Visualr - Simplifying Data Visualization in Clicks

Visualr Software - Highlights

Startup Name Visualr Software
Headquarter Gurugram
Founder Name Kunal Chaturvedi
Sector Enterprise Software
Founded 2014
Parent Organisation StepOut Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

Visualr Software - Introduction

We all know data is the new oil but only when you can take out useful information from it. While you will find every other person talking about data, very few know how to analyse and use it.

A company need to make data-driven decisions to be successful. There are 100s of business intelligence tools and dashboards to help companies segregate and analyze the data received from various sources. But as a matter of fact, there are few tools available which are easily comprehensible.

Visualr Software’ was started with a view to making data visualization easy for everyone big or small so that every business can make the best possible use of its data. We interviewed Mr. Kunal Chaturvedi, founder visualr to learn more about the company and his experiences.

Talking about the vision, Kunal said,

Every resource in an organisation should have access to data for better and quick decision making.  

Thus the goal is to build a global company to bridge a gap in the industry and solve specific business problems through data analytics with the least dependency on IT skills. Currently, Visualr is being incubated by Huddle, a sector-agnostic incubator and co-working space based out of Gurugram.

Data visualization - Industry Details

The self-service Business Intelligence (BI) and data visualization market was valued at USD 4.51 billion in 2017, and is expected to reach a value of USD 7.76 billion by 2023 at a CAGR of 9.47% over the forecast period (2018-2023). North America is the largest market for business intelligence in the world. The United States is the major shareholder in the North American region. In Canada, which was relatively stable during the recessionary period, the gains are more visible.

Visualr Software - Founder

Kunal is a passionate entrepreneur who quit his plush 9-5 job to follow his dreams and explore avenues. Coming from a humble setup in Agra, Kunal Chaturvedi is an electrical engineer by qualification.

He earned accolades and awards for his short stint in the automobile Industry where he worked on various projects for companies like Nissan UK, Tata Motors India, Mahindra & Mahindra India to name a few. Taking challenges head-on, he has contributed in milestone projects like Tata Nano, Mahindra Xylo (both are first in their respective segment) in the past.

Kunal is an avid voracious reader and likes to read books on philosophy and autobiographies of people who inspire him in his spare time.

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Visualr Software - The Idea and Starting Up

Every organization generates data with each passing second and considering the complexity and economics of the available BI solutions, these organizations are not able to leverage the actual potential of their data.

Visualr happened because of this “GAP” in the industries. - Kunal

Kunal understood from the market that people need to see the trends and patterns from their own data first. Suggestions and other insights from the BI solutions are secondary. So, they decided to serve the first and foremost important requirement of a business, Dashboard.

The first few users of Visualr prototype motivated them to go ahead with the idea and make it a full fleshed BI Solution.

Visualr is the short form of Visualizer. The Company's elevator pitch reads as - 'Revealing Business Potential by Making Data Visualization Easy'.

Visualr Software - Product

Our eyes are more responsive on Lines, graphs and colors instead of numbers in the tabular form, so Visualr dashboard is designed in such a way that users can understand the trends and patterns in seconds and take better and quick decisions. The user-friendly data analytics platform available in two versions: on-cloud and on-premise. Visualr comes with the following benefits:

  • It is a self-service data analytics platform which comes with in build connectors of SQL and NO-SQL databases.
  • Installation and setting up Visualr time is less than 2 minutes.
  • Visualr does not have any "data engine" so the hardware requirement is minimum. It is a browser-based tool which makes no dependency on the type of machine.
  • Visualr is easy to use. A user can learn it within 1-hour of training.
  • It has a subscription based model so that an organization can adopt it with no large upfront cost.

Visualr Software - Customer Acquisition

The Visualr team worked hard to convince first 2-3 clients to use their product and the it started gaining traction with word of mouth from these initial users. Gradually based on these success stories, the company was able to penetrate more in the market.

Visualr is confident and is on the mission to create a great customer base on the basis of the positive customer experience that it has created for its existing customers.

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Visualr Software - Challenges

The most challenging thing is keeping the entire team motivated during the low phase, when you need maximum support to keep yourself motivated for a new day. Keep on fighting for one more time. Also, it was tough to get rejection every other day from the prospects. There were doubts and down times but Kept sailing. - Kunal

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Visualr Software - Funding

The company is bootstrapped and looking to raise funds soon.

Visualr Software - Advisors and Mentors

Mr. Subinder Khurrana is serving as advisor as well as mentor of Visualr. Subinder has more than 20 years startup experience and founded NASSCOM DeepTech Club. He is also among the Board Members of TiE Delhi.

Visualr Software - Awards

  • Visualr was recognized by Finance Online for best User Experience Award and Rising Star Award in Data Analytics Domain.
  • Top 50 Start up by MSME.
  • Top 200 Start up by RISE Conference in 2017.  

Visualr Software - Competitors

Visualr sees itself  as a customer problem-centric organization, rather than a technology-centric organization. The company strives to solve business problems by all means, with technology or with a simple hack in the workflow.

In terms of competition, we are always keen to learn new development in the Data world so we study a lot of data analytics startup as well as big giants.  

Visualr Software - Founder's Productivity Hacks

Kunal emphasizes on the importance of Discipline.

Discipline is the only way you can manage things. Discipline should be your lifestyle. Your daily routine, your work ethics and your interaction with the outer world.

Kunal also believes in the power of follow up. According to him, follow up is the biggest tool one can use effectively to complete a task. This follow up can be with yourself also.  

Visualr Software - Founder's Advice

Focus on the business problem. Learn business first. Technology is just a tool to solve a business problem effectively.

Visualr Software - Future Plans

The company spent the last 15-18 months in understanding the BI adoption behavior of the market by acquiring a few paying clients. Now the primary focus is on the revenue and profitability.  In 2019, the company has set a customer acquisition target for the first time. The Company is focusing on $1M ARR before the end of 2022.  Strategic Markets are India (home), North America and SEA.

Website: Visualr Software

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