Best Alternatives for Stripe: All You Need To Know

Ansh Mehrey Ansh Mehrey
Nov 10, 2020 9 min read
Best Alternatives for Stripe: All You Need To Know

Digital transactions have taken the world by storm and almost everyone with a smartphone or a computer wishes to switch to digital payments. Not only digital payments are quick, seamless and efficient, they have also become the need of the hour owing to the pandemic. Although there are some Stripe alternatives which offer equally good services, when it comes to popularity, very few come close to Stripe as a payments processing platform.

What is Stripe?

Stripe payment processor

Stripe is an integrated suite of payment products for e-commerce, applications and online marketplaces for accepting and sending out payments, from and to users. Stripe offers payments through majority of the financial technologies encompassing cards, checkout flows, and other digital transaction services that are constantly updated. Moreover with over 99% up time interface, scalability and best in class ML models, Stripe helps you avoid frauds and scammers and enhance revenue.

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Digital Payment Processors

Although Stripe is one of the best payments processor, there are other applications which offer similar functionalities with different plans and pricing. Since different websites and applications have different requirements, a single plan might not necessarily cater to the needs of all such applications. Moreover, Stripe still isn't available to use in some countries and costs more than many other payments processors. Hence, here we compare different payments processors, to help you decide which suits you best.

Alternatives to Stripe Payments Processor:


PayPal payments processor

Paypal is a payments processor, and an excellent alternative to Stripe, owing to its fast working and seamless transactions. It offers payments for both individual retailers and businessmen, and larger businesses and enterprises, which include shopping on eCommerce websites, payment returns, B2B payments, and  freelancers fee. PayPal offers all such amenities with buyer protection, for safekeeping of your finances, with an easy to set up PayPal account and login.

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Comparison between Stripe and PayPal

Paypal for individuals

With over 325 million active customers and accepted in over 200 markets, Paypal lets you shop in India and around the world, with features such as 180 day buyer protection, One-touch login system, and all round protection of your financial information. PayPal offers free return shipping on your online transaction with easy to follow instructions, and refunds on all approved claims within 10 working days. Moreover the buyer protection helps you in case the arrived product doesn't meet your expectations, and all you need to do, is file a dispute report in the Resolution Centre.

Paypal for Business

About 54% of the customers tend to buy a product when PayPal is available at the checkout, which sure doesn't seem much, but makes a difference nevertheless. For business needs, PayPal allows you to both receive payments from customers all over the world and make payments in over 100 different currencies and 200 marketplaces. It also furnishes with a 24/7 fraud protection along with seamless integrations through APIs and SDKs. Moreover, Paypal lets you get paid even if you do not have a professional website or an application with email payment requests, invoices, and personalized payment links.

PayPal Transaction Charges
Standard charge for the country 3% + 3INR
Tranactions through debit cards or UPI 2.5% + 3INR
Transactions outside India 4.40% + a fixed amount
Charges for micropayments 6% + fixed fee
Currency conversion rate 3% above the base exchange rate


Square Payments Processor

Square payments gateway is all about accepting payments, irrespective of online or offline market. It helps you accept payments, fast and secure with amenities such as card swipe through Square Reader, Apple/Google pay with NFC technology, online payouts, invoices and other digital means. Without any extra costs or long term contracts, Square makes payouts as fast and seamless as possible, with affordable pricing. It furnishes you with same costs for every card, with consistent and clear bills to pay monthly.

Features Offered by Square

  • Square is one of the quickest payments processor which offers to complete transactions within a business day.
  • Square Point of Sale has an easy to set up interface, offering real-time analytics and an intuitive inventory.
  • It furnishes the users with a free Square Business Debit Card, to store and spend funds, while also keeping an eye on your cash-flow.
  • Square doesn't require you to create a merchant account, pay a statement fee, charge-back fee or deal with payment disputes, with the bank.
  • Be it security of your data, or suspicious activity around your account, Square offers all round protection and shields you against monetary fraud.

Amenities for E-commerce

Square offers solutions for selling online as an E-commerce websites, as well as on social media such as Instagram. The solutions offered by Square are quite affordable and cost you only after you have actually started selling. Moreover, it offers more than just payment services, for running your established or thriving business, such as SEO to increase your search engine rankings and reach more customers. Square provides flexible tools, tailored to your specific business needs and scalability, and hence, can be suited to any number of enterprises or e- commerce sites.

Pricing for Square

Feature Cost
Square Point of Sale Free of cost
Square magstripe reader Free for first reader, and then costs $10 each
Transaction charges 2.6% + 10 cents for each transaction
Square Payroll solution $29 + $5 per employee per month for employees and $5 per person per month for contractor


Adyen Payments Processor

Adyen is a payments processor which helps you accept payments, expand your domain, enhance conversions and hence revenue, and also offers expert suggestions from experienced professionals. Adyen allows payment through in-app purchases, through websites, and in store purchases without any location barriers.

