List of Brands Endorsed By Akshay Kumar

List of Brands Endorsed By Akshay Kumar
Akshay Kumar Endorsed Brands

In the recent years many companies are willing to pay crores in order to get a right celebrity to endorse the company products and services. One of the top actors in India, that is currently in demand for endorsements is Akshay Kumar.

This is because the actor is known for his persona of being down to earth, disciplined, a true nationalist and a fitness expert. Akshay Kumar is a India-born naturalised Canadian Actor, Producer, Martial Artist and Popular Television Personality that works in Indian film industry.

The bollywood actor has so far appeared in more than 100 movies and has been awarded with several acclaimed awards including Film Fare, National Film Awards and Padma Shri. Akshay Kumar is known for his work in bollywood movies such as Rowdy Rathore, Holiday, Airlift, Rustom, Padman, Kesari and Toilet: Ek Prem Katha. According to the Forbes list of 2019, Akshay ranks as the 4th highest paid actors in the world.

When it comes celebrities endorsing brands Akshay Kumar is one of the top actors as he has supported, endorsed various startups and helped them in getting to a better position throughout his career.

The actor's brand value amounts to over Rs 742 crore, according to the celebrity brand valuation study of 2019 done by Duff and Phelps. Akshay Kumar is known to charge over Rs 2 to 3 crore per day as a fee for endorsements, according to Financial Express.

Some of the 30 brands endorsed by Akshay Kumar are Fau-G, GOQii, Honda, Nirma, Policy Bazaar, Livguard Energy, Harpic, Suthol, Dollar, Tata Motors, PC Jewelers, Revital H, Lever Ayush, and Cardekho among others.

Unlike other celebrities who are extremely picky when they are choosing which startup of endorse or fund, but Akshay on the other hand is known to take the plunge and support newcomers without think much. Which is why Akshay recommends other celebrities to get associated with the brand only if they believe in the promoters and the product.

In an interview Akshay Kumar spoke on how actors have routine paid partnerships, but the startup craze has recently opened up new opportunities for the brand as well as the celebrities worldwide. Explaining the reasoning behind endorsing some brands in an interview Akshay says that,

“For me, GOQii is has a larger fitness goal for the entire country. Pagar Book is two young boys trying to put accounts for small business firms on their phone. CarDekho has opened up the car sales market multifold. FAU-G is trying to create a world class gaming experience on your smartphone or tablet. Yes, given the success rates of startups, you’re taking the risk of no value getting created for the brand at all after all, but that’s the challenge. In the end, you’ve at least partnered or helped someone on their way and who dreamed of doing something big.”

List of Brands Endorsed By Akshay Kumar

  1. FAU-G
  2. GOQii
  3. Honda Motor Company Ltd.
  4. Nirma
  5. PolicyBazaar
  6. Tata Motors
  7. CarDekho
  8. PC Jewelers


Akshay Kumar endorses FAU-G
Akshay Kumar endorses FAU-G

FAU-G an abbreviation for Fearless and United Guards, is a Made in India online multiplayer action game developed by nCore Games. nCore Games is headquartered in Bengaluru and developed FAU-G as a tribute to the heroes of the Indian armed forces. FAU-G is known to bring to life the thrill and adrenaline of a life spent guarding India’s borders.

Akshay Kumar is not only the brand ambassador, but also a mentor to the development process in the game. The game was first announced by Akhay Kumar through social media accounts in September 2020 as a game that will support PM Narendra Modi’s Atma Nirbhar movement.

The actor also announced that over 20% of the net revenue generated by the game will be donated to the Bharat Ke Veer trust. This game was also speculated for being the Indian alternative for PUBG mobile. This is because the game came out right after PUBG along with 118 Chinese mobile apps were banned in India in September 2020, as a result of the growing border tension between India and China.

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Akshay Kumar endorsing GOQii
Akshay Kumar endorsing GOQii

GOQii pronounced as Go-key, is an Indian fitness technology company, known for their range of wearable fitness bands with a mobile app and a personalized remote coaching. The company was founded by Vishal Gondal and has its headquartered based in Menlo Park, California with offices in Mumbai and Shenzhen. GOQii had over 19% market share making it the second biggest player in Indian wearable market in 2018.

The smart-tech enabled platform has a long list of popular investors like Mitsui, Megadelta, Galaxy Digital, Edelweiss, Cheetah Mobile, Madhuri Dixit Nene, Ratan Tata and also Akshay Kumar, etc. The company also made Akshay Kumar as its brand ambassador, apart for endorsing the brand Akshay was also a part of several initiatives in their mobile app, in order to promote and widen the presence of GOQii in India.

On his association with GOQii, the actor added that he believes in GOQii’s preventive ecosystem and is proud to be associated with its passionate team.

He also added that health is not a short term goal and can be achieved by adopting a healthy lifestyle. The actor along with the team of coaches, will be working to making 130 crore Indians healthy.

Honda Motor Company Ltd.

Akshay Kumar in Honda advertisements

Honda Motor is a Japanese multinational conglomerate that is known for manufacturing automobiles, motorcycles and other power equipment's. The Tokyo headquartered company is the world largest motorcycles manufacturer since 1959, producing over 400 million motorcycles by the end of 2019. According to report, Akshay Kumar made a Rs. 50 crore deal with Honda in 2012, making him the brand ambassador for Honda motorcycles.

In 2018, Akshay Kumar was a major part of a national level campaign #HelmetOnLifeOn started by Honda to educate people on road safety. The company campaigned in 13 traffic training parks across India through huge safety events.

