Can Twitter Space Rival popular Social media platform Clubhouse

Can Twitter Space Rival popular Social media platform Clubhouse

Twitter is a social media platform founded in the year 2006. The users of this platform interact with each other through messaging which is known as tweets. The platform is widely used across the globe. Twitter has plans to come up with a lot of new features for its platform to increase its revenue.

One of the new features is Twitter spaces, which is a rival of the invite-only social media app clubhouse.

About Twitter Spaces
How to Use Twitter Spaces
Features of Twitter Spaces
Twitter Spaces comparison with Clubhouse

About Twitter Spaces

Twitter has launched a new feature on their platform which is called Twitter Spaces. This feature will let users have live audio conversations with their followers. The new feature is still in the beta stage. The platform has been collecting feedback from the selected people chosen for the testing.

The Twitter users on both IOS and Android can now join and talk in the audio conversations which are called spaces. You won’t be able to host your own space unless, you are one of the individuals who is selected for the testing stage.

The company is planning to make Twitter Spaces available to everyone by April 2021. The Twitter employee stated that they are soon going to make the feature available to everyone very soon.

How to Use Twitter Spaces

The creator of the Twitter space will be called host. If you are a host you have two different ways to start your space. You can either click on your profile image in fleets, scroll to the right and click on spaces.  You can also long press on the tweet compose on the home timeline and then click on the spaces icon which will be in the shape of a diamond with multiple circles.

Twitter Revenue by Business segment, USD millions
Twitter Revenue by Business segment

Features of Twitter Spaces

In spaces, up to 11 people can speak at a given time. If you are the host then you can choose whom you would want to speak by giving them the permission to speak. You would have some options to choose from which would include everyone, people whom you follow, and people you invite to speak.

Host provides permission to speak

Once the audio conversation starts you can control the conversations by providing them permission to speak. If you are a listener then you will have to request the host to provide permission to speak by clicking on the request icon.

Spaces can be Accessed by anyone

As of now, your spaces can be accessed by anyone. It will be visible like public tweets and they will appear on top of the tweets. Spaces will have a link which you will be able to share it with different people and you can invite people using that. You can also send an invite link through your DM.

Host can control the Space

If you are the host of a space you can control who is supposed to speak in your space. You will have the power to even remove, block, or report a user from your space. Even the other speakers or listeners can report and block people in the space. If you block a user from your space, you will be blocking his Twitter account as well.

Report a Space

You also have the feature to report a space. If you feel that a particular space is violating the rules of Twitter then you can report it. Anyone can report about a space. Speakers, listeners, or even any account in a space can report about that particular space. You can also report about a person in a space but you will have to provide the reason for it.

No limit to number of listener in spaces

There is no limit to the number of listeners in the twitter spaces. The host will have the right to end a space. space can also be stopped if it is found to be violating the rules of Twitter.

Twitter Spaces comparison with Clubhouse

Twitter spaces are available to all the Twitter users, unlike the clubhouse. Clubhouse works on an invite-only basis and one can join the clubhouse rooms only if they are invited. Twitter spaces are open for all and anyone who has a Twitter account can join the spaces and be part of the discussion.

In the clubhouse, if you are muted you won’t be able to provide any reactions during the conversations. But in twitter spaces, you can provide reactions through emojis. There are certain emojis you can use for now to provide your immediate reactions or response without unmuting yourself. Twitter spaces help you follow an account easily by clicking on their profile during an ongoing audio conversation.


Who created Clubhouse social media?

Baiju Bhatt and Rohan Seth are the founders of Clubhouse.

What is the valuation of Clubhouse?

Clubhouse has a valuation of $1 billion as of 2021.

What is the valuation of Twitter?

As of 2021 valuation of twitter is $51 billion.


Twitter has many upcoming ideas with its new feature spaces, which would include features like offering a piece of welcoming music for the hosts of the spaces, tweeting inside the spaces directly without being displayed on the public timeline etc.

Twitter had started testing this feature by the end of February. The company in the beginning concentrated on Women and marginalized groups with 1,000 users. Twitter spaces are just one of the new features of Twitter. The social media platform has plans to come up with other new features like super follows and Twitter fleets.

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