How To Become A Social Media Manager?

I'm going to say you about some of the skills you can have social media that you can use to sell and make money as a social media manager. Let's go ahead and get started. Also, I am going to talk about social media skills that you can be thinking about offering and also how do you get those skills. If you want to become a social media manager or you want to start an agency then you can have answers for how to get started like if you are a complete beginner and you have never done this before, there are certain things that you need to know before you can even get started.

Learn Social Media
Practice Social Media Management
How To Set Prices For Services?
Start Selling Your Services
What Type Of Services To Offer?
What If The Clients Sell Physical Products?

Learn Social Media

The first way you need to do to start your social media business if you want to become a social media manager or if you want to start a social media agency is you need to learn how to do social media. So, it is going to be hard for you to start making money in the social media manager if you don't even know what you're doing. One of the things you can do now is that you can start learning how to do social media for your clients. You need to know how to grow followers on Instagram, Twitter, on LinkedIn, on different platforms. You also need to know how to create content that speaks to your clients, audience. You need to know how to research content, how to share con contentment, what type of content you need to be sharing on the platform. Social media skills are important for social media management, work on your social media skills.

Depending on what niche your client is in what industry is going to determine what type of content you should be sharing. If your client is a dentist's office or if your client is a fitness coach you are not going to be sharing the same as that content. You are going to have completely different content you should be sharing and posting.

So, you need to understand how to research the type of content that the audience of you and your client is going to react to and is going to click on, it is going to make them get engaged and want to learn more. You need to know how to get engagement from those followers so you don't want to just post things and nobody clicks and likes and also you want interaction.

You don't want to be growing followers who are not in the target market like completely mismatched. You got to make sure the followers match what your client or your business need. This is something that you can do for your own business as well. You need to make sure that your clients, the audience is a match for what they're selling.

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Practice Social Media Management

Practice Social Media Management
Practice Social Media Management

You have to practice. You can practice on your social media accounts. You can set up a separate business account for Instagram, for Facebook, for Pinterest. A lot of women want to get started but they feel intimated. They don't think they have the skills. Instead of being afraid, frozen, and not taking action you can take action today. You can start learning to start little by little. Open your own Instagram account you can create a business account and you can start posting content, you can start trying to engage with your target audience. You can experiment on your account so that by the time it's time for you to start going after clients and selling your services. You already feel comfortable with the ability to help someone with social media.

How To Set Prices For Services?

When it comes to pricing it's a personal decision. It's really about what do you value is for your time like how much is one hour worth for you. How much is your time is worth for you and also what type of budget does your potential client has are they making a multi-million dollar business. If they are a multi-million dollar businessmen they can afford to pay you thousands of dollars per month but if they are a small business and maybe they don't have the budget maybe they can only afford $600 per month. It depends on the type of clients you're going after.

So, pricing is not like one set of standardized prices and all social media managers have to follow. It's all about how much content are you going to be putting out every month and how many times you are going to post every week and like how much work you are going to do.

Instagram and there are few platforms that you can grow followers organically. You don't have to pay for X. I'm going to tell you a lot more about that in this training. It's about Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and LinkedIn. However, with Facebook for you to grow followers on the Facebook page, you do have to pay for ads. Because Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest are organic you can grow followers organically. So, that's a great place to start. If you find a small business client you start managing their Instagram account if you can give them four hundred new clients and new followers on Instagram per month then you are going to wild up to number one. One of the mistakes people make sometimes is they think that all they have to do is post content and that's it but it's a lot more than that.

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This is the reason why businesses pay social media managers and there is a huge opportunity for you if you want to start selling your services or if you are a virtual assistant and you want to add on social media services as well. For those people who are completely brand new. Once you feel comfortable practicing on your account you should be ready to help clients with their account. The next step is you want to start selling your services. If you are a beginner you have to do step one to move to step two.

Start Selling Your Services

Social media management
Start Selling Your Services

People who have experience and so if you feel comfortable then the next step is to just go ahead and start selling your services or networking, start talking to potential clients but you can't have helped your clients if you don't know how to grow this to media accounts. You have to help them with growth because that's the only way they are going to stay with you month after month after month.

What Type Of Services To Offer?

So, let's go a lot of different service you can offer the social media manager and if you want to start a social media agency.

Posting on Facebook

Doing like social media management where you are going to be scheduling posts, creating content, images, blog posts, audio, video. You can also do content creation where you share other blog posts on Twitter, LinkedIn. When working with legal industry clients do some research and find other similar blogs and just share the content. The other thing is if you have a social media management agency and you have a Twitter account but you could do is share content on different blog articles that talk about the benefits of using social media marketing, the benefits of Instagrams, the benefits of Facebook. So, you can educate your audience. Just make sure you always give credit to other people when you do articles.

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Community management

You can engage with followers. You can create websites if you want that you can add that as an extra service and charge additional money. You can do graphic design and branding, blog writing, and content writing. There is copywriting where you write persuasive sales copy. Also, do landing pages. Do search engine optimization and lead generation. Let's go a little deeper.

Posting on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn is the simplest thing you could do and when you are first starting this one is the easiest way to do it. It doesn't take much you have to use the right scheduling tool. You also need to plan out the content and you need to also plan out your time. If you are doing this and maybe you have two or three clients you want to make sure you schedule out times to schedule your client's content. You can also do a Facebook group administration. Some businesses use Facebook groups to create fans.

