5 Best Discord Alternatives You Should Use in 2022

5 Best Discord Alternatives You Should Use in 2022
Best Discord Alternatives

When talking about texting, today, every task or meeting is mostly done through texting as it provides a better platform for discussion and sharing data with team members or friends. While keeping this in mind, it is very important to have an application that provides you with the proper features that you require and possesses a good facility for the security of your chat. Texting is important for both professionals as well as gamers. And, the gamers require the proper application that does not ruin their game performance, while texting.

For these purposes, an application called, Discord is quite famous among many people. Discord provides you with a convenient yet fancy space for texting and is loved among gamers. But, when talking about security or end-to-end encryption, Discord lacks in many ways. It is not a safe application, especially for professionals. Also, it does not prove professionals' features and services.

Texting is an important part of our day. So, it is necessary to use an application that gives you better services and some incredible features, alongside.

Through this article, we present you with some fascinating and absolutely safe alternatives for Discord. Stay tuned!

Best Discord Alternatives

  1. Wire
  2. Element
  3. TeamSpeak
  4. Telegram
  5. Skype


About Discord and Best alternatives of Discord

Best Discord Alternatives


Wire - Best Discord Alternative
Wire - Best Discord Alternative

Wire has proven an incredible texting application that provides a safe space for you and your team. It allows you to easily video call or shares any of your files, without worrying about the security measures. It's a great space to create groups for important discussions and sharing tasks or projects.

Also, it allows you to invite users to an encrypted group created by you. With its features, it is an incredible Discord alternative.


  • Conference calling feature
  • File transfer feature
  • Instant messaging
  • Data synchronization


  • Wire Enterprise is offering Wire worth $9.5/month, on buying annually.
  • Wire Pro is offering Wire worth $5.83/month, on buying annually.

For other platforms, you may contact the Wire support team.

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Element - Best Discord Alternative
Element - Best Discord Alternative

Discord is quite famous among gamers and considered an incredible application for texting and calling. But, what needs to be taken under consideration is the security and privacy of the chats. Discord is no doubt an amazing application but it does not provide end-to-end encryption. In that case, it is very important to choose an application as an alternative to Discord. Element is the application you must check out. It's a video and chats application that offers end-to-end encryption.

Element comes with tons of tools to prove a smooth workflow. It is mainly used by professionals because of its amazing features. It allows you to share files of any size within any group, or friend. It is built on the Matrix open communication protocol, which provides a feature of calling within its estimated network.


  • Matrix protocol
  • End-to-End encryption
  • Clean UI
  • PopTransfer any size of the file


Although this application is free of cost, it provides a plus pro plan service of $2/month.


TeamSpeak - Best Discord Alternative
TeamSpeak - Best Discord Alternative

TeamSpeak is considered the best alternative for Discord. It is a brilliant application based on a VoIP communication system mainly made for voice mails or chats. It is absolutely end-to-end encrypted with some very advanced features like high and clear quality for the voice text, clear sound without any disturbance, total security of chat ad incredible performance.


  • Instant delivery of messages
  • Volume adjustment according to the microphone and echo and background noise cancellation
  • Synchronize data, servers and durable setting between device along with cloud-based service
  • Absolute control on who can join your channel, who can chat with you, and any more such features


The price of TeamSlack is based on the server software you prefer for the gaming license. It varies according to the game licence plan you prefer, such as:

  • The annual renewal of server 1 is $55
  • The annual renewal of server 2 is $100
  • The annual renewal of server 2 with 256 slots is $175
  • The annual renewal of server 2 with 512 slots is $300
  • Annual renewal of server 2 with 1024 slots $500


Telegram - Best Discord Alternative
Telegram - Best Discord Alternative

Telegram is an absolute secure texting app that provides you with a great package of features. Telegram is a popular choice among many people as it is an open-source application and very handy to use.

With being an open-sourced application, it assures the security of your chat, completely.


  • Self-destructive feature together with end-to-end encrypted chats
  • Share any file regardless of its size
  • Instant messaging
  • Groups can include up to 200,000 members
  • Customize texting


This open-source application is absolutely free of cost.

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Skype - Best Discord Alternative

Skype is an absolutely convenient and handy application that provides you with a simple and familiar service of texting. Skype is quite famous for its amazing feature of texting and video chatting. It is the platform that provides you with the simplest method and functioning that is required for communication with your friend or a group.

Besides, it permits you to share files and chat within any group together with amazing video chatting features. Skype gives you one of the most incredible chatting experiences that you must try.


  • Very handy and convenient
  • Share files up to 300MB
  • Video call, audio call and texting

Platforms that support skype

Windows, Android, macOS, and iOS


  • With its amazing features, skype is free of cost which is amazing.


Discord has been an incredible texting application, especially for gamers. But, in the long term, it can not be trusted with the privacy of chats. Therefore, it's good to have another possible alternative that provides you with end-to-end encryption and other advanced features. These alternatives are described in this article with their possible details for you to choose conveniently. It's very important to own the privacy of your data while sharing it on a digital platform with someone. So, keep these things in mind and get started with your texting app.


Is the Discord application closing?

No, there isn't any news on the closing of the Discord application.

Is TeamSlack a better application than Discord?

Well, in several ways, yes. TeamSpeak provides you with a safe and secure space to discuss any of your topics in the chats. Besides, TeamSlack has been providing their customers with some extreme facilities like channel support, dark mode and more.

Is hacking possible through Discord?

Yes, there have been some cases where the user's discord account got hacks due to lack of proper security. Also, some concerning issues like stealing a user's account certificates from Discord.

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