Top 10 Best Marketing Strategies for Your Product Launch

Every creator has the dream of launching its product with huge pomp and show. For this, the prototype has taken shape; the long time spent in R&D phase has borne fruit. But a major task is till undone—preparing for the product launch.

The big day is a make-or-break situation; propagating the right message could do wonders and the opposite can reduce an ingenious invention to shambles. To help with such kind of scenarios, it’s essential to have a well-crafted, effective product launch marketing plan.

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Given below are a few checklist points that ought to be included in your product launch plan

Best Marketing Strategies for Your Product Launch

SEO Should Be Perfect

As it says, what's best should come at the top. The relevancy if the quote matters in the launching of your product in the market as the product should have visibility when it comes to search engines. Aim for the first page when someone types the product name.

After all, it’s a well-known fact that users rarely go through the search results starting from the third page because no one has time to ponder over things. We search, and we click that first option right way so use keywords which can convey the intended information concisely and something for the audience to remember, the website layout counts.

Make sure that the first few lines of the website pack the punch because sites like Google tend to ignore meta-descriptions when listing the website in the search results. For the purpose, you can use a trained SEO specialist.

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Invite Some Spokespersons

Remember seeing your favourite celebrity talking about a specific product and how it has changed their lives? This is the old yet useful trick up on the sleeves by business professionals i.e. hiring spokesperson for their product who will talk to the audience directly and will promote the brand.

Interacting with the media and industry specialists can tilt the results in the product owner’s favour. And that’s what spokespeople are best at. Hire the right guys for the job, those who can relay the necessary information as and when required while maintaining the recommended standard. CEOs are the driving force behind this workforce so no compromise when it comes to choosing executives and industry experts. Also, you can invite some celebrities to your product launch.

Build a Database

Setting aside the target audience, the management behind the product launch should have a list of media persons, influencers and reporters after careful analysis and comparison to ensure the message reaches the target market. The more it's promoted and shared, the more it reaches the audience.

Identify the Target Audience

Identify the Target Audience

Attracting new customers to buy a product is just like an impossible wish come true. There are two ways of marketing, one is you can launch an ad campaign without identifying your target and hope for the best. Else, you have to put time and effort to research for your target audience. You can also use social media to engage with different communities where you can get to know about the current market demand.

So, it’s imperative to identify the product’s target audience to reach them with the right strategy because enough don't want to beat around the bush. Also, once you launch the product, not everyone would be with the ‘I’m going to buy it immediately’ mindset. So, there’s a high chance that remarketing may be required, depending on the mental phase that the customer’s undergoing.

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Share and Let Others Share

Word of mouth publicity has been there for ages and shall continue to do so but the medium has surely become modern. Ensure that the content about the product is shareable, through mediums such as Facebook, Twitter, etc. This brings in a new audience that may not have been a part of your checklist earlier. Use social media the new hotshot for amazing marketing.

Question & Answers are the Heart and Soul

At the product release conference, not being bombarded by questions from inquisitive souls is a no-brainer. Prepare the FAQs well in advance, covering a range of possible questions that may arise. A few would be genuine while others would be sole to undermine the product. Be equipped to face them boldly!

There are many advantages of QnA like you can use Quora to answer peoples questions and bring the users to your website.

Customer Service Efficiency

The term ’24 hours, seven days a week’ exists for a reason: customers are relentless. They would go to any lengths to have their queries and complaints resolved. So, having a customer service cell, adequate in both quality and quantity, are more than a plus point; they are a necessity and the backbone that supports the product’s life-cycle after its launch.

Also, make sure that you are not only listening to the problem but also doing the best to solve them to satisfy your customers.

Prepare Creatives and Video graphics

Visualizations play a major role in leaving a positive impression on the customer’s mind. Moreover, they help in defining a unique identity for the product, just like a brand logo.

For example, if one shows you the image of a tick mark, it takes less than a minute to guess the brand’s name. To build such kind of presence, the graphics have to be done using the best resources available to create a stunner!

A great video describing all the qualities of the product will straight hit the people in their brain rather than some long slides show. So, do create an innovative, interesting and if possible funny video to engage your customers. You can either hire a freelancer to get this work done or you can also use tools to create it on your own.

Write a Great Press Release

Press Release

We all know the press can make or break any deal. So, don't hesitate to write an epic press release. The document should encompass the what, why, when, where and how of the product.

Start with the most important details, followed by the descriptions and extended details. Then share it with journalists, post it on social media and take the assistance of bloggers. Another tip—get in touch with bloggers, make a repertoire of relevant blogs that can aid in marketing and publicity.

Don’t Forget To Add Discounts And Freebies

We all love when there’s something extra on offer at no additional cost. Offer freebies with the product, create special discounts exclusive to those who attend the launch day. This is much more than a marketing plan, it helps build that niche following that stays with the product’s life through thick and thin.

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Finally, Set Ambitious Goals

Moments like this don’t come often; aim big and work hard to achieve it. Be mentally prepared for the launch day, build the required hype and then leave things to unfurl naturally. Too much meddling for the sake of perfection can have undesired consequences. Make sure your presentations are great, you are filled with confidence and everything is on board. Then, you will have the perfect launch of your product, the way you want it to and the way you dream about it.

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