List of Brands Endorsed by Yuvraj Singh

List of Brands Endorsed by Yuvraj Singh
Yuvraj Singh Brand Endorsement

Yuvraj Singh is a well known former Indian international cricketer. Born in Chandigarh, India,  the staunch Punjabi player was an all-rounder in the game. He started playing for the nationals in the year 2000 and played in the national team till 2017. He was famous for his six sixes in six balls in 2007.

However, this magnificent cricketer was diagnosed with a cancerous tumour in his left lung. The champ made it through and also his major comeback occurred in the field. But he retired quite soon.

But Yuvraj Singh has an amazing endorsement profile. It is vivid, useful and huge. Enlisted below are the major endorsements of Yuvraj Singh.

Yuvraj Singh Brand Endorsements

  1. Howzat
  2. Pepsi
  3. Puma
  4. Whirlpool
  5. Revital
  6. WellVersed
  7. Aakash Institute
  8. Cadbury
  9. Birla Sun Life Insurance
  10. Lays


Howzat is a fantasy sports platform. The brand have both a website and an app for online gaming. It is a gaming platform, from where one can earn real money. It was launched in India in 2019. Yuvraj Singh was chosen to be in the advertisements, and to be an active part of the brand communication. According to the company, Yuvraj's immense popularity in the sports field would cement the genuineness and scopes of this online gaming company.


Pepsi came to India in the year 1989, under the PepsiCo company. It has been one of the largest beverage brands in India. In 2007 Yuvraj Singh along with Virendra Sehwag, Rahul Dravid, Sachin Tendulkar and Mahendra Singh Dhoni was a part of the blue billion campaign of Pepsi. Though India lost the world cup after this. However, the commercial was quite popular.


Yuvraj sing - Brand Endorsement of Puma

Puma is a German company introduced in India in early 2006. Puma is a company that manufactures athletic shoes, apparels. They chose Yuvraj Singh as their brand ambassador in the year 2011. According to Rajiv Mehta the MD of Puma India, Yuvraj Singh for his forthright personality and all-around values makes him very reachable to the youth today. No wonder, Yuvraj Singh was also glad to work with them.

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Whirlpool entered India in the 1980s. It was first established to design and manufacture washing machines in India. In 2012, around the IPL season, Whirlpool became the official cooling partner of king's XI Punjab. The brand promotion was done by the then captain of the team Yuvraj Singh and Kiran Kher in the ideal Punjabi style.


Ranbaxy's Revital was launched in India during the year 1989. Revital is an energy capsule, balancing the vitamin and mineral needs of the body. Not much is known about this endorsement since Yuvraj was replaced by Salman Khan soon. However, he was chosen for this as he was a fitness figure for the nation. So he could impact the greater crowd to opt for healthy options like Revital.


Yuvraj Singh endorsed brand - Wellversed
Yuvraj Singh endorsed brand - Wellversed

This company was introduced in India in the year 2018. It is a nutrition company. Yuvraj Singh has been the face of this brand from its early days. According to Aanan Khurma the co-founder of this company states that no one else could have been better a representative of the company than Yuvraj Singh since he has gone under the change from being an athlete and sportsman to a cancer survivor. Hence no one could explain the need for the wellness of health and nutrition better than him.

Aakash Institute

Aakash started its journey of shaping the dreams of students from the year 1988 as a humble coaching centre with a mere number of 12 students. Now they're a giant size Institute with branches all over India preparing students for joint entrance examinations.

In 2020, Yuvraj Singh was roped in order to promote the "Success is waiting" program with the core message of "coming back stronger". According to Aakash Chaudhary, the director and chief executive officer of the institute, Yuvraj is known for his abundant success and banging to come back.

He is the face of Aakash which will definitely inspire many students not to lose hope and successfully make their path through failure with strength and determination.

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This product of Cadbury chocolate was introduced in the year 2016. In 2019, when IPL was around the corner, Yuvraj Singh and Rishabh Pant were roped for a fuse commercial. It was an extremely playful advertisement.

Birla Sun Life Insurance

Birla was built at the end of the year 2000 and it commenced its operations in January 2001. As the name suggests, the company provides a range of insurances useful throughout a man's life. Yuvraj Singh has been endorsed by the company since 2009.

According to Ajay Kakkar chief marketing officer of BSLI Indians are deeply impacted by cricket and takes inspiration in every scope of life from cricketers. Hence Yuvi is an idol for many as he has seen both great and challenging times in life. He ideally represents the brand philosophy stating "Jab Tak Balla Chalta Hain, Thath Chalte Hain Warna". (You rule till your bat rules).


Lay's a potato chips brand, was introduced in India for the first time in the year 1995. Within the first five years of its ventures, it became one of the leading brands of potato chips in India.

In 2019 Yuvraj Singh was roped in for a social media movement called "Wavez4India". Dilen Gandhi, Senior director- Marketing food category stated that watching Yuvraj Singh groove to the trend his fan will confidently be a part of this campaign.

However other than these, Yuvraj Singh has been part of other successful ad films but these are the major ones.


What is the net worth of Yuvraj Singh?

Yuvraj Singh has a net worth is reported to be around 258 crores ($35 million).

Who is the wife of Yuvraj Singh?

Bollywood Actor Hazel Keech is the wife of Yuvraj Singh.

Who is the father of Yuvraj Singh?

Yograj Singh, Former Indian cricketer is the father of Yuvraj Singh.

What are the top brands endorsed by Yuvraj Singh?

Top brands endorsed by Yuvraj Singh are:

  • Howzat
  • Pepsi
  • Puma
  • Whirlpool
  • Revital
  • WellVersed
  • Aakash Institute
  • Cadbury
  • Birla Sun Life Insurance
  • Lays

Is Yuvraj Singh the brand ambassador of Puma?

Puma chose Yuvraj Singh as their brand ambassador in the year 2011.

Is Yuvraj Singh the brand ambassador of Aakash Institute?

Yuvraj Singh is the brand ambassador of Aakash Institute.

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