Top 5 Best Plagiarism Checkers of 2021

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Sep 11, 2021 6 min read
Top 5 Best Plagiarism Checkers of 2021

Even when you're writing unique content to published on any platform, there are high chances that the words you're using have already been used by someone for a similar article or blog. This can make your content vulnerable to the label of plagiarized content, and the only solution to this quandary is to check for plagiarism. Moreover, if you hire freelance writers or interns to write content for a blog or a website, you need to be sure that the content they turn in is original.

This is where Plagiarism Checker Tools come in. They are quite handy in identifying even the most subtle of plagiarized content, intentional or not. Such tools are quite useful for both, freelance content writers and editors, and their employers.

In this article we discuss some of the best Plagiarism Checker Tools, their features and pricing; so if you're a writer or publisher looking for such tools, read further to find the best fit for you.



Duplichecker | Best Plagiarism Checker
Duplichecker | Best Plagiarism Checker

Duplichecker is not just a plagiarism checker tool, rather an all in one content curation and grammar suite, which offers various services such as paraphrasing tool, grammar check, and reverse image search tool. The wide range of tools that Duplichecker has to offer, makes it a perfect choice for content writers and editors. Moreover, its usage is as simple as pasting the piece of text on the browser and applying the required check. Duplicheker is also considered one of the best tools for checking plagiarism.

Features of Duplichecker

  • Duplichecker offers a simple and user friendly interface where all you need to do is paste the text in the browser and apply the necessary check.
  • It offers a full suite of features including Grammar check, Plagiarism check, Paraphrasing tool, and Reverse Image search.
  • Moreover, Duplichecker also offers tools for Search Engine Optimization(SEO), such as text analysis, keyword research, and IP tool.
  • Duplichecker provides for Website Management, a range of features including SEO score analysis, pinging tool, rewriting tool, among various others.
  • Duplichecker works on all popular formats of text files including .txt, .tex, .doc, .docx, .pdf and others.

Pricing of Duplichecker

Duplichecker offers custom pricing which varies with the number of words that you apply the check against. Their plans vary from $5 per month which offers 50 searches for 15,000 words to $200 per month which offers 4000 searches.


PaperRater | Best Plagiarism Checker
PaperRater | Best Plagiarism Checker

PaperRater is an online grammar, spelling, and plagiarism checker and proofreading tool, for content writers and editors. With the help of advanced ML models PaperRater instantly looks for plagiarism, grammatical errors, and offers suggestions at the same time, making it the ultimate tool for proofreading content. Moreover, its AI engine Grendel offers you valuable feedback and tips to incorporate in your work, for better results.

Features Offered by PaperRater

  • PaperRater offers AI powered tools to help with grammar check, plagiarism detection, and automated scoring.
  • With the help of ML models, PaperRater utilizes the most advanced grammar and spell checker, which uses context to find inconsistencies in text.
  • PaperRater is an instant plagiarism checker that analyzes your text in a matter of seconds and gives you insights in a matter of seconds.
  • Moreover, it also proofreads your content to suggest better vocabulary usage, sentence analysis, and readability.
  • Along with grammar and spelling checks, PaperRater offers suggestions for sentence length, active/passive voice selection, and the right phrases to use.

Pricing of PaperRater

The basic plan is free of cost and offers the submission of 5 pages per submission and the Premium plan Costs $7.95 per month and offers up to 20 pages per submission.


Plagramme | Best Plagiarism Checker
Plagramme | Best Plagiarism Checker

Plagramme is a free and popular plagiarism checking tool, which gives instant check results, with even the longest of documents. With Plagramme, you can test for the plagiarism detection without even signing up and then, depending upon the result, you can sign up to find more tools. Moreover, its plagiarism checker for academic purposes is scanned against about 80 million scholarly papers and articles, to give users the best results.

Features Offered by Plagramme

  • With the plagiarism analysis offered by Plagramme, don't just check for similar text, instead evaluate different scores like risks, paraphrase, citations, and matches.
  • Any plagiarism detected is highlighted in different colors with respect to their score, making it easy for writers to correct and prioritize things.
  • The plagiarism checker attaches links to the sources that match with the analyzed text, and makes it easy for the authors to double check.
  • Citations can often be misjudged and labelled as plagiarized, and hence Plagramme efficiently checks for citations for avoiding such situations.
  • Plagramme offers multilingual detection, and checks for plagiarism even if the text in written in multiple languages.


We have all used Grammarly at some point, maybe to turn in an English essay, or a story of some sort, but we have. Grammarly offers a plagiarism checker and other text analysis and content optimization tools, for students and authors. It helps detect plagiarism from ProQuest databases and about 16 billion web pages, which speaks volumes in itself. Moreover, Grammarly covers sentence structure, punctuation, and vocabulary, to help you bring out the best of your work.

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Features Offered by Grammarly

  • Grammarly offers a tone detector, that helps you meet the way you wish to express yourself.
  • Grammarly checks content for plagiarism against billions of web pages, and even for the most subtle one's.
  • You get to analyze your text for grammar, punctuation, vocabulary, and more to make your article best in class.
  • Along with fixing spelling errors, Grammarly also suggests edits in your text, which could bring more sense and meaning to your work.
  • Make your text more readable with Grammarly, and transform whole sentences to give them a proper structure and meaning.



Unicheck is another instant Plagiarism Checker Tool, which uses technical knowledge and intuitive structure to detect plagiarism in text. Unicheck is recognized and used by 1,100 academic institutions globally. It supports most file formats for plagiarism detection and accepts bulk uploads, while giving out detailed reports to revise potential plagiarism.

Features Offered by Unicheck

  • The data that you upload on Unicheck is securely stored over regional servers, and governed with data safety policies such as FERPA and GDPR.
  • Unicheck offers various custom and flexible plans for educational institutes for ensuring plagiarism checks among students' academic papers and articles.
  • Seamlessly integrate the plagiarism scanner and get an all time availability of the application with Amazon Cloud hosting.
  • Unicheck scans your pages and simultaneously develops a report in a bare minimum of 25 seconds.
  • Unicheck also offers a simple API, Google Docs add-on, as well as custom integrations for efficient checks.

Pricing for Unicheck

Unicheck offers custom pricing in three different plans namely, 'Personal', 'K-12 and Higher Education', and 'Business'. Both the Personal and Business plans range from $5 per month to $600 or more. The K-12 and Higher Education plan offers three different choices depending upon your needs, including Essentials plan, Support Plus, and an Enterprise plan.


What does a plagiarism checker do?

A plagiarism checker is a tool that analysis and detects content that is plagiarized.

What percentage of plagiarism is acceptable?

Many journals accept text similarity that is below 15%.

What are some of the best plagiarism tools?

Duplichecker, Unicheck and PapeRater are some of the best plagiarism tools.

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