How Kuberan's House Has Become a Sensation - Interview with Mr Sanjeev K Kumar

Shubham Bhargav Shubham Bhargav
Dec 30, 2020 3 min read
How Kuberan's House Has Become a Sensation - Interview with Mr Sanjeev K Kumar

The crux of the success of any idea or innovation is the resources and the platform which provide a much-needed boost to it in a highly competitive marketplace. Kuberan’s House is an event that provides that light to startups which helps them in developing, streamlining, and connecting business ideas and innovations with a sleuth of potential investors and venture capitalists.

Being one of the biggest players in this industry, it was delightful for us to catch up with the founder of Kuberan’s House event, Mr Sanjeev K Kumar himself. In our small conversation with him, we were able to take away some very insightful knowledge about the domain.

India’s Biggest Startup Showcase - The Motto and the Appeal

The main motto of Kuberan’s House being a platform that is indeed India’s biggest startup showcase is to provide the opportunity to every Indian with a vision and an idea to realize their dreams. Empowering people from Tier 2 and Tier 3 cities to realize their goals, and supporting indigenous businesses is another motto and appeal of Kuberan’s House. Providing this platform for Indian startups are Mr Sanjeev K Kumar, Mr Ram Gowda, and Mr Ranjith Royal.

Q - What kind of startups can apply to the event?

We are open to startups of any sector like FinTech, HealthTech, Logistics, e-commerce, SaaS, Consumers Services, etc.

Q - What is the whole process of applying and selection?

Ans – Our registration process is that every ideator (company not registered)/ entrepreneur has to apply on Kuberan House to participate.

All applications received in the Kuberan's House website go through a three-stage filtering process which includes exhaustive checks on background, tech specs, business module, originality, and the feasibility of the proposed business idea.

Once the application is submitted it is sent to one of our 500+ screeners and multi-level screening happens by domain experts.

Once the top 500 startups are selected and notified. Further filtering of 500 to prime 100 is done through a stringent filtering process and these 100 startups get ‘The Kuberan’s Fellowship’ certificate as a seal of Merit.

The members of the ‘Fellowship’ are rewarded with value-added services and resources from the KH partners and gain access to the internal team of accelerators.

Then we have a holistic and exhaustive workshop conducted for the top 100 start-ups and is a 3-day comprehensive initiation module. Consisting of an exclusive panel of professionals in corporate, finance, strategy, chartered accounting, fund management, legal and public speaking, this workshop aims to project, explore and impart each and every aspect of making a successful pitch to the investors.

Q - What are the things you will look in a startup for selection?

Uniqueness, Scalability, Team Strength, Authenticity, X-factor, Market research, Customer response, Tech stack (when applicable).

Startups across all stages can apply to Kuberan's House for getting short-listed to the list of eligible winners.

Q - How many startups will be given prizes and what Benefits will they receive?

Top 500 will get certificates, merits and other add ons

Prime 100 will be empanelled in the Kuberan's House's ‘Hall of Fame’ of start-ups every season and each of them is handed ‘The Kuberan’s Fellowship’ certificate as a seal of Merit.

They are rewarded with value-added services and resources from the KH partners and gain access to the internal team of accelerators and possible mentorship.

Final 60: In addition to the above are Trained and Groomed by industry experts and each stand a chance to get up to 10 Cr in funding.

  • Top 500 - Scholarship and access to our incubation and accelerator expertise.
  • Top 100 - Complete holistic workshop with domain/business/legal/presentation experts
  • Top 60 - Will be especially groomed for presentation and pitching skills.

All the shortlisted Start-ups will get other benefits in terms of value-additions.


Now that you have all the information you need at your hand to participate in the new age phenomenon for startups, all that's left is to visit the website, and give it a shot.

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