Better Uptime : Best online Website Uptime monitoring tool

Better Uptime : Best online Website Uptime monitoring tool

You’re totally into the movie that is streaming online and at the exact time of the climax, the server goes down. Doesn’t seem a good thing to anyone.

Now think for once if it happens in case of your website when audiences are looking for something then the site goes down. Bamm.

For avoiding this situation, let me introduce you to Better Uptime by Appsumo. It will help you by giving information as your website goes down and save your visitor from getting disappointed.

What is Better Uptime?
Better Uptime Features
Better Uptime Review
Better Uptime Pricing

What is Better Uptime?

Better Uptime is the best online uptime monitoring tool launched by Appsumo that gives you an alert when your website goes down and also provides a screen image of that downfall on your site with errors for debugging.

You can’t just stay on your website to track loopholes and downtime and also don’t get enough opportunity to get the exact information of how, when, and why your site went down.

What could be better than something’s always up for keeping an eye on your website on your behalf?

Yes, you read it right. Better Uptime works as a Right Hand for website creators and web agencies who are in search of a dependable and trustworthy monitoring tool to keep their site status on top.

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Better Uptime

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Better Uptime Website
Better Uptime Website

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Better Uptime Features

Monitors Website in No time

Better Uptime is the fastest website monitoring tool that you can rely on completely and as soon as it finds any error or downtime it notifies you with the solution to fix the bug by providing screenshots and a detailed event timeline of errors to keep you in the pace.

Alerts you through different modes

There are times when your site goes down and you didn’t even realize it. Now Better Uptime is always there to instantly notify you when the site shows downtime via calling your designated member, through email, Slack, or SMS.

Make on-call duty scheduling easy

When you own a website it is your responsibility to take care of it and assign the job to your team. Better Uptime makes it easy for you to schedule the on-call duty to your staff who can debug the errors, as per your preferred calendar application.

And it helps in placing an attendant who can resolve the problem arisen by a customer who is facing a problem on your website.

Multi-location check in 30 seconds

Better Uptime pings you in every 30 seconds the fastest and mostly browsed HTTP(s) from different locations covered under South America, North America, Europe, and Australia.

Simultaneously, it also renders the option of Heartbeat Monitoring using the best CRON Scripts and background jobs to protect your database in the long term.

Integrated with more than 100 apps

It comes as a golden token with Better Uptime as it integrates with more than 100 applications that you use in the daily routine of business like Datadog, New Relic, Zendesk, Grafana, Heroku, and many more.

It also helps in enhancing your website experience but also gives you complete control over every activity on the website and communicates when your website needs something that is needed to be instantly taken care of.

Creates a Branded Public Status Webpage

With Better Uptime, you can create a Branded date public status webpage to stay connected with your customers in very good terms. Also, it gives alerts about new products and services from time to time to make sure that you’ll never lose the trust and reliability of your customers.

Better Uptime Status Page
Better Uptime Status Page

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Better Uptime Review

Following review is collected by popular review website Capterra and g2:

Overall Rating - 4.4/5

Ease of Use - 4.3/5

Customer Support - 4.4/5

Features & Functionality - 4.3/5

Feeling worried about your site going down without having any information about it.

Better Uptime is here for you to snatch all your worries about downtime of your website as it not only notifies you but also sends you a notification when something goes wrong via calling, messaging, email, and slack to your expert team member by giving screenshots of the error occurred and proper solution with a brief event timeline.

Sounds amazing deal.

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Better Uptime Pricing


$0 /month

  • Free e-mail alerts
  • 3-minute checks
  • 10 monitors


$30 /month

  • Unlimited phone calls
  • 30-second checks
  • 50 monitors
  • Single-user account

Small Team

$80 /month

  • Everything in Freelancer
  • Up to 5 team members
  • 100 monitors
  • On-call scheduling
  • Incident escalation
  • 200+ integrations


$150 /month /team

  • Everything in Small Team
  • Priority support
  • Unlimited monitors
  • 5 members per team included
  • +$30/mo for additional team members


What is Better Uptime?

Better Uptime is an amazing online tool by Appsumo that notifies you in monitoring when your website goes down by providing screenshots and faults for debugging.

Does Better Uptime integrate with other applications?

Yes. Better Uptime blends with more than 100 applications to make your work flexible.

What ways Better Uptime uses to notify you when something goes down?

Better Uptime gives you a notification via Call, SMS, email, and slack messaging.

Is there any free plan available?

Yes. There is a free plan.

Do Better Uptime provides the facility of status pages?

Yes. It provides the option of creating status pages to connect with the audience more efficiently.


Better Uptime is the most reliable online website uptime monitoring service rendered by Appsumo. Whenever something goes wrong or your site goes down, Better Uptime gives you an alert instantly via text, email, phone call, and slack messaging system.

It also gives a perk by providing on-call duties scheduling thing which you can take advantage of using your favorite calendar applications.

Plus, the cherry on top in the case of Better Uptime is that integrates with 100+ online applications to enhance your work experience.

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