List of Best On-Page SEO Checkers to Help You Get Ranked High

List of Best On-Page SEO Checkers to Help You Get Ranked High
Best on page SEO checkers

Are you one of those who is looking for a good SEO checker online? We all know it is not an easy task to become proficient in SEO, yet we are aware of how search engine optimization filters the quality and quantity of the website traffic we are running from different search engines, also it is quite easy to find the best tools for SEO.

Why do you use an SEO checker?

All the online businesses established are indirectly or directly competing with each other to have a better digital footprint than that of their competitors, SEO checker will help you to optimize your website/web page in a better way, and it also provides a smooth experience for anyone visiting your website, which will increase your brand's credibility and build a form of trust with the person that visits your webpage

At present there are way many SEO checkers available on the internet, In this article, we will be having a look at the various and the best in the market SEO checkers available online and what makes them a top class in comparison to their competitors, of course, you cant use them all at once. But you can check out which one suits you the best and stick to it.

List of Best SEO Checker Tools

  1. SEMRush
  2. MonsterInsights
  3. AIO SEO
  4. Serpstat
  5. Kazan SEO Checker
  6. Ubersuggest
  7. Google Search Console
  8. vidlQ - Exclusively for YouTube


Best for: Keyword Research
Pricing: $119.95 - $449.95 /Free Trial for 7 days

SEMRush on-page SEO checker
SEMRush on-page SEO checker

Be it a big established corporation or a small mom-and-pop business, SEMRush has never failed to impress them all. it is specially used in weblogs, the main task it conducts will help you find better keywords based on their ranking and relevance to your product/service. The software also gives you a good audit and analysis report in a neat interface so you can make necessary changes to improve the performance of your website

SEMRush offers you a free trial of 7 days of its best tool so you can actually experience it and see if this is something that suits you and your website. SEMRush further offers packages ranging from $119.95 to $449.95 depending on the needs and the tools that you will be utilizing.

How to use Semrush On-Page SEO checker


Best for: Bringing Website Traffic
Pricing: $99-  $399 Annually

MonsterInsights on-page SEO checker
MonsterInsights on-page SEO checker

Used by over 3 million businesses worldwide monster insights can be said to be the top website for bringing quality website traffic from across the web for you. It is also the best google analytical plugin for WordPress available, it will also display all your metrics and scales directly on your webpage. The metrics contain different scales of your impressions, scaling, CTR (click-through rate), clicks, etc. although there is a free version of Monster Insights available it doesn’t offer all of its tools, the advanced version of it provides you with various advanced technical instruments.


Best for: All in One for Website Search Ranking
Pricing: $49 - $209 Annually

AIO SEO on-page SEO checker
AIO SEO on-page SEO checker

Also known as All In One SEO, AIO SEO is one of the most full-scale SEO kits available on the internet. It provides a total score of your website by examining your website and taking different metrics into consideration.

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Best for: Site Audits & Competitive Research
Pricing: Starts $69 Monthly

Serpstat on-page SEO checker
Serpstat on-page SEO checker

With the tagline “all in one SEO platform” Serpstat addresses the issue of tracking keyword rank very efficiently. Be it a local, regional or international operation Serpstat can carry out all SEO procedures on each page with great accuracy. Doing site audits, competitive research, and Serpstat keyword tracking on all keywords are the areas where its forte lay the best. One of the most impressive strengths of Serpstat is, that it is very friendly to customers’ pockets. Its pricing system starts from just $69 and goes beyond as per the preferred package. It makes sure it gives the best of service in each package. It simply covers a wide range of SEO solutions because of which it has gathered a good number of loyal users across the globe.

Kazan SEO Checker

Best for: Keyword Suggestions & Improvement
Pricing: Free

Kazan Seo Logo - on-page SEO checker
Kazan Seo Logo - on-page SEO checker

Kazan tops the list in one of the best free on-page SEO checkers The best ways for optimizing the content you publish are all covered by Kazan.

It is quick in tracking appropriate keyword ranking and suggesting the areas for improvement. It is a simple, quick, and free tool got SEO analysis. It comes very handily during the initial branding phase. Kazan SEO checker provides solutions on a single platform for content marketing techniques, analysis, development, optimization, and research.


Best for: Keyword Suggestions
Pricing: Free with a Daily Search Limits

Ubbersuggest on-page SEO checker
Ubbersuggest on-page SEO checker

Ubbersuggest is curated by a very famous internet personality, Neil Patel. Ubersuggest is a very popular keyword suggestion tool among digital marketing professionals and small business owners due to its clean and clear user dashboard and swift arrival of useful insights. It shows the volume, the CPC monthly searches, SEO difficulty, paid difficulty, and even useful link suggestions that can help speed up the reach of your website. Ubersuggest has been seen to be quite efficacious in driving 100% organic traffic to its user's websites.

Google Search Console

Best for: Search Performance
Pricing: Free

Google search console on-page SEO checker
Google search console on-page SEO checker

Google search console was previously known as google webmaster tools. Google Search Console is an absolutely free tool offered by Google that enables websites, professionals, and developers to know where they stand in front of the audience. It helps in understanding the fundamentals of how google addresses the issues of indexes, crawling, and other errors. It is easy to use and offers its service for free. Small business owners consider it a holy grail as it makes reaching the right audience more viable without costing a dime.

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vidlQ - Exclusively for YouTube

Best for: Bringing Traffic on YouTube
Pricing: Free Plans/ $7.5 - $79 per month

vidlQ on-page SEO checker
vidlQ on-page SEO checker

vidlQ was launched in 2011. it is one of the most popular YouTube SEO tools for improving reach on YouTube effectively. users exclusively use its chrome extension for improving their video content on YouTube by getting appropriate keywords and content ideas. Ever since it launched, it has been helping millions of users each day to shoot up their YouTube content. VidlQ comes very handy to use as it shows analytics at once on each video on YouTube. To assist YouTube producers, VidIQ suggests the best video marketing insights which are certified by YouTube. It is available free and also has a paid version. One of its best features is showing real-time VPH (views per hour) which helps the creators create content truly welcomed and enjoyed by the audience.


What is an SEO checker?

An SEO checker is a tool that scans web pages to find technical errors and SEO issues that can degrade search engine rankings.

What are the best on-page SEO checker tools?

Some of the best on-page SEO checker tools are:

  • SEMRush
  • MonsterInsights
  • Serpstat
  • Kazan SEO Checker
  • Ubersuggest
  • Google Search Console
  • vidlQ

What is a good On-Page SEO score?

80% or higher On-Page score is considered good.

What are on-page SEO checklist?

Checklists for On-Page SEO are:

  • Optimized URL
  • Meta Title & description
  • Optimized Images
  • Schema Markup
  • Internal Links

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