Startups funded by Sonu Sood

Simran Shahid Simran Shahid
Jan 22, 2021 4 min read
Startups funded by Sonu Sood

Actor Sonu Sood, from Bollywood, will moderate a start-up show to encourage Indian start-up companies. The House of Kuberan has announced its upcoming enterprise show, which will bring creative start-up thinking from across India, to be streamlined and exhibited. The platform would help businessmen get the investment from the best investment community and transform most of them into profitable companies.

Both ambitious entrepreneurs and innovators can use the forum to introduce their business ideas and business models to experienced testing experts, and the most influential investors can pitch and convince them to invest their money in their company. This platform aims to simplify the process by which a startup can be financed and turned into a revitalizing Premium content for the public. Sanjeev K Kumar, CEO and Co-Founder of Kuberan's House, said that, "The aim is to provide both entrepreneurs and investors with a forum and to mediate and serve as a catalyst.”

Sonu Sood moderates a startup show to encourage Indian startup companies

This project would ultimately transform into a mega TV show consisting of a consortium of eight major investors and 60 final entrepreneurs from all the applicants. Ram Gowda, md and co-founder Kuberan’s House, says: "There are many forums for start-ups across India, but there's no showcase and no new start-ups. Kuberan’s House is the first of its kind to come up with the concept of taking the closed-door investment negotiations to every drawing room throughout India.

Sonu Sood Backs Fintech Startup Spice Money to Drive Financial Inclusion in Rural India

Spice Money is a subsidiary company of DiGiSPICE Technologies Limited. It operates a tech-enabled hyperlocal payments network, offering services such as cash deposit, Aadhaar-enabled payments system for cash withdrawal, mini ATMs, insurance, loans, bill payments, cash collection center for NBFCs and banks as well as ticket bookings and recharge. It also offers PAN card and mPoS related services through the Spice Money App (Adhikari App) and web portal. ​

The latest infusion would help to design new initiatives and products that will bridge the divide between rural and urban India. Spice Money will also enable select existing programs developed by Sonu Sood during the lockdown, to be made available on the Spice Money platform.

Kuberan’s House

Kuberan's House is the first and exclusive person to be broadcasted on a broadcast channel in India. It represents the spirit of the 'Make in India' movement and offers opportunities, publicity and recognition for participants and an opportunity for them to gain mentorship and financial support to make their dream come true.

The Kuberan House Foundation's core alignment lies in delivering, tracking, streamlining and showcasing the best startup ideas in India for Kuberas' elite team. The foundation is focused on the informative website and a comprehensive procedure for submitting ideas and entrepreneurs together with a pitch deck. A solid, passionate and accomplished multi-faceted core team with expertise in different fields constitutes the Base.

Through strategic alliances sponsored by the best professional media, P.R, digital marketing, advertisement, and advisors from the top technical institutes and start up forums in India, the Foundation is the centerpiece of all activities that enable full scope and invite creative entrepreneurs and developers to apply. 9X Ventures LLP, integral part of Kuberan's House, offers training, mentorship, the concept of business model, network support, incubation and acceleration services and is a competent home start-up consulting company.

9XV, together with its team of industrial experts, market value's, chartered accountants, screen every application and institutional and expert domain partner in Kuberan's House is conducted in a most scientific and professional manner. A three-stage screening process involves detailed background checks, technical specifications, a company module, originality and viability for the business concept being suggested, all applications received on the KUBERAN's HOUSE platform.

Bridging the divide between companies and investors:

Kuberan's House is a first and unique forum for developing and showcasing new startup ideas in India and helping companies obtain investments from the best selection of investors and risk capitalists. A real TV show featuring Sonu Sood makes it easier to obtain an idea by making it into a vigorous primetime. The idea arose when the planet was completely stalled as a consequence of the pandemic. A brainchild of Sanjeev K Kumar (CEO and cofounder), Ram Gowda (MD and cofounders), and Ranjith Royal (cofounders). In the background of the project's online partners, Govind Balakrishna Raju (chair strategic officer) and Srinivas Vasanthala (VS – Operations) joined hands with the founders.

Who can apply?

If you are an inventor or an entrepreneur and are looking for funding in an innovating business concept or company, this is the perfect forum to achieve your start-up dream. The 500 top startups undergo a rigorous screening phase and will be moved to the 'Hall of Fame' of Cuberan House. Any of these are accredited as a 'Seal of Merit' by the Kuberan House Fellowship. The applicants will be limited to the top100, which will engage in a three-day exhaustive and holistic workshop.

The Workshop is made up of a group of exclusive experts in business matters, economics, policy, chartered accounting and the administration of the funds, legal matters and the public sector. The last 60 companies will be listed on the show. Three ideas will be introduced in each episode in the 15-episode series. This series is about pitching top investors in the country and convincing them about the importance of your enterprise concept, where every pitch will have an opportunity to get the Rs 10 crore funding, as opposes the traditional realities with a winner and a loser.


This is a rare opportunity for top start-ups to appear on national television once in a lifetime. Incubation and acceleration skills will also be open to the top 500 applicants. In view of international exposures and global platforms such as Silicon Valley (USA), Singapore and Israel, Prime 100 will gain access to a detailed holistic workshop, with domain, business, lawyers and the final 60 applicants. In terms of startup credits, incentives and value add-ons all shortlisted applicants will also gain

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