Hexometer - Website Health and Performance Monitoring Solution!

Rishabh Rathi Rishabh Rathi
May 20, 2021 4 min read
Hexometer - Website Health and Performance Monitoring Solution!

Unlike traditional uptime and page speed monitoring platforms that just tell you when your website is down or slow, Hexometer's AI assistant works in real-time to suggest growth opportunities and detect anomalies in your website health and performance before they burn a hole in your pocket.

Hexometer is a comprehensive 24/7 monitoring tool that checks your website’s health and performance, alerting you when things go wrong before they impact your business.

Hexometer - Company Highlights

Startup Name Hexometer
Headquarter Yerevan, Armenia or DE, US
Sector SaaS, Website’s Performance Monitoring
Founder Stepan Aslanyan, Vahe Sargsyan and Chris Closset
Founded 2019
Legal Name Hexact, Inc
Website hexometer.com

About Hexometer and How it Works
Hexometer - Target Market Size
Founders of Hexometer and team
Hexometer - Business Model and Revenue Model
Hexometer - Startup Launch
Hexometer - Growth
Hexometer - Recognition and Achievements

About Hexometer and How it Works

The team has over 18 years of experience building their e-commerce businesses, as well as helping medium to large multinational brands grow online.

Hexometer founder Stepan Aslanyan says, "We understand the online challenges you face each day as well as the unique opportunities you can take advantage of to grow your business. We live and breathe e-commerce just as you do and our platform evolves as new algorithms and best practices come around".
Hexometer Logo
Hexometer Logo

Hexometer works 24/7, checking your website for downtime, page speed performance issues, security vulnerabilities, page & JS errors, email deliverability, SEO optimization or server configuration problems.

Everything happens in the cloud, and you can get started in minutes - no code changes required.

Hexometer - Target Market Size

Hexometer provides 24/7 website monitoring and marketing insights to protect your business and grow your sales. From solopreneurs, small and medium-sized businesses, agencies to global brands, it got you covered. No code changes required.

Founder of Hexometer and team

Stepan Aslanyan is the founder and CEO of Hexometer. Vahe Sargsyan is the co-founder and CTO at Hexometer.

Stepan Aslanyan | Founder and CEO-Hexometer
Stepan Aslanyan | Founder and CEO-Hexometer

Chris Closset was an early customer, and they managed to convince him to join as a partner and CMO after a few weeks of discussions about how they could improve their service. He now helps direct the strategic direction of the group and heads the marketing strategy.

Hexometer - Business Model and Revenue Model

Hexometer has a subscription business model, with a free forever option available.

Hexometer - Startup Launch

Hexometer is active on various social media channels including Reddit, Quora, and ProductHunt. The growth has mainly been organic based on word of mouth, recommendations from existing users, as well as from social media and press mentions.

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Hexometer - Growth

Hexometer is growing fast, and this growth is providing them with a unique opportunity to help businesses at scale during these difficult times. Now more than ever, online businesses need to protect their online sales, ensure their sales funnels are working, and maximizing their traffic from paid ads and organic searches.

In the last 6 months, Hexometer has implemented a wide range of product improvements including Zapier integration, Google search console data, in-depth page-speed monitoring, JS error detection, malicious code monitoring, Google sheets integration, and security header checks to name a few.

And the team is looking forward to improve its feature set to make it even easier to thrive online whether you are a business owner managing your website, an agency looking after client websites, or developer working on web development projects.

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Hexometer - Recognition and Achievements

Hexometer received several awards from ProductHunt.com including:

  • #1 Product of the Week (November 2019)
  • #1 Product of the Day (November 2019)
  • #2 Product of the Month (November 2019).


What is Hexometer?

Hexometer is a comprehensive 24/7 monitoring tool that checks your website’s health and performance, alerting you when things go wrong before they impact your business.

Who are the founders of Hexometer?

Stepan Aslanyan, Vahe Sargsyan and Chris Closset are the founders of Hexometer.

When was Hexometer founded?

Hexometer was founded in 2019.

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