List of Brands Endorsed By Salman Khan

List of Brands Endorsed By Salman Khan

Many brands are appointing popular Bollywood celebrities in order to promote a particular product, event or even a mission and though. Brand ambassadors are responsible for putting forth the message of the brand and making it popular among the masses.

In India it is very common for big brands to spend crores for endorsing their products or services. Salman khan is a main candidate for celebrity endorsements considering his popularity among the masses. Salman Khan born as Abdul Rashid Salim Salman Khan is one of the most popular Indian actor, producer, singer and television personality who works predominantly for Bollywood.

The actor has been working in the Hindi film industry for more than 30 years winning awards such as Film fare and National film awards as a producer. The actor is one of the most successful actors in the Indian cinema and was also ranked 82nd in the list of the top paid 100 celebrity entertainers in the world, according to Forbes in 2018.

Salman Khan is known for his work in movies like Karan Arjun, Hum Aapke Hain Koun, Dabangg, Ek Tha Tiger, Sultan, Tiger Zinda Hain, Bajrangi Bhaijaan, etc. Besides the acting career, the actor is also a host to the most popular reality show Bigg Boss since 2010. He is also is been a part of many humanitarian causes through his charity Being Human Foundation.

When it comes to his brand endorsement the actor is known to charge over 7 crore for a per day brand shoot, while commercial ads usually take up to 3-4 days to shoot. Salman Khan is currently the highest-earning brand endorser for a smartphone brand. The actor net worth is estimated to be $360 million in 2021, while the brand value of the actor is more than $45 million in 2021.

Salman earns over ₹3 million annually, just from advertising and endorsements. The actors has so far endorsed brands like Being Human, Coco-Cola, Thums Up, Goldiee Masale, Revital, Relaxo, Dixcy Scott, Wheel, Britannia Tiger Biscuit, Mountain Dew, Suzuki Motorcycles, Chloromint, Realme, BharatPe, PepsiCo, Emami, Appy Fizz, PNG Jewellers, Limca, Astral Pipes, among other.

Thumps Up
Revital H
Suzuki Motorcycles
Mountain Dew
Dixcy Scott
Britannia Tiger Biscuit
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Here's a List of brands Endorsed by Salman Khan

Thumps Up

Thumps up is an Indian cola brand that was introduced in 1977 to offset the withdrawal of the Coca- Cola Company in India. Coca-Cola later purchased the company and even re-launched it to compete against PepsiCo. From the year 2012, Thumps Up has continued being a leader in the cola segment in India, taking over 15% market share of the overall Indian aerated drinks markets.

Salman Khan in a Thumps Up commercial

Salman Khan became the company brand ambassador for the first time in 2002 and continued until the contract was over. Coca cola managed to get Salman Khan as its brand ambassador again to endorse the Thumps brand in 2012. At that time, Coca-Cola India had also signed an agreement with Salman’s Foundation Being Human in order to jointly promote, conceive and execute charitable and social activities.

But after that the company dropped Salman Khan they replaced him with Akshay Kumar and currently Ranveer Singh. During their contract however, the actor has been a part of many successful television advertisements.

Revital H

Revital H is a leading brand that is under Sun Pharmaceutical consumer healthcare which is one of the most trusted brands amongst its millions of customers. The brand is known for its Revital H capsule which is a nutraceutical for daily health, it contains a combination of vitamins and minerals that help in supporting daily energy needs and it also has components like Ginseng that improves concentration.

Salman in a revital advertisement

The capsule also increases oxygen consumption in the body and helps to maintains energy and stamina throughout the day. Sun Pharma had signed Salman Khan as its brand ambassador in 2012, when it was still a Ranbaxy brand. In 2016, however the company parted ways with the actor and signed M S Dhoni as its new brand ambassador.

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Emami Group is an Indian Consumer goods conglomerate company that has its headquarters based in Kolkata, West Bengal. The company is known for its leading personal, healthcare business and a portfolio of 300 consumer products.

Salman Khan in a popular Navratna ad

The company has currently launched a sanitizer category as the demand for hand sanitizers has increased after Covid 19 pandemic. The company has made Salman Khan as the brand ambassador for its Navratna oil. Navratna oil is one of the largest selling hair oil brands in India and is available across pharmacy stores, modern trade outlets, and e-commerce platforms.

The company is confident that the association with Salman Khan will help brand to scale up due to actor’s mass appeal and huge fan base. Salman has also endorsed other Emami’s products such as Fair and Handsome, Rasoi, Bake Magic, and Himani Best Choice Refined Oil.

Suzuki Motorcycles

The Suzuki Motorcycle India Private Limited is a Indian subsidiary of the Japanese conglomerate, Suzuki. This brand was the third Suzuki automotive venture started in India after TVS Suzuki and Maruti Suzuki. The company has set up its own manufacturing facility at Gurgaon, Haryana with an annual capacity of 5,40,000 units.

