily search and avail the solution related to problems of transportation industry.

Founders of TruckSuvidha and Team

Amit Punaini and Ishu Bansal are the founders of TruckSuvidha.  

Amit Puniani is a passionate businessman, who has always wanted to start a venture which could be helpful for society. Thus he along with Ishu Bansal started TruckSuvidha with the aim to organize the unorganized truck transportation sector.

Ishu Bansal, a software engineer by profession also had a dream to have a startup through which he could make a positive difference in society.

As it is said, like minds think alike, Ishu with his technical background, and Amit with his resources are set on a path to make an impact in the lives of the not so educated section of people, who are associated with truck transportation, with the help of technology.

Currently, TruckSuvidha has a team size of about 45-50 members.

Team TruckSuvidha

How was TruckSuvidha Started

Ishu was a software engineer by profession, he was doing well in his career but somehow felt that it was not his calling to be just another software engineer. He wanted to do something more worthwhile. Ishu’s family owned a plywood manufacturing unit. He observed how problematic it was to transport manufactured goods. He saw that there were always some or the other issue that businesses have to face in transporting their goods. This instigated Ishu to do something to solve this problem. As he usually does, he discussed this idea with Amit. Being from a business background, Amit too found the idea interesting and decided to be a part of it, ultimately leading to the inception of TruckSuvidha.  

The duo started their journey from a visit to the Azadpur Mandi and interacting with the people who actually are in this industry. This made them believe that they are on the right path and could do something to bring about a change to the lives of these people associated with the transportation of goods. TruckSuvidha was launched in September 2014 in Yamuna Nagar, Haryana.  

We realized how unorganized this sector was, which required a bit of technology & innovation to turn things around. Some common problems were the hassle a customer has to face while booking a truck, difficult life of a truck driver and potential business losses faced by transporters all of which had a solution. We are here to provide that solution.

The name TruckSuvidha depicts the core services provided by the company.

The brand name “TruckSuvidha” is short, easy to pronounce, and users easily understand that what we are offerings.

TruckSuvidha’s tagline is “Think Ahead”, which reflects the aim and vision of the company.  The company’s logo is simple and easily identifiable.

TruckSuvidha Logo

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What is TruckSuvidha

TruckSuvidha is one of the leading players of the transportation sector providing services to truck drivers, brokers, logistics, packers and movers, industries, fleet owners, commission agent, etc. Services offered by TruckSuvidha are -

  • Online Truck Booking Service
  • Facility to list your idle vehicles and get a return load  
  • Displaying Real-time information on available loads and trucks.
  • Online and easy to access transport directory

“The USP of TruckSuvidha would be the concept, ease of use and the information it provides. This is a unique concept combined with a lot of field work and a host of people ready to be a part of it” the founders say.

TruckSuvidha authenticates the information of customers (transporters, packers & movers, individual/industries) who make registration on the site by verifying their mobile number and by taking pan card and service tax no, which makes the platform reliable.

The company has an excellent customer care team that sees to it that the users who are not so much educated and are not comfortable in using the platform get all the assistance required.  

TruckSuvidha Services

TruckSuvidha - Business Model and How it works

With TruckSuvidha, the user gets all freight transport solutions under one roof. With a few clicks, user can register as a customer, transporter or packer or mover. is offering free load posting to all the big and small transport players as well as to other sectors that are directly or indirectly linked with the transport sector and free listing their firm on the website.

The customer can choose the city, date, material, weight and truck type as per their choice and book a vehicle for transportation without having to talk to transporters directly.

The transporters can list their entire catalog of vehicles available. Customer’s requests will directly reach the transporter. TruckSuvidha will get requests directly from the customer as well as the transporter.

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TruckSuvidha - Revenue Model

TruckSuvidha works on a subscription based revenue model. It provides a range of subscriptions from half yearly to yearly depending upon one's requirement. As it targets truckers, transporters and service providers alike the subscription packages are specific to their needs. Apart from the core vendor details, everything is free on the website.

TruckSuvidha - Funding and Investors

TruckSuvidha claims to have raised one round of funding to date.  

TruckSuvidha - User Acquisition

TruckSuvidha uses digital platforms to reach out to its targeted customers. Creating brand awareness helped TruckSuvidha to acquire its first set of customers within a short span of time. The company strives to provide excellent services to its users to retain the customer base.

TruckSuvidha - Startup Challenges

Running any business without cash flow is the most difficult phase for any business as rightly said by Ishu and Amit. The TruckSuvidha team manages the cash flow constraints by making the right strategies, identifying important expenses and through optimization of resources.

Some other challenges that the team is facing are-

  • Winning the trust of people, as people think that digital platforms are not safe and secure.
  • Providing knowledge of the internet to the users.
  • Changing the mindset of the people who are habituated to work in the traditional way.  

TruckSuvidha - Competitors

Rivigo and Blackbuck are some competitors of TruckSuvidha. However, TruckSuvidha’s market existence is more than that of its competitors as claimed by the founders. Besides, it also promises to offer its users easy and affordable subscription plans in comparison to the competitors.

Most of our competitors have a sizeable cut in eat and every deal, on the other hand, we offer our services at easily affordable prices. Our services and subscriptions are unique and we plan to introduce more such facilities over a period of time which nor only proves helpful for the customers but the entire industry as a whole.  

TruckSuvidha - Growth

As said by the founders, earlier the transporters were not even ready to get registered but now they are doing self-registration and calling TruckSuvidha for the services, which is a great achievement.

TruckSuvidha currently has over 33933 transporters in its network. Besides, around 16898 customers and 1968 packers and movers are associated with TruckSuvidha. The revenue earned annually by the company is approximately $4 Million.

For us, every single customer is valuable. For inviting customer, it is most important that you must have something that is satisfying the need of the society. We are happy that we had built something that is actually what they required.    

TruckSuvidha Website

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