How to Build a Career in Gaming? | Career Options & Earnings in Gaming

How to Build a Career in Gaming? | Career Options & Earnings in Gaming

Gaming has shifted its steps from hobbies and fun to career options. The widely spreading popularity of games shows the great future of the gaming industry.

Parents are mainly concerned about their children, and it is hard for a parent to believe to see it as a career option for their child. It might not look promising, but it occupies even a greater share than the film industry.

Apart from playing games, this industry offers hundreds of different job opportunities. And when we talk about a career, we are not talking about only a salary-based job for a living. It also includes passion, improvements, achievement, growth, and more. Nevertheless, gaming as a career option is touching all the aspects successfully. Let's see how.

Things to Consider Before Jumping into a Gaming Career

Professional Degrees for Gaming Career
Career Options in Gaming
Salary and Earnings in Gaming Career

Career in Gaming

Things to Consider Before Jumping into a Gaming Career

As per the recent updates of the Deloitte India report, the gaming industry is about to achieve $2.8 billion by 2022. With a pace of 40% CAGR, the industry is boldly highlighting the capacity it holds. A wide range of opportunities demands great effort; check your parameters before jumping in.

Identify Your Skills

The gaming industry may sound fascinating, but it demands dedication and skill. Understand your interest and research the desirable job opportunities. If you did not pursue a career you think would be best, choose something that matches your skills. Along with interest, you will need creativity, patience, and motivation.

Research over the different fields. Don't accept and move according to someone's point of view. Introspect and realize whether you can dedicate your time and value in this particular direction.

Professionality Demands Time

This field has detail-based work. Professional minds and hands are required to maintain the workflow, and professionality is not an overnight achievement. You need to invest your money, time, and dedication from the first day.

Figure out in which direction you need the professionality. If you love to play games, you should put effort into being a pro-gamer. And if you want to become a professional in the game-producing industry, then put your time and efforts in that direction.

Update and Upgrade

Gain information about the recent updates and remain in touch with the trend. Reciprocating with the trend, always upgrade yourself. It will uphold your demand in the industry.

This industry has evolved a lot. A specific game retains its popularity for a particular period. Gamers always want something new, and you should be ready to bring that change. Updating with technology is also needed, as technology is directly associated with the gaming experience. Your updated knowledge can give a different experience to the users.

Grow as a Community

Social reach and community building is an effective way to deliver your work. If you are a pro-gamer, it is impossible to achieve money and fame if you are socially inactive. It will make you aware of the user's needs when you connect with the community.

Live streaming, victory milestones posts will increase your followers. You can grow your fanbase and spread your skills to the world.

Never Skip the Fundamentals

This is an essential point for every sector. The fundamentals are the keys to withstand in this competitive field. You will notice thousands of gamers and millions of gaming professionals, and you can stand out only if you grow with a solid fundamental grip.

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Professional Degrees for Gaming Career

The arena of gaming is expanding vastly at a rocketing speed. With this expansion, new games are also coming up in the scenario. The most common gaming types are namely; personal computer games, online games, mobile games, handheld games, console games, and arcade games. This expansion also offers the proliferation of new career options and degrees, starting from certificate to master's degrees.

The most common diploma and certificate courses that individual interest areas are certificate courses in game design & art, and gaming. Besides these certificate courses, you can also go for diploma courses in some fields such as animation, game integration and design, game development, production gaming, game programming, gaming, and related special effects.

In addition to that, some people also go for advanced diploma programs in game programming, game design, game art, development application, and 3D content creation related to games. These diploma and certificate courses are best suitable for interested individuals who have completed their matriculation.

Interested candidates who have completed their 12th grade successfully can also pursue graduate courses in gaming. The common courses include bachelor's of science in gaming, graphics, animation, game development, and designing. In bachelor's of arts, fields such as computer graphics, animation, digital filmmaking are available. Other miscellaneous courses such as B.Tech in game development and computer science and BMAD (bachelor's degree in the field of design & media animation) have also come up.

Besides these basic courses, an interested individual can also dive deeper into gaming and go for a master's course. The most popular master's course is masters of science in gaming, multimedia, game design, game development, and animation. Moreover, one can also go for an integrated bachelor's and master's degree in the stream of animation & multimedia along with game design & art.

For pursuing the diploma and certificate courses, the interested candidate must have qualified 10th and 12th boards or any such equivalent examination with a minimum of 60% in their final exams from a recognized board. The interested candidate must have qualified 12th boards for pursuing the undergraduate courses. A bachelor's degree from the field of gaming or its related disciplines becomes mandatory for individuals desiring to pursue a postgraduate degree.

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Career Options in Gaming

Career options in Gaming
Career options in Gaming

The individuals interested in continuing their career must have conceptual and practical knowledge related to visual designing, coding, animation, and programming. Let's discuss the top career options in this technologically evolving arena. Starting the list with gaming designers, these professionals conceptualize and formulate the storyline behind the game. They also design the game, thereby developing various characters and levels.

Gaming producer is another career option where professionals plan the production and release of the game, thereby managing every crucial part such as licensing of the game. Game animators are the professionals who impart engaging and thrilling graphics to set a lucrative atmosphere for the game. Game writers are professionals who evolve the storyline and dialogues of the game. Game artists are responsible for their 2D and 3D visual touch, making even tiny objects very animated.

Audio engineers are specialists who develop the audio theme and voiceovers in the game, thereby developing the background effects of the game. Game testers carry out various testing in the game before their release, thereby ensuring that no loopholes crawl to the audience. You can also go for other career profiles such as character animator, level scripter, art designer, interactive media designer, level designer, scriptwriter, game modeller, and freelance game developer.

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Salary and Earnings in Gaming Career

A career in gaming and esports is the new lucrative trend among youngsters. Perhaps, this stream offers high packages even to freshers. The most common recruiters include Zynga, Electronic Arts (EA), Ozura, Digital Chocolate, Hashtag, iEnergizer, and Games2Win. An average professional gamer earns no less than $60,000 annually.

Gamers with slightly better knowledge can even multiply their earnings, making it hit millions. With the online gaming industry earning the value of Rs 9,000 crore in 2020, gamers can also earn millions of dollars. It is all it needs for a professional to have the right practical skills besides his certificates.


Past was the time when gaming had a narrow future, and it is considered as time passed. It has become a strong professional career option. This industry also releases openings to recruit real and passionate game lovers. It is not difficult to certify yourself with the desired degree.

Society is also openly accepting this as a career option. Parents trust their wards and allow them to pursue these fields. It has an evolving opportunity and a bright choice.


Can gaming become a career?

Gaming is not limited to entertainment and hobby these days. Gaming has become a great career option for those who have passion in gaming, graphics, animation, game development, and designing.

What are different types of Gaming?

The most common gaming types are:

  • Personal computer games
  • Online games
  • Mobile games
  • Handheld games
  • Console games
  • Arcade games

What are top gaming startups in India?

Some of the top Gaming Startups in India are:

  • Dream 11
  • Nazara Technologies
  • Paytm First Games
  • Games2Win
  • Moonfrog Labs
  • 99 Games
  • Octro
  • JetSynthesys
  • Hashcube
  • Mech Mocha

What are online Fantasy Gaming companies in India?

Some of the top Online Fantasy Gaming Companies in India:

  • Dream 11
  • Halaplay
  • MPL- Mobile Premier League
  • Cricplay
  • Fanfight
  • 11
  • Zapak
  • BalleBaazi
  • MyTeam11
  • Rummy Circle

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