Salman endorsing Suzuki Motorcycles
Salman endorsing Suzuki Motorcycles

The SMIPL signed Salman Khan as its brand ambassador in 2013, and the actor has since promoted the different variants of the upcoming motorbikes of Suzuki. The first campaign featured Salman introducing the motorcycle Hayate, after that Salman was also a part of their mass media campaign to create awareness for Suzuki Brand.

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Relaxo Footwear limited is an Indian multinational company that manufactures a wide variety of footwear. The company is headquartered in New Delhi and is known to be the largest footwear manufacturer in the country as per the volume and second largest in term of revenue. It also has over 5% market share as it manufactures products under 10 brands such as Flite, Sparx, Bahamas and schoolmate.

Salman Khan in a Relaxo commercial

Relaxo made Salman Khan as the brand ambassador for its slipper brand Hawaii in 2012. The commercial involves a dance performed by Salman on the song composed for the advertisement. The brand claims the product to be relaxing and strong in quality through the advertisement. The actor has remained the face of the brand for a long time.

Mountain Dew

Mountain dew is a carbonated soft drink that was originally inventive in 1940 by Tennessee beverage bottlers known as Barney and Ally Hartman. The company is subsidiary of PepsiCo, which is a conglomerate that is in over 200 countries generating more than $67 billion as its net revenue in 2019.

The company also manufactures carbonated drinks such as Diet Mountain Dew, Mountain Dew Code Red, Mountain Dew LiveWire, Mountain Dew Throwback, Mountain Dew Voltage and Mountain Dew White Out. PepsiCo signed Salman Khan as the brand ambassador of Mountain Dewwith an annual fee of Rs 5 crore.

Mountain dew is the second soft drink endorsed by Salman Khan after endorsing PepsiCo rival, Coco Cola’s Thumps Up. The actor has done many high-energy commercials featuring high-octane stunts for the “Darr ke aage jeet hai” campaign. The actor’s tough and fearless persona in the ads has positioned the soft drink as the drink which helps you overcome fear.

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Realme is a popular Chinese smartphone brand that has its headquarters based in Shenzhen, China. This company was founded by Sky Li in 2018, who was also the former vice president of the Oppo Company. Realme is a spinoff of Oppo and is collectively owned by BBK Electronics.

Salman Khan in Realme commercial

Salman Khan became the brad ambassador of the company in February 2020 and also endorsed the brand’s Realme 6 and Realme 6 Pro smartphones.

In an interview, Madhav Sheth, the vice president and CEO of Realme shared that the reason behind choosing Salman Khan its brand ambassador was that, having the actor on board with mammoth of fan following will help their company reach and tap into their target audience.

Dixcy Scott

Dixcy was founded in 1982 with an intent to become the leader in the hosiery market. But went on to become one of the most popular innerwear and a lifestyle brand. The company is known to have produced 5,00,000 pieces in a day, while distributing them to over 1,20,000 stores across the country.

Salman Khan in a Dixcy Scott commercial

The company made Salman Khan its brand ambassador which helped the company with soaring popularity. The actor has done many commercial ads for the company, the latest ad engages the audience and creates interest among them.


Wheel is a popular laundry detergent brand that is under the Hindustan Unilever Ltd. This brand was created to be a competitor of Nirma which also another low cost detergent. Despite being a household brand that is purchased mainly by women, Salman Khan still became the brand ambassador and has appeared in many of its commercials.

While talking about the deal in an interview, Salman added that he was extremely proud to be associated with one of the country’s oldest and most respectable brands.

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Britannia Tiger Biscuit

The Tiger biscuit was originally launched in 1997 by the Britannia Industries in India. The brand became hugely successful as it was the company largest brand among its entire portfolio of products in the first year itself. Britannia industries made Salman Khan as its brand ambassador in 2013, and actor has endorsed the brand through many commercials.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Salman Khan?

Salman Khan is one of the most popular Indian actor, producer, singer and television personality who works mainly for Bollywood.

What is the brand value of Salman Khan?

The brand value of Salman Khan is estimated to be $45 million in 2021.

What are the main brands endorsed by Salman Khan?

The main brands endorsed by Salman Khan are Britannia Tiger Biscuit, Wheel, Dixcy Scott, Realme, Mountain Dew, Suzuki Motorcycles, Relaxo, Revital H, Emami and Thumps Up.

What are the other brands endorsed by Salman Khan?

The other brands endorsed by Salman Khan Goldiee Masale, Chloromint, BharatPe, Appy Fizz, PNG Jewellers, Limca, Astral Pipes,, Hero Honda, Force Motors, Yellow Diamond, CP Plus, etc.

How much does Salman Khan charge for brand endorsement?

Salman Khan charges over 7 crore for a per day brand shoot for brand endorsements.

What is the net worth of Salman Khan?

The net worth of Salman Khan is estimated to be $360 million in 2021.


Salman Khan is one of most popular actor and celebrity in India with a huge fan following. The actor is said to have over 39.2 million followers on Instagram, 42.4 million followers on Twitter and 50 million followers on Facebook through which the actor endorses and supports his brands. This is why the actor earns more than 3 million every year just from brand endorsements and this is expected to increase in following years.

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