Startups That Are Funded By Madhuri Dixit

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Mar 28, 2021 8 min read
Startups That Are Funded By Madhuri Dixit

In the recent years the number startups or ventures funded by well-known Bollywood celebrities have increased. In 2020, many celebrities like Alia Bhatt, Suniel Shetty, Shilpa Shetty Kundra, Anushka Sharma, Katrina Kaif and Sonu Sood have helped the startup ecosystem rise during the hard times of global pandemic by investing or endorsing the products of startups. This also includes Madhuri Dixit Nene, as the iconic actress has also funded in a startup GOQii known for its fitness technology.

The Padma Shri awarded actress, Madhuri Dixit has also launched her own online dance academy known as Dance with Madhuri which has increase 5 times because of the ongoing pandemic, she is also the co-founder of Β the production company called RNM Moving Pictures with her husband Dr. Shriram Nene.

Madhuri Dixit Nene is an Indian actress, producer, dancer and a popular television personality. She is known for her work in movies like Devdas, Hum Aapke Hain Koun, Khalnayak, Dil to Pagal Hain, etc.

Madhuri has so far worked in over 70 Bollywood movies and is also one among the highest paid actresses of India, featured in the Forbes India’s Celebrity 100 list for more than 7 times.

Besides that Madhuri Dixit Nene is also known for her Philanthropic work as she is a part of UNICEF and has been vocal about the rights of children and child labor. She is a prominent name in India and uses her platform to endorse brands or even products from many small startups.

The ventures started by Madhuri Dixit Nene
The Growth and Future of Dance with Madhuri
Upcoming Ventures of Madhuri Dixit

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GOQii which is pronounced as Go-key, is a fitness technology company that is known for their range of wearable fitness bands with a mobile app and a personalized remote coaching.

The company is founded by Vishal Gondal who was also the CEO and founder of Indiagames and is headquartered in Menlo Park, California with offices in Mumbai, Maharashtra and Shenzhen, China.

An undisclosed amount was funded by Madhuri Dixit Nene and her husband Dr. Shriram Nene in 2014, as they liked that the company provided an end to end healthcare and wellness experience for users.

GOQii products
GOQii products

The smart-tech enabled and integrated preventive healthcare platform has a long list of investors like Mitsui, Megadelta, Galaxy Digital, Edelweiss, Cheetah Mobile, Ratan Tata, Akshay Kumar, etc.

The wearable fitness brand that GOQii makes collects the activity and sleep data of the user. The data is then reviewed by personal coach through the mobile app, after which the assigned coach guides the user towards a fitness or health goal for them. The app also has premium services which can be accessed after paying a subscription fee.

The app allows its users earn karma points by meeting their target, these points are then donated to a charity of the user’s choice. It also allows users to share their stats on other social media sites.

The mobile app of GOQii also includes health e-commerce store, scheduling health checkups, a health locker and exiting discounts. The company has also launched the personal health locker and a lifestyle doctor known as the GOQii Doctor for medical consultation in 2016.

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The ventures started by Madhuri Dixit Nene

RNM Moving Pictures Private Limited

RNM Moving Pictures Private Limited is a non-government company which was founded by Madhuri Dixit Nene and her husband Dr. Shriram Nene in June of 2012. This company is an embodiment of Madhuri and Dr Nene as it is made with the 30 year old expertise in the Hindi cinema and technology & medical experience.

It has a revenue of $5 million with its headquarters based in Mumbai, Maharashtra. The company is known for producing media and content across all platform by leveraging their individual and combined brand identities.

The company is divided into the sections entertainment, lifestyle, interactive gaming and healthcare. RNM moving pictures combines the individual strengths, brand identities and unique strengths of the power couple Madhuri Dixit Nene and Dr. Shriram Nene in order to produce world class content and media across different platforms.

The company produces digital products which are viewed on, the Madhuri Dixit app, and across all Apple and Android devices.

