Virusdie: Eradicate Malware With A Single Click

Virusdie: Eradicate Malware With A Single Click

Data theft is a growing problem for all individual users, corporations, and agencies. As technology improves day by day, so does our exposure to cyber threats. Just one full malware attack could prove harmful to your business and could result in data theft.

What’s more, malicious code or an uncertain activity on a website may affect your consumers and clients and you may also have trouble with the SEO results of your website.

The only solution is to protect your website by having a solid anti-malware solution installed in your system.

Presenting Virusdie...

Virusdie dashboard
Virusdie dashboard

What is Virusdie?
Virusdie - Features
Virusdie - Pricing
Virusdie FAQ’s

What is Virusdie?

Professionals understand the value of their time and don’t want to waste time studying software and how it works. All they care about is results and that’s exactly what Virusdie provides in a single click.

Virusdie has a clean interface with simple options but has powerful professional-grade site security tools. It is a cloud-based, intuitive software which means you can do it all yourself.

It provides users with -

  • Single-use dashboard - Your websites, hosting services, and security tools are all bundled up in one cloud dashboard.
  • A user-friendly interface - You won’t need any external help to use this software as it simple and intuitive.
  • Save time - Regardless of what CMS you use: WordPress, Drupal, DLE, Joomla, and all other popular systems are supported on Virusdie. You can also collect all your sites distributed across different shared VPS, and dedicated servers in one place.

Virusdie automatically cleans up malware infections, protects websites from cyber threats, SQL injections, XSS attacks, and other suspicious activities. You can use additional in-built tools to investigate security issues if needed.

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Virusdie - Features

The three main features of Virusdie you can use to resolve any issue

Antivirus and Firewall

  • Eradicate malware with a single click - Scan sites and remove infected trojans, files, backdoors, and other malicious code. Virusdie keeps your website stable after cleanups and has automatic backups that you can restore with a single click.
  • Timeline diagram -. Red blocks show that your website is infected. Green stands for no infection and yellow shows that your website is not synchronized with Virusdie. And lastly, Grey shows that no scans were performed on a particular day.

Protect your website within seconds

The Virusdie website firewall can be activated within seconds to protect your website from all kinds of attacks. The WAF (web application firewall) is connected to Virusdie servers, which analyze requests as they are received.

  • Pie chart - The WAF tracks and monitors all traffic on your website. A pie chart shows you the difference between regular traffic and blocked traffic on your website.

Blacklist monitoring and URL scanning

  • Check 60+ Blacklists -  Virusdie shows you when a website has been blacklisted and helps you unblock them easily. If one of your sites is blacklisted, access to that site will be restricted and you might lose customers.

But with Virusdie, you will be notified of any issues. You can also manually check blacklists with a single click and even send requests to blacklist providers to remove the status

  • Scan website pages -  Virusdie scans for both internal issues as well as external sites. The external scanning engine checks HTML pages and connected JavaScript files. It also analyzes site behavior and checks links for phishing characteristics. This means that you get a more comprehensive and detailed malware detection without any need to access any server.
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File editor and manager

  • Analyze and edit files - A built-in file editor that highlights any malicious code is provided. You can easily analyze, edit or remove these files. You also have the option to restore them from a backup with a single click, change file permissions and view all file details.
  • File Permissions - Just click on a switch to enable or disable specific file permissions.
  • File info - Virusdie shows all file data that you may need like, file size, path, and date of modification including a malware removal report summary.

Virusdie - Pricing

Virusdie pricing plans
Virusdie pricing plans

Virusdie FAQ’s

What is an agency account?

An agency account is available only on certain plans. It gives users the ability to brand reports as your own. All reports, including PDF-reports for your clients, will be sent under your own name. You will also save time by sending automatic scans, clean up, and monthly reports to your customers by email.

What are summary reports?

Weekly and monthly reports are created automatically for your entire account. These reports contain information about the number of site incidents. The weekly report only contains statistical information and the number of site incidents.

You will receive a comprehensive monthly report on the first day of each month, containing information about your account and detailed reports for each site.

How to manage summary reports for my account?

These reports are sent automatically but you can disable it in the profile section.

How do I get branded reports?

You can get branded reports with your own company’s brand and information but only if you choose a paid plan and an agency account.

What are security points?

Security points show you how successfully your sites are protected based on security incident statistics.

You can have as few as 0 or as many as 100 security points. The number for your account will be based on the average of all site scores, and calculated based on the quotient of the number of days on which your site was scanned and the number of days when malicious files were found on your website.

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