Top Holi Promotional/Marketing Strategies to Sell Your Product Easily

Alan Joseph Alan Joseph
Mar 11, 2022 5 min read
Top Holi Promotional/Marketing Strategies to Sell Your Product Easily

Festive seasons are always the best time to promote your products. There is a huge potential to increase the sale of your products and services by reaching new customers on such occasions.

Holi is defined as the festival of colours, which is signified as the end of winter and the start of the season of blossoms. This particular festival is steeped in the Hindu tradition and resonates beautifully with the people of India. Along with bringing happiness to individuals, Holi, as a festival, also has the potential to usher in prosperity for the businesses too.

If you are wondering about marketing your brand during Holi, then here are some of the best marketing strategies that you can use to promote your products and services during the festival of colours.

Social Media Posts
Discounts and offers
Sale Days
Customized products
Other Strategies

Social Media Posts

You can create a social media post as a marketing strategy for Holi. You can create an image or a video where your product or service is advertised through the Holi theme. It can mainly include something related to colours. You can create any post with the theme colours for the Holi social media posts.

You should ensure that it is creative, and is related to your product or service. Creative posts catch the attention of the audience which will help you increase the brand value of your product or service.

Social media is the best medium through which you can market your products as the majority of them use it. It is also one of the cheapest forms of promotion. 61% of the Indian consumers have said that they make their buying decisions through social media posts according to a report by Economic Times.

Discounts and offers

Providing discounts and offers during the festivals gives your customers a reason to buy the product. Always try reaching a lot of people through promotions and word of mouth. Discounts during the festivals will increase your sales and make the customers happy as well.

Discounts and services will motivate your customers to use the products or services and as well as purchase them.

86% of the Indian consumers look forward to shopping during the festival season according to a report, which further multiplies the chances of sales and with lucrative discounts and never-seen-before offers, they simply cannot miss the chance to shop their favourite products during this time.

Sale Days

If you have an e-commerce website, then you can bring in Sale days for the festive seasons. You can provide offers on a certain set of products for some days during the festive season.

As per the report mentioned earlier, 86% prefer shopping during the festive season and out of which 57% of the people prefer shopping through e-commerce websites. You can use social media posts for promoting discounts and offers.

Customized products

You can try customizing your product according to the theme of Holi. This will increase your sales and will also act as a marketing strategy for your brand.

Consumers would prefer gifting their friends and families with customized gifts that are unique. The total size of the gifting market in India is 250,000 crore and is expected to grow by over 200% according to Technopark, which is India’s leading
Management consulting firm.

However, customized gifts are time-consuming and would increase the cost of production. If you have a small business, then you can provide a small Holi basket for different price ranges.


You can start different marketing campaigns during Holi. It can be online through social media or through offline events. Try relating it to the theme Holi. You can set a specific goal and try to achieve it by promoting the campaigns through a single-mode or through different modes.

Campaigns are mostly promoted through taglines. The Holi sale taglines will help consumers remember your product and thereby, increase the overall brand awareness. Furthermore, the Holi taglines are really something that most marketers, brands, startups, entrepreneurs, and others cannot simply miss out on!

Social media campaigns' goals are mostly concentrated on getting feedback from consumers, increasing the traffic on your websites, building email marketing lists, all these would help directly in driving your sales.

Offline campaigns can include billboard posters, guerilla marketing, print ads, etc. These are mostly for the bigger business. If you have a smaller business, you can prefer social media campaigns. But ensure that you stick to the theme Holi and colours.

Other Strategies

You can choose other strategies according to your budget, which includes traditional TV or newspaper advertisements, you can partner with new movie releases and organize some promotional events with them as there would be a wide range of superhit movies which will be released during the festive seasons. This can increase sales and improve your brand name.

You can become a sponsor for certain events happening in and around the country. However, the events this year would be less crowded compared to previous years due to the Covid-19 restrictions.

Moreover, you can create some Holi-themed competitions and provide attractive prizes for the winners. Through this, you can increase the promotion of your brand and create awareness about your brand.

Through competitions, you can even collect information and contact details of your customers. This will help you promote your products and offers in the future. You can also follow up with them.


These are some marketing strategies that can be used by your business this Holi. These marketing strategies will leave a mark of your brand in the customers' minds. They can create a lasting impression on both customers as well as your investors. However, always remember that a unique advertisement/campaign built on a strong value always wins the game. So, start preparing your marketing campaign as early as possible to seize your day!


What is Holi?

Holi is the Indian festival of colours, which signifies the start of spring, the season of blossoms after the mournful, lack-lustre winter days.

What is Holi marketing?

Marketing is always important for your brand and Holi is one such festival full of happiness and colours that fuel a good deal of marketing too. Therefore, Holi marketing is something that you should not be missing out on if you are an entrepreneur, an owner of a brand, or a marketer at one of them.

What are Holi taglines and why are they important for marketing?

Holi taglines are the short, attractive one-liners that are used for marketing purposes during the Holi festival. These Holi taglines etch the brand image and are filled with all the colours of the festival, which plays an important role in the marketing of a brand.  

Why should you create Holi social media posts?

Social media is something that plays a crucial role in today's marketing landscape. So, social media platforms are often used for marketing a brand, where marketers create unique, creative social media posts in festivals like Holi to attract their customers. The Holi social media posts can be used for the basic promotion of the brand and its products, and can also be used to promote the discounts and offers or the launch of something new of a particular brand.

What are the best Holi promotional ideas?

If you are wondering about some of the best Holi promotional ideas, then here are some of them you can check out:

  • Social media posts - You can always go for unique social media posts to attract your customers and inform them about the new launches, offers and discounts.
  • Offers and discounts - Product discounts are something that you can certainly bring in during Holi. While the customers have a huge propensity to buy during these festivals, exclusive offers and discounts can win their hearts and increase your brand sales.
  • Sale - Festival Sale is becoming a rage these days. If you are in doubts regarding the best Holi promotional ideas, hen launching a Holi Sale is a foolproof idea!
  • Advertisements in television and online
  • Distributing customized products for Holi
  • Launching Holi campaigns
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