Things To Remember Before Buying From AliExpress

We all love to buy from online portals and let ourselves free from the hassle of actually visiting the store to buy products. According to a report number of online shoppers surpassed 120 million in 2018.  Although, buying online also has its own perks and limitations and we should consider them before purchasing from an e-commerce website. With intercountry payment gateways now it is possible to buy products from other countries hassle free. In India, most of the online products are imported from China. Furthermore, online shoppers should know the rules and regulations before buying from AliExpress which is one of the largest e-commerce website in China owned by Jack Ma. He is a business tycoon and counted as one of the richest person in the world.

Today we will understand and know how to buy product from AliExpress while sitting in India. We will also see the impact of AliExpress in the Indian market. Searching for the AliExpress service in India, we found out mixed response from the buyers. Some find it highly useful while some find it very unsatisfying experience. Well, this is the personal opinion of everyone. Here we will see major things that you should keep in mind before making a purchase from AliExpress. Don’t forget to give them look before investing any amount at AliExpress.

Slow Delivery
Import License
Legal to buy from Aliexpress
Aliexpress Rules

Slow Delivery

Slow Delivery - AliExpress
Slow Delivery - AliExpress

AliExpress isn’t India based e-commerce website, that’s why you importing rules are applied when you buy products from AliExpress.  The normal time to ship products from the AliExpress is 30 days and it can extend based on govt regulation. They provide you the tracking ID number to trace the location of your product, but other than that you can’t do anything. If things get stuck anywhere you will have to wait really long to get the delivery. They use Chinese delivery company for the product disposal and sometimes due to long wait products missed up and got lost. If you have selected free shipping option then you might receive your item next year. It takes a long time to deliver products, but the good news is that they are trying to improve their delivery speed. They are integrating fast and quality-driven delivery partners to their network to boost their sale.

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Import License

If you are wondering on how to buy from Aliexpress and sell in India, then you need a trade license and a registered shop establishment in India. You also need an Export-Import License as well. You are advised to customs clearance agent. Moreover, to get all things done before you plan to buy and sell the products bought from AliExpress.

Legal to buy from Aliexpress

It is legitimate to buy from the Aliexpress in India and perform trade functions with it. As it is legal to shop from Aliexpress in India, but still purchase should not cross Rs. 10,000 or more per year of purchases and the products should be for personal use. If you want products in bulk, go get yourself registered with Import-Export License and pay taxes and duties.

If you have any queries and has lost your product in the course of delivery then chat support is the only option to contact the AliExpress agent. The only way you can contact AliExpress customer support is chat enable and the support agent help you to get your refund from the sellers. Moreover, you can’t contact any sellers by a call, you need to contact them by chat and there is a high chance that seller won’t reply. So, you need to practically think before ordering from AliExpress.

How to buy safely from AliExpress

Aliexpress Rules

Well, as we have already discussed that you need a number of licenses to buy and sell from Aliexpress in India. However, there are few other rules and regulations to remember before making a purchase from the Aliexpress.

– You need to pay around 30% of total amount as custom and duty charges.

Without import/export license

  • The maximum amount of order, without customs duty, is Rs. 2000, i.e, you can import only up to this limit without customs duty (for personal use).
  • If the order amount is above RS. 2000, the package gets retained at the customs office.

You will have to then prove/convince the customs officer, that it was meant for personal use only and pay the customs duty, to get a package out of there.

With import/export license

– With the license, you can import goods of higher value and pay the standard custom duty of the product as per Indian customs regulations.

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Well, that’s everything basically that you need to know before buying products from Aliexpress in India. Overall Aliexpress is a nice portal to shop online and they are making a tremendous improvement in the Indian market to provide better services here. So, we can expect more growth of Aliexpress in India in the near future.

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