How to be a Good Boss | 10 Ways

Becoming the leading head of any company or office is a great honour and opportunity. It always gives a feeling of superiority and strength. As the boss, people get respect, attention, and love from their employees. However, this is not always the case as bosses might become the center of gossips and other issues around the workplace. Thus, the question arises, how to Become Everyone’s Favorite Boss?

According to a report, 86% of companies say developing new leaders is an urgent need. Here are few ways to accomplish how to Become Everyone’s Favorite Boss. You Know that when someone is the boss, employees follow their command. But this does not mean they are always entitled to it. There are qualities of a good boss that one must have so as to garner the respect required.

1. Make goals together with the employees

It is very important to let employees feel that they really are a part of the company. Let them feel that they belong in there, like a big family. Employees also have goals not just for themselves but for the company, too. They know that when the company continues to grow, they also will grow. Most of them build their future in the company they work for so help them to realize it.

Discuss Goals with The Employees
Discuss Goals with The Employees

2. Be a good listener

This line is very common in team buildings but this quality of a leader is very important. Listen to employees and their problems and attend to their needs. Do not focus only on self growth. Know the issues employees are facing and help them find a way out. This is very important to Become Everyone’s Favorite Boss.

3. Celebrate Success with Employees

Treat employees to a meal or anything that would simplify the celebration of success and thanksgiving. Do not forget to thank them for the success because they are part of it and it could not have been achieved without them.

4. Remember that mistakes can happen

As a perfectionist, one has to remember and consider that mistakes do happen. There are times when bosses might have to consider these mistakes and let them go. When there is proof that it was not committed intentionally, understand why it happened and do not take too long to forgive.

5. Know employees’ development needs

Conduct training for employees to develop their skills and allow them to gain more
knowledge about new innovation and ideas. Have personality building sessions for
employees to allow them to grow personally.

6. Conflict Resolution

When there are conflicts in the office, pacify employees as soon as possible and stay
neutral towards the causes. Being biased will only create rifts between the boss and

7. Sensitivity

When somebody commits a mistake, do not scold them right in front of their workmates but call his attention and inform him about the issue. When someone has done something good, do not hesitate to appreciate them and if possible, give a reward. With this, they will feel more motivated and important to the organization. One of the successful method to Become Everyone’s Favorite Boss.

Award for the Employees
Award for the Employees

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8. Be a good example

Remember that in office, everyone is working in one team. Avoid doing things that may disappoint others and reduce their respect. Do not allow this saying to come true, “Follow what I say but do not follow what I do.”

9. Encourage a good relationship among them

A healthy work environment will help employees work well. When they feel comfortable with each other, they can avoid conflicts and concentrate on getting their, work done with ease.

10. Even though one is the boss, they are not exempted from committing mistakes.

When a mistake is committed by the boss, they should admit it and be sorry for it. Seeing this humility will make employees trust the leadership qualities.

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Being a friend to employees is the first step towards being a good boss. Do not pretend to be somebody else. Be honest in dealing with them and do not build huge blocks for interaction. The more approachable one is, the easier it is to pacify conflicts and solve issues. Follow these steps to Become Everyone’s Favorite Boss.

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