Products offered by Adyen

Adyen offers products such as Online Payments, Point of Sale, Platforms, and Unified Commerce with a global coverage and an effort to increase authorization rates. Embedded dashboards with organized statistics can be quite helpful when analyzing customer data to get insights on performance and reporting. Adyen's Point of Sale offers a certified PCI compliant terminal with simple API integrations and robust platform stability. Platforms allow you to accept payments with your preferred interface on a website, mobile application or through point of sale along with faster checkouts and any preferred currency.

Features Offered by Adyen

  • The most wholesome feature of Adyen is that it offers global acquiring through a single platform without any integrations, saving you the trouble of managing different payment methods.
  • With cards ranging from Credit card to Master card to Alipay wallets, Adyen offers users a plethora of payment methods, to add to your checkout.
  • Adyen uses a data driven risk management approach, and with the help of cross-country data network, identifies frauds behind false declines and monetary cheats.
  • With the help of ML driven models, Adyen helps you increase revenue with better authorization rates, customer experience, and low payment costs.
  • Adyen also allows users to understand customer behavior, geography, payment flow, approvals and declines through insights into customer data.

Pricing for Adyen

Payment Method Transaction charges
Apple pay, Samsung pay, and Google pay $0.12 processing fee and payment method fee depends on the card used
American Express, Diners Club, and Discover Credit cards $0.12 processing fee and 3.95% of transaction
JCB Credit card $0.12 processing fee and 3.75% of transaction
Maestro and V-pay Debit card and Mastercard and Visa Credit card $0.12 processing fee and Interchange++
UnionPay Credit card $0.12 processing fee and 3% of the transaction


Venmo Share Payments

With over 60 million users, Venmo helps clients pay and accept payments fast and safely. With Venmo, you don't just pay; you get to connect with friends and interact with emojis and stickers. You also get to manage your privacy settings, with no account set up or money transfer costs. Venmo also allows you to seamlessly transfer money between your Venmo and bank accounts respectively.

Venmo for Business

Venmo allows you to accept payments with in-app purchases, online purchases, or in person, in a way very similar to the transactions between your friends, giving you, and your customer, a personalized experience. The checkout is seamless and familiar. Moreover, using Venmo Business allows you to get noticed by the 60 million other Venmo users, where your friends and customers can share their personalized experience on their feed, in turn, boosting your reach. With just a single login credential, you can switch between business and personal profile, and manage the business profile efficiently. Venmo also offers touch free checkout with the use of unique QR codes for your business.

Payment Methods Offered by Venmo

Venmo offers a business suite, in-app and online payments as well as Venmo debit cards. Venmo charges less when compared to the other payment processors and hence, enhances revenue for your business. Also, you get to discover places your contacts visit more often, and what they buy; while also being discovered for your side hustles, to grow your own business. Venmo Debit card is another such utility it offers, that helps you pay your favorite stores and also get cashback, while all the activities involving the card can be monitored through the Venmo application.

Pricing for Venmo

Transaction type/feature Charges
ATM Withdrawal No charge for in network withdrawals while $2.50 for those out of network
Electronic withdrawal $0 or 1%, minimum amount is $0.25
Sending money via bank, credit or debit $0 or 3%
Cash advances $10 or 5%, greater of the two
Minimum interest charge Greater than $2

Authorize payments

Authorize helps you in both making and accepting payments with a variety of different options such as debit/credit, cards e-checks to digital payments among others. With a developer center equipped with APIs, SDKs, and the best integration solutions such as a simple integrated 'Buy Now' button, Authorize offers solutions for eCommerce, Point of Sale, and card payments, all under one suite.

Features Offered by Authorize

  • Authorize offers 13 fraud filters, which help identify and prevent you from being duped of your money. These filters include Velocity filter, IP filter and transaction filter among several others.
  • Authorize furnishes you with a Customer Information Manager with information such as billing, shipping, and payment, in compliance with PCI DSS standards.
  • Automated Recurring Bills is another feature offered by Authorize which assists users with recurring, monthly installments, or subscription based plans.
  • For avoiding lost sales and payment interruptions, Authorize constantly keeps your card information updated. This also helps deliver customers, an amazing experience.
  • Get paid faster with Invoices. Invoices can be sent via customized email with your logo, and get paid from any mobile device.

E-commerce Solutions Offered by Authorize

It can often be tricky to find the payment processing solution that fits all your business needs; lucky for you, Authorize helps you with all of that, and more. Payment gateways authorize and process customer transactions until the purchase is made and the money transferred. This involves authorization of the funds, then initializing payment and finally transfer of money from customer's card to your merchant account. Authorize helps you with not only the above, but also comes with a PCI-DSS compliance, fraud protection and prevention, solutions for multiple payment types and automated payments.

Pricing for

Merchant account for All-In-One services Merchant account with Payment Gateway
Free set up Free set up
Monthly Gateways cost $25 Monthly Gateways cost $25
Cost per transcation is 2.9% and 30 cents Costs 10 cents per transaction and 10 cents daily batch fee
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Although the above mentioned are some of the best alternatives to Stripe, there are several other online payment processors like Dwolla and Amazon Payments, which offer equally proficient functionality and features. The cost per transaction for most payment processors differs less than 1-2%, and most of them have similar transaction charges. All in all, eCommerce industry is on the rise, and you might need an online payment processor to keep up with industry standards.

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