So, products can be a community manager, and then also there's Instagram engagement and visibility. Businesses need help with posting regularly on Instagram and also growing followers. Create custom images with free tools like canvas or adobe spark. Pinterest management is a great opportunity for you to help businesses who have a blog. This works when you have to sell a product and you can help them get more website traffic through it. Lots of work involved in that so you will be pinning every single day. You can optimize your Pinterest business accounts. You get to set up rich pins and you can create images for each pin.

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Facebook ads

This is a more advanced skill set. If you learn how to run Facebook ads for clients there's lots of potential for growing your business in this area.


It involves knowing how to write persuasive written texts that involve selling. You can write copy for websites, sales pages, landing pages, product descriptions, and email sales funnels. You can also charge a lot more money if you decide to add the service.

Grow followers

If you want to stay clients month after month you have to show results because some social media managers have a hard time because they don't focus on one important thing which is helping your clients to grow the followers. If you aren't helping your clients grow their followers your work is useless because let's say your client has ann Instagram account with just 50 followers and they hire you to help them. All you do is just post content.

Nobody is going to see their posts and show what's the point. So, you have to help your clients grow followers and you can grow followers for free on Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn. With Facebook, it's a little bit trickier because you do have to spend money on ads or boosted posts but the other ones like Instagram, Twitter, Linked In you don't have to spend ad money on that. That's the beauty of it and this is where you have the opportunity to help your clients and do all that manual work.

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Create Content That Attracts And Converts

Social media management
Creating Content

You should be researching the target audience of your clients so that you can understand what type of content will attract them. You also need to schedule enough content for your clients each month. You should create content whenever you can. That also depends on the type of business they have in their platform because let's say you' rere helping somebody with Instagram and maybe they have a hair salon. You may need them to take the pictures and share them with you.

Lots of people think that you have to take pictures with a bit of a camera to post content on Instagram. You don't have to do that you can just put motivational quotes. You can share images, custom graphics depending on the type of business they have.

What you could do is you can tell your clients that they have to take their pictures and send them over to you and you post them. Then you are going to be working wonders for then because it's very time consuming to try to get followers and there is something with Instagram where there is an algorithm that even if you post content not all of your followers are going to be able to see it. With Instagram, there are some tricks you have to do to get visibility on your posts.

Get Engagement On Your Posts

Like I said before Instagram only a few of your followers will see what your post is. This is due to the Instagram algorithm that shows posted more engagement over the post to have low engagement. What does engagement mean? Social Media engagement includes likes, comments, shares, saves, and clicks. The more you have people that engage on Instagram with your posts they like your stuff, they comment and share. The more Instagram is going to show that post above the top of the news feed because a lot of people follow like hundreds of people. You want your share, put your Instagram posts show up at the top because most people are not going to go through 500 different images. What Instagram does is rank the posts at the top that have the most comments and likes. This is not something that you can do unless you know the special tricks.

The easiest platform to learn in my opinion is Instagram because you just help them grow their followers and you can impress them.

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What If The Clients Sell Physical Products?

You would have your clients take the picture and send them to you. You don't have to go to the restaurant and go take pictures. That's like doing too much unless you are going to pay like $1000 or $2000. If they don't want to do that and they don't want to pay you a thousand dollars or two thousand that you don't work with them. That's how it works. This is why you have to set boundaries. If your clients come to know they must know what you offer and what you don't offer because people struggling a lot of times in the group there but they like all they want. You can't do everything you can only do what you can. If you are going to work from home then you don't have to be physically anywhere and you don't want to be telling clients that you are going to take photos for them because then you have to get out of your house. That's doesn't go to give you freedom and flexibility and being able to travel because you are going to be onsite.

Instagram Management

Some of the services you can offer. You can put together like a monthly package and you can grow their followers and schedule their posts each week. Instagram stories are really powerful and if you can schedule that and help them out with that they will love for that and you can also help to get visibility audience on their posts by doing some engagement tricks and hacks. One of the things I tell you if you are just starting is something you should not try to do right away I.e Facebook ads. I don't recommend that if you just taught you are completely brand new to social media management that you try to sort out with this. You are going to be taking your clients' money and gambling with it and if you don't know what you are doing you can easily waste your client's money so why would you want to do that. You don't have to do every single thing. Just start by offering simple social media posting and management based upon what I discussed earlier.

With time you can eventually add Facebook ads to your list of services. I don't recommend it you start right away unless you have experience doing that.

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Areas You Can Specialize In

You can specialize in Instagram management. You can be someone who specializes in Instagram but you also offer other ancillary services. You can also do Pinterest management. It's an own little thing because Pinterest is really good for bloggers and people who want to get website traffic, lifestyle product business as well. On Pinterest, you can help your clients promote their blogs and websites traffic and pin every single day.

Higher Paying Services

Here's an example of some services that you can charge more money for they are blog writing and email marketing. These types of services you want to charge high premium prices.


Sharing your blog content on social media is an art and social media manager is an artist of it. There is no right way to do it. People have success sharing blog content in their own unique ways. Some will share only their blog links on social media. Others will share a high percentage of unique content on social media.

As is with most things in life, sometimes the best approach is somewhere in the middle. If you follow the strategies in this post you should be able to build sustainable traffic from social media to your blog and over time youโ€™ll learn how to adapt the strategy to fit your unique blog and business. So, that's all about the social media manager.

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