ZingHR: Future of The Hire-to-Retire Plan

Vibhavari Madki Vibhavari Madki
May 3, 2021 6 min read
ZingHR: Future of The Hire-to-Retire Plan

ZingHR, an Indian technology company, develops a cloud-based workforce management platform that uses artificial intelligence to facilitate or automate human resources tasks throughout the employee cycle, including recruiting, training, and performance evaluation.

ZingHR is an HR startup that focus on empowering the workforce to strategically expand businesses. ZingHR establishes a digital workforce that is well connected and well informed. It consists of a Hire-to-Retire plan that eases the employee user experience. ZingHR has also added voice assistance powered by google assistant, which only increases the ease of user experience.

ZingHR is an active software solution that works continuously the organization's HR operations. It's multilingual software that provides support in 21 languages. ZingHR specializes in the recruitment process. It has robotic interviews that work in real-time. It even has a machine learning system that increases hiring by 92%.

History of ZingHR
What Are ZingHR Offerings?
Strategic Expansions and Future Plans of ZingHR

History of ZingHR

Prasad Rajappan, who started an HR consulting organization Cnergyis in 2006 in Mumbai, he thought of launching a cloud platform with the idea of covering the entire spectrum from hire-to-retire, he did not want to address it from an HR automation perspective.

Therefore, ZingHR was born in 2014, a cloud-based Human Capital Management (HCM) solution covering the entire spectrum from hire-to-retire or an end-to-end HCM solution with the focus on small and medium enterprises.

Additional to that, ZingHR wanted to give customers the simplicity of social media on an HCM automation app, thus allowing them to do HR management right from their mobile.

In the last few years, ZingHR’s scalable modules have attracted customers of all sizes from companies with 50 to 500 employees who want everything in real-time on mobile as well as those with more than a thousand employees who have experimented with other ERPs before as well.

Mr. Rajappan attributes this shift to two things, one to the mobility aspect as it provides mobile apps on hiring and appraisals. And secondly, to the initiatives, it’s doing on machine learning with Microsoft in terms of talent acquisition.

In India, as per Prasad Rajappan, nearly 2.7 Cr people fall in the targeted market for ZingHR’s kind of business. As per the organized sector perspective, hardly 5-6% of it has been tapped. Therefore, there’s a huge potential for a complete end-to-end employee lifecycle human resource software solutions to fit the custom needs of a company.

Today even startups with 20-30 people want to complete HR help and solutions. While there is no doubt that ZingHR has vast offerings right from hire-to-retire and easy availability on the cloud are attractive, yet it will have to compete against many enterprises, first the management solutions along with the other new-age technology employee management solutions.

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What Are ZingHR Offerings?

ZingHR is a smart Human Capital Management platform that empowers businesses with Enterprise Cloud Application Solutions for Human Capital Management. ZingHR adopts an employee-eccentric, mobile-first approach covering the entire spectrum from β€˜Hire-to-Retire Processes’. With the cloud application solutions, it aims to help increase in margins, impact business outcomes, and increase people engagement.

ZingHR delivers Talent Management, Learning Management, Time & Attendance, Payroll, Talent Acquisition, Travel & Expense Management, Life cycle, Off-boarding with a layer of cutting-edge technologies including analytics, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Voice Bots, Face Recognition.

ZingHR’s cloud-based and SaaS modeled product provides real-time transactions, reduces administrative effort, increases data quality. It provides a clean and an uncluttered user interface to its users. It also provides easy integration with existing systems and faster deployments, supported with the best-in-class security platforms and a multi-tenant architecture.

ZingHR plans
ZingHR plans

Strategic Expansions and Future Plans of ZingHR

Going forward, the team aims to broaden its reach to organizations across the globe and all verticals. Technically, it is looking to build a hybrid ecosystem to give its customers more flexibility of options, greater security, and privacy of data.

Leading Cloud-based HR firm ZingHR announced the completion of 6 successful years of operations and an ambitious target to achieve $22 million funds by 2022, which has been a piece of wide news for investors in Startups. The company is also widening its reach to organizations across the globe to redefine the HR function and improve business outcomes.

ZingHR is also currently working to leverage the latest technologies such as Blockchain, Deep Learning to provide cutting edge solutions and automation for the entire HR operations. On the technology front, it is to apply a hybrid ecosystem to give the users across various segments greater security and privacy of data, along with the flexibility of on-cloud SaaS solutions.

ZingHR has also raised funds from the existing investor Triton. The company intends to use the funding to expand the wide client base and strengthen technology platform. ZingHR, which is a cloud-based employee management platform, offers machine learning in recruitment processes and Aadhaar-based digital onboarding of employees, among others.

It caters to an employee base of around 6 lakhs belonging to its 400 clients and will promote Zeta as the exclusive employee benefits platform, thereby increasing the usage of Zeta as a payment instrument. ZingHR caters to corporate entities such as HDFC Securities, Svatantra Finance, Sterling resorts Shree Ram Housing Finance and DHL.

Globally, the hire-to-retire solutions market has a size of $22 Billion, ZingHR’s annual run rate, an estimate of annual revenue, is approximately $5 Million.

Indian headquartered cloud-based human capital management solutions provider, ZingHR also operates in the Philippines, Singapore, Australia, Saudi Arabia, Dubai, Oman, Qatar and Sri Lanka. And now it's further looking at expanding into China and strengthening presence in Australia.

After adding features like a voice-enabled feature called β€˜ZingBolo’, the company would now be working on adding new features and products, for instance, providing multi-lingual offerings in languages like Arabic.

Currently, ZingHR solutions are for medium enterprises that have an employee base of 250 to 1,000 and for those with more than 1,000 employees. However, now with more expansion plans, it would be targeting large enterprises with employee strength of 20,000 and 50,000.

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ZingHR has a great payroll management solution that can process more than 500 computations in less than a minute with no errors or mistakes. It also keeps a track of loans and advances given to employees in the organization. It ensures all the statutory compliances for businesses.

ZingHR - FAQs

What is ZingHR?

ZingHR, an Indian technology company, develops a cloud-based workforce management platform that uses artificial intelligence to facilitate or automate human resources tasks throughout the employee cycle, including recruiting, training, and performance evaluation.

Who is the founder of ZingHr?

The founder of ZingHR is Prasad Rajappan.

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