The motive of creating these websites is that the fans can connect with Madhuri Dixit, and get the latest information on Madhuri’s film, dance, art, music as well as he actress’s thoughts and recommendation on fashion, health and beauty.

The which comes under this company is a dance initiative started by her for bringing her passion for dance to the world. The 10 year old company started with an idea of merging different sectors into one platform and giving the user a wide range to choose from.

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Dance with Madhuri

Dance with Madhuri is a well-established online gamified dance academy that allows its users to learn various dance styles. The Dance With Madhuri platform is the first ever celebrity backed online dance academy in the world and allows people to learn different forms of dancing.

Madhuri says that she started this online dance academy because, β€œDancing has been my passion since I was 3 years old, and it only grew stronger with time. Dance with Madhuri is an expression of my gratitude to my ever loving fans who have contributed to what I am today.”

About Dance with Madhuri

These dance forms are taught by renowned dancers/choreographers and the videos are designed to teach all levels of dancers from beginner to advance and are planned in a systematic, authentic and conveniently.

DWM allows its users to exhibit their talents by uploading their videos of the same dance or even their progress videos and much more. DWM teaches dance forms like Bollywood, Bharatnatyam, Kathak, Folk, Club Dance Forms, Latin and Ballroom, Bollyhop, Street dance, Contemporary, Jazz, Ballet, Tap dance and Flamenco among others.

Dance with Madhuri allows its users to learn various dance styles from the best teachers from their online dance courses and workshops. The website also promotes wellness and offers videos on exercise ranging from Core strengthening, stretching, functional training, Pilates, step burn, dancercise etc.

The user can also apply for a certified courses and also connect with other dancers, participate in contest and events and showcase their talent to the world through this platform.

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The Growth and Future of Dance with Madhuri

The company started in February 2013, and was created in just three months with the help of online infrastructure and just three in house employees. When the website was launched it crashed after a while because of the overwhelming response that it received.

According to Dr. Nene, they had over 6 million page views and 200,000 users just within a year. The couple and the team reworked upon it and then relaunched it in 2015.

Earlier the DWM generated its revenue solely from sponsorship and advertisement model, but later changed to DTH subscribers in order to create a liner video channel. The company then got over 100,000 paid subscribers and turned profitable with over 50% of its users coming from India and rest the world. Currently in 2020, the business has grown over five times because of the covid 19 pandemic. The team is now planning to explore more avenues and introduce acting, scriptwriting, gourmet cooking, music and much more.

With the global lockdowns in 2020, many dancers and choreographers had lost their daily living which is why DWM gave them an opportunity to have their classes on its platform.

In an interview Dr. Nene added that, β€œDance With Madhuri has been self- sustaining and could grow organically but looking at the potential it has, we are looking for strategic partners and funding so that we can expand it further.”

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Upcoming Ventures of Madhuri Dixit

The couple is now working on starting a new venture which will be dedicated for holistic healthcare. Dr Shriram Nene who is a cardiovascular surgeon in America, has been working on starting this healthcare startup from a long time and is said to launch it soon.

In an interview Dr. Nene shares that, β€œWe are trying to build is a holistic, personalized healthcare which can be used across different media platforms. What people really need is a trusted source which is aligned to their health needs from cradle to grave.”


Who is Madhuri Dixit Nene?

Madhuri Dixit Nene is an Indian actress, producer, dancer and a popular television personality.

Which is the startup funded by Madhuri Dixit Nene?

The startup funded by Madhuri Dixit Nene is GOQii is a fitness technology company.

What are the ventures started by Madhuri Dixit Nene?

The ventures started by Madhuri Dixit Nene in RNM Moving Pictures Private Limited and Dance with Madhuri.

How much is Madhuri Dixit worth?

Madhuri Dixit approximately has a net worth of $35 million which roughly translates to Rs. 264 Crores.

What is the first movie of Madhuri Dixit?

Madhuri Dixit made her debut with the 1984 film Abodh.

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