Top 6 Online Business Banking Solutions for Small and Medium Businesses

Top 6 Online Business Banking Solutions for Small and Medium Businesses

‌‌Each business requires several services for its easy working. Some of the services are achieved by the traditional method, whereas some services get fulfilled by outsourcing facilities.

Apart from these, there can be few leniencies provided by modern technology to accomplish a work. The best example of this is to achieve business banking solutions by the medium of the internet.

Online business banking solutions are a great way of using banking solutions with additional advantages such as convenience, ease to use, better-maintained record, etc. Multiple platforms are providing different services in the online business banking industry. Some of the most famous and well-known platforms are:

1. BlueVine
2. Axos Bank
3. Novo
4. Lending Club Bank
5. Mercury
6. NorthOne

1. BlueVine

BlueVine is a California-based Fintech company popularly known to provide online banking solutions to small and medium-sized businesses. BlueVine works with the mission of empowering small businesses with innovative banking specially designed for them.

They work towards easing the pain point of every small business owner by providing them with solutions that can help them with acknowledging their cash flow, capital access, etc. There are several services provided by them,

  • Account basics.
  • Vender services and transactions.
  • Paycheck protection loan programs.
  • A business line of credit, etc.

Why should you consider BlueVine:

  • Best for small business owners or newly opened businesses.
  • Allows unlimited transactions.
  • Provides a better competitive interest rate.

2. Axos Bank

Axos Bank Website
Axos Bank Website

Axos Bank is an American-based chartered Bank with the mission of building a secure financial future for those who look out for convenient online banking solutions. Axos Bank is a well-known bank for providing complete online-based business solutions to its customers.

  • Small business banking solutions.
  • Commercial business banking solutions.
  • Commercial lending solutions.
  • Personal banking solutions, etc.

Why should you consider Axon Bank:

  • Axos Bank does only limit its services to online business banking solutions, it also provides complete services to personal banking services.
  • Axos Bank provides both mobile applications as well as desktop versions for the easy use of customers.
  • It is also given the tag of one of the best banks in America by Forbes.
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3. Novo

Novo Website
Novo Website

Novo bank is a United States-based online banking solution provider. Novo bank works with the ethics of empowering their customers with financial data along with the most compelling banking experience. Novo bank works with the simple aim of keeping no hidden fees for small businesses.

  • Helps in creating and managing an unlimited number of invoices.
  • Refunds at all ATMs.
  • Allows domestic and foreign wire exchange.

Why should you consider Novo Bank:

  • Novo bank works with a negligible amount of fees as compared to other places.
  • Novo bank is the simplest online banking solution provider platform. It's easy to use and maintain.
  • Novo bank is perfect for new users as well as new startups to manage their business activities.

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4. Lending Club Bank

LendingClub Website
LendingClub Website

Lending Club is a California-based-to-peer platform enabling its users to keep a track of their financial expenses. Lending Club works on different facilities with the mission of transforming the banking industry to make credit more affordable and investing more rewarding.

  • Easy lending loans for business.
  • Easy lending loans for personnel.
  • Facility to check and keep a check on a business account.

Why should you consider Lending Club:

  • A business account can be opened within a few minutes.
  • Provides excellent customer service.
  • Provides the service of mobile applications as well as web platforms.

5. Mercury

Mercury Website
Mercury Website

Mercury is a United States-based banking solution provider platform especially popular for its support to newly born startups. Mercury can be considered as the first platform for providing easy access to early building startups and fintech companies. The aim of mercury is to power the next generation of companies that can build the shape of American industry.

  • Allows the creation of virtual debit cards.
  • Keep a track of cash flow.
  • Allows the customers to sign in from anywhere in the world.

Why should you consider Mercury:

  • The whole process right from the start of creating the account till managing it with different facilities is available through the online method. Mercury completely eliminates the possibility of stepping into the bank.
  • Avails the customers with the facility of issuing virtual as well as physical banking cards by reposting each transaction to the head.
  • It is the perfect stop for startups to indulge in online business banking solutions.

6. NorthOne

NorthOne Website
NorthOne Website

NorthOne is a United States-based online banking solution. It combines online banking solutions with in-built tools for easy and safe business banking solutions. NorthOne works with the mission of eliminating the financial administration for business owners so that they can eventually focus on developing their business.

Some of the popular services of NorthOne are:

  • Allows smart and digital banking tools.
  • Allows the facility of depositing checks at a simple pace.
  • Provides business banking cards.

Why should you consider NorthOne:

  • NorthOne is the perfect platform for new users.
  • It is a mobile-based application, hence more accepted and favoured by typical mobile users.
  • Provides one in all solutions with a single step.

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Technology is grasping the world in its hand with each passing day. The businesses earlier needed visiting banks for taking up their needed services. However, now one can easily select needed online business banking solutions for their firm and can work with them without the need of actually stepping into the bank. There are several online platforms providing business banking solutions to customers.


What is the best business banking app?

Some of the best banking apps one can consider using are Revolut, Monzo, Barclays, etc.

Which bank has the most secure online banking?

Citibank and Bank of America are the most secure banks for online banking

Which is the best online bank for business?

Santander is considered the best bank for online businesses.

What are the advantages of using an online business banking platform?

There are several advantages associated with the use of online business banking platforms. Online business banking platforms are low-cost to maintain, allow instant money transfer, is convenient to use, etc.

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