Unheard and Shocking Secrets of Successful Entrepreneurs

Unheard and Shocking Secrets of Successful Entrepreneurs

Top 5 Successful Entrepreneur’s Dark Secrets always kept hidden

The success is an addiction and it’s only salvation is more success.  The entrepreneurs like Steve Jobs, Mark Zuckerberg , Bill Gates, Elon Musk and Roy Kroc have always inspire us to follow our dream. They are the role models for the young aspiring entrepreneurs, but today I’m going to burst the bubble of their perfect image and disclose the Successful Entrepreneur’s Dark Secrets. They are not perfect as we assume them to be, there are lots of hidden secrets present behind their multi millionaire empire. Let’s unveil the cloche from the life of these big business shark’s.

Successful Entrepreneur’s Dark Secrets
Steve Jobs
Bill Gates
Mark Zuckerberg
Elon Musk
Roy Kroc

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Successful Entrepreneur’s Dark Secrets

Steve Jobs

The man behind the Apple, considered as the father of modern technology is not that amazing as we think of him. He has achieved this success by crushing many hearts and dreams. His success is built up on the sacrifice of many people, whom he cheated to achieve his dreams. The man has given us tremendous leap in technology, but he was called as devil advocate by his colleagues.

Jobs has failed in his on many fronts. He failed as father and friend. It’s known by everyone that how he didn’t pay child support for his daughter Lisa and let her mother take all her responsibility. He was twenty when he had his daughter, but it’s no excuse to leave his responsibility because as a father it’s his duty to provide for his child, where he fails. Later, when he got successful he rekindles with his daughter and she stays with him, but that doesn’t make it right.

A Dark Story of Steve Jobs You Must Know

Steve Jobs

He is a true example of ungrateful friend. In the 1970’s, Steve Jobs was working for Atari, designing the game "Breakout". Overwhelmed with work with a deadline quickly approaching, he approached Steve Wozniak for help in finishing his project within the next four days. In exchange for his help, Jobs offered Woz half of what he was earning, which he said was $700.

For four days, both Jobs and Wozniak worked day and night without sleep. When they were done, they were sick with mono and exhausted, but they finished the project before the deadline. Wozniak got his $350 cut as promised, and the two went on with their lives. But the only trick here is that Jobs received $5000 for the job not $700. This really broken the heart of Wozniak and he can’t believe that Jobs could have something so low.

How He was at his Work Place

Steve is one of the rude bosses of the century, he doesn’t care for his employees. He just need his job to be done with perfection. In his interviews he has to say that

'I think Apple goes out of its way to try to enhance his reputation and safeguard the “great” Steve Jobs.

Steve was not a nice “people person”. I meet a lot of CEOs who are, and they don’t have these kind of reputations and stories about their background.’

His so called friend whom he backstabbed has following things to say about him.

“He would directly confront people and almost call them idiots,” explained Wozniak. “But you know what? When they confronted him back and told him why they were right in understandable forms, he was just testing and learning, and he would respect those people and give them high privileges in the company.”

“That was one thing he did respect – someone who believed enough in their own ideas to speak for him, not just shut up and be shy around him,” he said.

Bill Gates

The true example of your nerdy tech guy, but this guy bullies the people around him. The story of Gates success is on the every person’s mind and we all admire it, but he has some dark shades also in his success tale. He is the wealthiest man on the planet, Gates has a total assets assessed to be over $79 billion. He’s held the title of “world’s wealthiest individual” for 16 of the previous 21 years. Prime supporter of the world’s biggest PC programming organization, Microsoft, Gates was one of the characterizing figures of the PC transformation.

Darker Side of Gates

But to achieve this success he had done pretty dirty jobs also. Like, Bill Gates tried to steal all the stocks and stock options from Paul Allen as Paul was suffering from cancer and not thought that he would survive. He forced Apple to sell him Apple basic for Macintosh for $1 or he would stop making software for the machine, only to kill the project. There are many stories about Microsoft about to buy a company, does check out the company, get access to their source code and then cancel the deal only to give out almost identical apps later. Buying up competing companies just to close them down and more.

Bill Gates has stolen many ideas of other entrepreneurs and sell them as his own. Steve Jobs stole the idea of mouse from Xerox and Bill being the smarter one stole it from him. If I can summarize him in one word then that would be con artist ,who knows what and when to steal. Paul Allen’s memoir “Idea Man” revealed many untold stories about Bill Gates:

”Gates loved to stay up all night working. One time, a new secretary came in on Monday morning to find him sprawled out on the floor. She thought he was unconscious, but he’d just been up all weekend and was taking a quick catnap.“

Mark Zuckerberg

Who doesn’t knows this young man, who made the world’s largest communication application in his Harvard’s room, Facebook. But when we see the success of Facebook it’s not all about Mark. He isn’t the soul creator of Facebook, but he was smart enough to in-cash this idea. Mark Zuckerberg stole the idea from Winklewoss brothers and published as his own. He never denies about it either, he just say that he is the smarter one to enhance this idea. That’s very unethical of him.

What Mark has to say in his interviews about himself :

“If you count the time I’m in the office, it’s probably no more than 50-60 hours a week,” Zuckerberg wrote in reply to a question about how many hours he works. “But if you count all the time I’m focused on our mission, that’s basically my whole life.” Instead of logging overtime at the office, the somewhat shy, lone wolf engineer said he spends most of his time thinking deeply, specifically about how to connect the world. “I take a lot of time just to read and think about things by myself.”

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Elon Musk

Elon is yet another successful entrepreneur who changes the definition of success. He has given us the top three companies Tesla, PayPal, SpaceX and for which we are always thankful to him. But he is power freak, he always wants to be the leader and NO was never a word for him. Elon Musk oases the power and true definition of alpha male. It is said that he told his wife on their wedding night that, “He is going to be the charge of this relationship ” which is disclosed by his wife in her book.

He always grasp power and rules over his employees and wanted everyone in the office to follow and work as he want them to. He needs to be in power to survive. The authenticity of his darker story is not yet known. One of the rumors says that Mary Beth Brown who was a loyal assistant to Musk and had been working with him since the inception of SpaceX. She used to work very hard day and night. One day she went on to him and asked for raise in her pay or salary. Musk asked him to take some weeks off for vacation. Little did she knew as she resumed, she was fired by Elon Musk because everything was well without her. That’s a very rude move by him. He is one of the Successful Entrepreneur’s Dark Secrets in history.

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Roy Kroc

Roy Kroc
Roy Kroc

The guy who gave us McDonald’s but in reality he is the biggest thief of all times.  He stole McDonald’s from the original owners who were brothers and intentionally breached the franchising contract he signed with them. He publicly claims that McDonald’s is his restaurant and files lawsuit. The original McDonald brothers were not financial that strong to fight lawsuit against the big multinational company, so surrender their rights and sell it at discount. They had allegedly agreed to give the brothers 1% of all sales, but even then, the company screwed the brothers out of that.

This is a huge case and you can find a movie about it called The Founder. The story had all the drama in it. McDonald duo really cared about authenticity, like adding real milk in milkshakes. Whereas Ray saw milk as an expensive commodity, swapped it out for powdered milk. This is about Roy Kroc, one of the Successful Entrepreneur’s Dark Secrets you know now.

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These are the stories of Successful Entrepreneur’s Dark Secrets of all time and they are not as clean as they seem. There are many other big entrepreneurs present with dark secrets. No one is perfect and surely not these five are. They gave us something which we will cherish all our life. Their ideas are great, but they just select wrong approach. So tries to avoid the mistakes that they made in their life and be a honest entrepreneur.

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