Akshay took this message to his fans by saying that, he was happy to be associated with Honda 2 Wheelers India for the #HelmetOnLifeOn campaign. He also told his fans to tell their loved ones to wear a helmet at all times while riding a two-wheeler.

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Nirma is one of the most well-known companies of India, with its headquarters based in Ahmedabad, Gujarat. The company manufactures products such as cements, cosmetics, soaps, detergents, salt, soda ash, LAB and injectable.

Nirma currently has over 25000 employees with a turnover of about Rs. 20,500 crore. Nirma is also known for its iconic ads through out the years, in the recent years akshay has also been a part of many of its television advertisements.


Akshay Kumar in the #Aapkisidehai ad

Policybazaar is an Indian insurance and global financial technology company that has its headquarters based in Gurgaon. The company currently provides a digital platform for users to compare financial services from major insurance company.

Policybazaar has quickly became the largest insurance aggregator in India and has also expanded to the UAE. Akshay is the brand ambassador of policy bazaar has been featured in many of its television ads.

Talking about the selection of Akshay Kumar as the company’s brand ambassador, Yashish Dahiya who is the cofounder of policy bazaar said that, “Akshay Kumar is self made, speaks directly and also delivers important messages with humor, this makes the actor the perfect fit for our brand.

Like him our brand also stands for transparency, positive societal change, reliability, trust and a genuine connection with the people. This partnership is a natural extension of the values we share with him.”

Tata Motors

Tata motors is one of the oldest and well respected Indian multinational automotive company that has its headquarters based in Mumbai, Maharashtra. The company is one of the main subsidiary of Tata Group which is a massive conglomerate.

The company manufactures cars, trucks, vans, coaches, buses, sports cars, construction equipment including military vehicles. Tata motors made Akshay Kumar as its brand ambassador for its commercial vehicle business unit in 2017 and since then the actor has been actively promoting many of its new commercial vehicles through multi media campaigns and television ads.

Besides that Akshay has also been involved in a variety of innovative marketing and customer experience initiatives to be rolled out by Tata Motors. In an interview, Akshay mentioned that it is an honour to be working with the Tata brand as most of us grew up with the company.


Akshay Kumar in the successful CarDekho advertisement

Car Dekho is an online portal that allows customers to review, compare, buy and sell new and used cars in the country. The portal not only lists vehicles for trade but also provides services like providing the latest information of the automobile industry, images, videos and features of every individual car, recent car launches, prices and other important specifications of the cars.

Car Dekho also sells a huge variety of automobile accessories such as stickers, floor mats, scratch removers, polish, mobile chargers, shampoo, tires, car stereos, and other endless car supplies. The most recent successful TV commercial starring Akshay Kumar highlighted easy ways of selling a used car to CarDekho Gaadi from anywhere, be it from home or office.

The brand ambassador of the company, Akshay Kumar in an interview added that he is delighted to be associated with CarDekho as the company works aggressively in redefining the auto ecosystem and personal mobility space of India.

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PC Jewelers

Akshay Kumar and Twinkle Khanna as the brand ambassadors of PC jeweller

PC Jeweller Limited is one of the top jeweler in India, the company started in 2005 with one showroom in New Delhi and now has over 84 showrooms in over 70 cities across 19 states in India. The company manufactures, exports, wholesale and retail gold and diamond hallmarked and certified jewelry in the country.

In 2012, the jewelry company signed Akshay Kumar and his wife Twinkle Khanna as their brand ambassadors in order to enhance the company’s presence and consumer trust in the market.

In an interview, Akshay Kumar and Twinkle Khanna said that, it was their pleasure to become a part of the PCJ family and are happy to be associated with brand that is known for its jeweler, design and trust.


According to a study conducted in 2019, Akhay Kumar has witnessed a jump of 55.3% making him second only to Virat Kohli whose brand value is Rs 1,600 crore. Akshay has over preferred by more than 30 brands because of factors such as Down to earth persona, humble beginnings, causes, discipline, fitness, movies, nationalistic urges, and maintains a healthy diet.

Akshay Kumar has over 49 million on Instagram, 45.7 million on Facebook and 39.2 million on Twitter and he uses his social media platform to spread the messages on fitness, upcoming movies, lifestyle and endorse brands. This is why Akshay might soon beat Virat Kohli to become the number one celebrity to endorse brands in India.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Akshay Kumar?

Akshay Kumar is a popular India-born naturalised Canadian actor, Producer, Martial Artist and Popular Television Personality that works in Indian film industry.

What is the Brand value of Akshay Kumar?

The actor's brand value amounts to over INR 742 crore, according to the celebrity brand valuation study of 2019 done by Duff and Phelps.

What are the brands that are endorsed by Akshay Kumar?

Some of the brands endorsed by Akhay Kumar are:

  • PC Jewelers
  • Car Dekho
  • Tata Motors
  • PolicyBazaar
  • Nirma
  • Honda Motor Company Limited
  • GOQii
  • FAU-G

How much does Akshay Kumar charge for brand endorsement?

Akshay Kumar is known to charge over Rs 2 to 3 crore per day as a fee for endorsements, according to Financial Express.

What is the net worth of Akshay Kumar?

The net worth of Akshay Kumar is INR 2050 Crores.

Which company's brand ambassador is Akshay Kumar?

Akshay Kumar is Brand Ambassador of:

  • Cardekho
  • GOQii
  • Policybazaar

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