Top 8 Best Holi Items/Products of 2024

Top 8 Best Holi Items/Products of 2024
Best Holi Items/Products

Our most loved festival is around the corner. Holi, the festival that brings smiles all around and splashes our bodies and minds with the freshest colours of the spring, is here now. Hence, the very first thing that comes to our mind is to shop and rock around. We were truly downright dejected being locked indoors in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, but with the start of 2022, things are appearing to be a bit more stable than they were before. However, we are all bound to maintain proper protocols and play the Holi safe this year.

With high spirits and merriment to welcome this beautiful festival, we are more likely encouraged to shop across all channels. This time is best suited for e-commerce companies to expand and experiment with their product range.

Therefore, to start earning passive income, every online entrepreneur's dream is to find the best Holi items or the home-run products that sell out during this time. So, we will go over the top trending products to sell online. The trending products on this list have some of the highest gross merchandise value and are regarded as the best items in Holi. They have thus also been sourced by Flipkart, Myntra, Amazon, and many online platforms during this time.

Now, getting into the details of the top-selling products during Holi, let us first understand the basic requirements.

  • Make safe delivery a priority
  • Clean packaging
  • Identify potential hazards and evaluate the risks
  • Be particular about choosing the right product for sale
  • Ensure that your products meet customer requirements
  • Stick to the commitments
  1. Herbal Colors
  2. Stain removal detergents
  3. Skincare & Haircare Products
  4. Waterproof Gadgets & Accessories
  5. Holi Gift Hampers
  6. Water Gun or Pichkari
  7. Sweets/Chocolates
  8. Water Balloon Maker

While people mostly want to celebrate and buy anything that they like, few products sell better than others during this period. Let us look at the most popular products during Holi.

Herbal Colors

Holi Herbal Colour - Best Holi Products
Holi Herbal Colour - Best Holi Products

When we think of Holi, we think of colours. However, all we have got in the name of colours in markets are hard chemicals like rubber and plastic. People nowadays are way smarter than before, and they know well what to purchase and what not to. This is why more and more people are rejecting the earlier colours and their brands and instead choosing herbal or organic colours. Hence, selling natural colours will be a boon for your business strategy. This way, you can also contribute a lot to the environment. These colours are eco-friendly and chemical-free products that are sustainable for us and our planet.

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Stain removal detergents

Detergent - Best Holi Products
Detergent - Best Holi Products

Who doesn't like to look colourful in Holi? Most of us like right? But what about the stained clothes that can't be worn again? Pathetic is their fate, is it?

No, because we have stain removal detergents like Surf Excel, Tide, Vanish and other products manufactured by Hindustan Unilever and other companies. These will be in high demand during the festival of Holi. Assume your customers spill colours all over their clothes, but with the assurance of your products, they can stay away from the discomfort of stain-repellant clothes.

Skincare & Haircare Products

Skincare Products - Best Holi Products
Skincare Products - Best Holi Products

The daily skincare routine can be interrupted by the festival of Holi. Unless we are using herbal colours, other Holi colours expose our skin to harsh chemicals, thereby leaving harsh effects on our skin. The same damage might happen to our hair as well. In such a case, skincare and haircare products are an absolute match. Products such as cleansers, lotions, hair oil, and lip balms will thus be in high demand before the upcoming festival.

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Waterproof Gadgets & Accessories

Best Holi Products on Amazon

How beautiful would it be to capture the colourful waters right through them and from the midst of the activities? So, to enjoy all of the fun of the Holi celebrations, you would probably want to pick up waterproof gadgets. This is why selling products in this category can be a big hit.

Products like waterproof mobile cases, waterproof watches/fitness bands, waterproof Bluetooth speakers, GoPro cameras, waterproof camera pouches, waterproof earphones, and many more can be included in the list. Let your customers enjoy a colourful Holi and pack in all these electronic gadgets that are happy even with water all over them.

Holi Gift Hampers

Holi Gift Hamper - Best Holi Products
Holi Gift Hamper - Best Holi Products

Holi, being an ancient festival, is deeply rooted in traditions. Now, as the tradition goes, gifting in Holi is counted as a blessing. Also, gifting your dear ones has been a trend for many. Hence, selling gift hampers right before the festival is surely going to attract a huge crowd. These hampers can range from new clothes to Holi balloons, chocolates, sweets, namkeens, and more to go with the festive vibes.

Water Gun or Pichkari

Water Gun or Pichkari - Best Holi Products
Water Gun or Pichkari - Best Holi Products

Do you have fond memories of those hot summer months when you and your friends would play for hours on end, trying to beat the heat with Pichkari water guns? If you want to give your loved ones the same kind of joy and excitement, consider getting them the Water Blaster Gun, one of the best Holi products made of high-quality plastic. With its sturdy construction and powerful water stream, this toy is sure to provide hours of fun and entertainment.


Sweets/Chocolates - Best Holi Products
Sweets/Chocolates - Best Holi Products

Holi, the festival of colours, is a time of joy, friendship, and togetherness. And what better way to celebrate this colourful festival than by indulging in a box of delicious sweets and gujias? These mouth-watering delicacies are an essential part of Holi celebrations, and it's hard to imagine the festival without them. If you're looking to share the spirit of this vibrant festival with your friends and loved ones, gifting them a box of sweets and gujias is the perfect way to do it. These treats are not only delicious but also carry the essence of the festival in them. Apart from sweets and gujias, dry fruits are also highly in demand as a gift during Holi. These healthy and nutritious snacks are a popular choice among gift-givers and receivers alike.

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Water Balloon Maker

Water Balloon Maker - Best Holi Products
Water Balloon Maker - Best Holi Products

Are you gearing up for a water balloon fight but don't have the time to prepare balloons manually? Look no further than the Magic Water Balloon Maker! This nifty device can produce up to 100 water balloons in just 60 seconds, ensuring that you have plenty of ammunition for your water balloon fight. With the Magic Water Balloon Maker, you can quickly and easily arm yourself for some summertime fun without any hassle.


Now, once you have decided on the products that you would like to drop off at your online store for the users, the final outcome is to decide on a fast and reliable shipping and logistics partner. Just take a move ahead wisely, and it will be all set.


Why is Holi celebrated in short?

Holi is celebrated to signify the coming of spring, the season of love and new life, and the victory of good over evil. This festival dates back to the immortal romance of Radhe-Krishna and celebrates their love. Furthermore, it also marks the victory of Lord Vishnu as Narasimha Avatar over Hiranyakashipu.

What are the traditions of Holi?

Holi traditions include bonfires, colourful powders called gulals, sweets, colours, dance to traditional folk music, and more to celebrate the resonating joy of the season and the love that is in the air during Spring.

How many days is Holi celebrated in India?

Holi is celebrated for two days in India.

What are some Holi business ideas?

If you are wondering how to set up a Holi business, then here are some of the best ideas to set up your business for Holi:

  • Fast food/snack stall
  • Colours and accessories stall
  • Sweets shop
  • Gift corner
  • Event management business
  • Flowers stall
  • Catering business

What are the best Holi items?

Holi is a festival of colours, so the list of the best items for Holi is not devoid of colours. Here are some more items that are in demand during Holi:

  • Holi accessories like balloons, water guns, and other decorative items
  • Detergent powders
  • Sweets
  • Chocolates
  • Gifts
  • Snacks
  • Skincare products
  • Waterproof electronic gadgets
  • Clothes

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